Mossberg 715T Tactical Flat Top

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Orazio Green Belt
Orazio Green Belt

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Monkey Cat: I have that weapon

Silver Lion: I want one! but I need a firearms certificate to own one here in the UK. I've got a Sig Sauer MPX co2 rifle .177 which is great and all but it's no Mossberg 715T :'( ...

Nino Hernandez: My doesn't shoot back to back I have to rooster it every time what is that.?

Nick's Shooting Channel: Looks good. I love my 715T

Kozani07: subbed

A A: I have this gun and I love it its really cheap to I got mine new for right around 200.00....

Eggbert Souse: I pulled the trigger & ordered one of these Mossberg 715T's from Palmetto State Armory. At $159.99 that was a deal too good to pass up. I was looking for a plinker gun that is a little nicer looking than my boring Marlin 795 & one that I can mount accessories onto & this looked to fit the bill.

ThePlague1982: If I was u I'd get the smith & Wesson 15 22 it is worth the quality and I have out 2000 rounds down range no problems

Tony Starks: This is really a great rifle. I sold my 10/22 w Archangel kit, 50rnd drum, foregrip and flashlight laser combo. That ruger was 300 bucks w another 300 in extras. I got 500 for it.
Dunhams just had a sale on these 715t for $217 each. I bought 1 of these, a foregrip, and put a bunch of other stuff on it for under $450.
I have shot every single kind of ammo I have including my coffee can full of randoms and it's only jammed a few times and it was likely from bad ammo. I even ran some sub sonics thru it... Beautiful performance.
This is a great piece that gets a bad rap.

G R: how about showing the targets??

ZUMIE171: Not a single jam! Amazing!!!

AKM Always Keep Moving: How was the accuracy?

Mr Guzman: You have to wear ear protection that's like lighting 25 firecrackers rite next to your head you will suffer hearing problems eventually

gerry mckown: I wear ears when shooting .22....otherwise our gun club boots me out to the curb! other then that bubba...avoid ear protection as long as you can, then you can get tinnitus like I have and never have another moment of peace n quiet again!.... Gerry

American Patriot: I saw the S&W 1522 for 360 bucks at GRABAGUN.COM. Why for the love of God would I opt for this when by spending an average of 75.00 more, I could get a far superior firearm that matches an AR almost EXACTLY?

Fran├žois Bolduc: Quelle munition utilise tu ? quelle marque ? merci ! :)

Casper Longoria: What a freaking kitty who wears ear protection to shoot a 22 ?

PoliceTacticalUnit: I don't think that will stop you to buy a rifle.

PoliceTacticalUnit: I will send you the link in private. Both gun are great, if you are short on cash get the Mossberg, if you have a lot of cash get the 10/22... or both lol.

PoliceTacticalUnit: There are a kind of flash hider I think in the kit, the Nomad kit look great too ! I never seen a barrel shroud, you can try also to find a shorter barrel.
Mossberg 715T Tactical Flat Top 5 out of 5

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Mossberg 715T Tactical Flat Top