Buried Zombies: Sloth Zombie, Booze, Candy, Chalk Drawing - First Attempt

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Bryana Bonner: Suck u

Melissa Smith: Also that thing in the candy shop that looks like a cash register go up to it and you can by candy from there also in the bar to 

Awsome videos: My biggest round on buried is 30

Joaquin Mora: Buried

Bryana Bonner: Y can't play u such

Melissa Smith: Get beer or candy and he will follow you also give him in front of the random box and it will stay there even if you get a teddy bear 

Owen Guerrero: What zombies game is this?

scotty17nz: ur crap as at zombies

Bryana Bonner: Did u just get this game because the way play this game is. ......... yeah

scotty17nz: crap at zombies

cobie maas: N00b5

SlyNinja0321: From what I see, he spelled everything right in the title

xXMrSpaghettiXx: Ps3 sucks, all the famous gamers use it

nathan bach: Ur so terrible at this game ur worst then a beginner

ExtremeZayzy: i love buried

TheJamez9: U hatin

Jimmy Wang556: mcsportzhawk please respond i just want to tell you to TURN YOUR freakING NOTIFICATIONS OFF THANKS ,Jimmy

TeroristCloud: 2 august

Rhonda Faucette: You turn him the opposite direction you want him to break

BoostedGamerz: Alex Hernandez Is a piece of Mexican crap

sPRabZz: Clearly RiskyQuinn wants your pickle.

Daniel Algarin: Lol when you give him booze he turns around and then charges

DareToBeFunny AaronandCordy: Good for you

Dylan Kimling: i love the 5 minutes of notifications lol

Luis Aguilar: Guys if u guys just want to get wacked and not go down just get perma jug its easy

JACdubstep: Chew louder please maggot

Jack Skellington: that scarecrow guy is fake

Joseph Covarrubias: Ps3 is so much better than Xbox more like shytbox420

Viper GamingXV: can you actually do something and just laying being a lazy ass

potatokillers24: I mean laggy

OneNorwegianOneWorld: well duh.. This was when buried came out?

iBeMindless/ aRc Exploit: Okay... is there 100% proof of that?

HarlequinJ3ster: Why is everyone hating on him he is better then all your lousy asses and his videos are good

CraftGamer728: Wow my first try I got to 14

LETSGOTRYHARDS: its sooooo annoying seeing the messages

Peyton Hatfield: ps3 u have forever cause they just want u to sit down eat potato chips for the rest of your life

Jax Damir: U guys suck

George Dewinne: I'm getting ps 4 too Xbox will suck rooster which sucks cos I love halo games oh well

ProfessionalKiller35: ali-a is not a commentator he makes bad predictions....

XxWallGlitchxX: So Xbox 1 is gonna suck humongous rooster. Did you know 81% of gamers are getting a PS4

Cernusak: Such a freaking tool

julian4573: Hey dude it really works i want you to do richtofen

james harris: You should have put the Remington on the wall

Bleached_dragon: Wiki it all

Andrew Olague: I love all ur videos

mnolan17474: Give leroy candy next to the box it stays there forever in that game.


Khai Ashton Hamnett: Dude on my first game I beasted buried out I got ray gun mark II in first box did mt trick then got time bomb then did my trick again and got the parilizer then normally got the box and got monkeys luck erh?

Jacob Cosmol: Ps3 is awesome

steven armstrong: add me ps3 flargy69 no time wasters
Buried Zombies: Sloth Zombie, Booze, Candy, Chalk Drawing - First Attempt 4.6 out of 5

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Buried Zombies: Sloth Zombie, Booze, Candy, Chalk Drawing - First Attempt