Cleaning Aquaponic Grow Beds. Solids Be Gone..

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bowmag803: Earth worms I believe would help reduce the solids

Emily A Clark: I don't know if you've ever cleaned a fish tank before but you use a syphon that is shoved down into the substrate. If you flood the bed like you did then used your spear the same way but with suction instead of air coming out of it and sucked out the solids and kept your backup water flowing in, you can pinpoint the mucky areas and not have to floor and drain the entire bed so much. Just a thought, as you said it's a constant evolution.

Missys Organics: This is by far the best video you have ever posted and your videos helped me build my system. Thank you so much. I'm going to switch it up a bit for my system but this is perfect. Thank you very much :) p.s. I have talapia. They love eating bug larvae.

Jeremy Martinez: So Im wondering if I should design my grow beds with a two rows of pvc to release air to get keep the solids from settling?

Jeremy Young: Reapplication idea, we have tool vats with a stainless pipe and pinholes in it zigzaging a cross the the bottom of the vats. We hook compressed air up to this and open the valve to agitate the vats.

Pipe has standoffs and a grate overtop.

This might help cleaning your beds become more effective and painless.

Jay Tee: ...

Greg Hintz: Would worms in your system help keep the solids down?

JaylewAF11: Hey Rob, awesome videos! I have small system (8 sq ft bed & 50 gal fish tank) and your videos have made look into upgrade to a system like your IBC chop and flip. Have you found a way to design the grow bed so you don't get all that solids build up? Or a solid waste filter that doesn't take a lot of space? I've seen your radial flow filters but I'm afraid I won't have room for it. Did that bed have worms in it?

Jim Greenwood: Hi Rob, Thanks for showing me how to remove solids from grow beds. Made a water/air spear attached to a compressor and a water hose, flood the bed, bypass the sump, plunge it into the river pebbles and it lifts the solids to the surface. Have done 2 grow beds with 4 to do. I have used a pitch fork, extra worms, digging and water blasting and using the air/water spear is the far and away the best. Thanks again. Jim

Christopher Carney: Have you considered having rows of tubing with holes on the bottom that blast air, like one of those solar aerators 24/7?

Matthew Young: hi Rob, thanks for thd ongoing videos. would earthworms help in this case to consume the solids? Not sure if they'd travel tobthe very bottom where its waterlogged often.. does your bed drain completely?

wajdi wajdi: thank you from Ermont near Paris. good thing with u is you re showing also the problems and how to fix them. Not only the happy face of aquaponic

joe smith: G'day ,when I made my gb's I cut them from the sides instead of top or bottom ,you get two beds from each ibc and they have nice flat bottoms .You then use tank fittings for the drain.You then cut the ibc cage to the height you want ,incorporating the base ,you then use the leftover top section of cage for a stand, ie the base sits on top of the top,you may have to cut the corners of the cage to open it outwards to allow the gb to fit.You can also jump up and down in the centre of the base to form a sloping bottom to your gb's.I also noticed that you don't have nearly enough holes in your media guard to allow fast draining which I found made the auto siphons play up a lot , as in they would not break cleanly.I found that angle grinding as many slots as you can, vertically is best.With this setup I have found they stay quite clean as there are no low spots.I have learnt a few things from you and I hope this info is of some use ,Cheers mate.

Frank Kopke: Would it be plausible to incorporate an air line/s UNDER the chosen medium before filling a grow bed? This may allow for air to be pumped in at the lowest levels without disturbing the most of the medium or any of the plants and still make it possible for the water to be flowed throughout. I am unsure as to whether a air compressor would help or hinder this as I think there could be too much pressure in such a system. Ideas?

Eco-Hub Mexico: Hi Rob.
Thanks for all your great videos!
I have a question regarding grow media. I live in a desert area in Mexico. In summer it tops 40C. I understand expanded clay pebbles heat up very easily. I was thinking of using these but putting 4" or so of suitable natural stones as a top layer to help protect the clay pebbles from the heat.  Would this help or is there a better way?
Thanks in advance!

Memories of yesterday: Hi Rob, Im new to aquaponics and just completed a grow bed using clay balls, on my first test the balls which is about 250mm deep started to float and almost overflowed to the edge if I didn't scoop it back in, is this normal? cheers mate

xxxsavagexxx sports: Also will be great if you tell where did you get covered material for you greenhouse. Thank you in advance.

xxxsavagexxx sports: May be it is really because of sun. But fishes are ok.

xxxsavagexxx sports: Hello, thank you for respond. Yes I have a tant with plastic( Cellophane) covered on it. I would like to know what kind of material did you used for your greenhouse.
Cleaning Aquaponic grow beds. Solids be gone.. 5 out of 5

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Cleaning Aquaponic grow beds. Solids be gone..