Removing BMW Door Panel & Replacing Window Regulator

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Removing BMW Door Panel & Replacing Window Regulator
Removing BMW Door Panel & Replacing Window Regulator
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Rick Morgan: I have 2001 325 ci convertible and was hoping for video for back window regulator and interior panel removal to avoid breaking anything removing panel. yet it seems impossible to get a you tube video on rear windows regulator removal unless rear window is also rear door. which I have convertible so no rear doors.

marcin zdanowski: Thanks for a very very nice guide !!

Viney Chawda: hi there thanks for the video... can you give me any advice on my bmw e46 coupe diesel... the drivers side mirror doesnt fold back when the button is pressed... the passenger side works fine... keep up the good videos... thanks

WindowReplacementAgencyWisconsin: Great work.

mykg73: great video a big help on my DIY fix.

DjStiv3: freakin A, man.
What a pain, luckily i just want to replace my speaker for passenger rear door. Probably both sides so theyre the same.
Any thoughts from people, for replacing? get an original, get newer better ones, what kind of connection do they use anyway?

Christer Svenning: Hi! i was wondering if its possible to take off the armrest on the door without taking the whole door panel off as well! the goal is to take off the interior trim(e46 3 series coupe) so i can wrap the trims!

btw what a great channel, lots of nice videos!
just got the car, so there is few maintenance stuff ill have to do!
previous car was an Audi a4 b5 which was terrible to work with, everything was so compact in the engine bay

Ethan Humphrey: good video but this is gonna take 1-3 hours so prepare for that...

Erik Whitley: Had a quote from an independent. 400 smackeroos! I bought the regulator and replaced it in less than an hour!

Megan Dehghanian: Dasssiiitttttt

Megan Dehghanian: I did it.

Megan Dehghanian: I'm MayMay

Mark Keary: Hey, is there something like you guys but for Audis?

Tashqen: Why is it always the passenger window gets broken in BMW's? Mine just broke, and every video i check is about the front right passenger window.

RomeoMike: Very helpful resource that gave me the confidence to tackle this project successfully. Some further observations when I did the driver side front regulator on a 2004 E46:

1. The only cable bundle I had to unclip was the one attached to the inside of the door card.
2. Be careful in freeing up the vapor barrier, especially immediately below the window speaker as there are thin ribbon cables in that location that would be very easy to tear/break.
3.The only zip tie needing to be cut was in the top center of the door frame. On an OEM regulator, it goes around the yellow cable guard.
4. No mirror memory module to disconnect on the driver's side.
5. If wire cutters fail to free up the window, you might have to remove the window motor to free up cables that might have wrapped themselves around the big white plastic gear of the regulator.
6. Lucked out with the new OEM regulator as it was lined up in perfect position to secure the window bolts when I manually lowered the window on it.
7. Window bolts take an 8mm socket, but for some odd reason, I had to step down a bit on one of them to a 5/16th to turn it.
8. Ensure the wiring for the window mirror switch is pulled through the opening in the arm rest before you reattach the door card.

Kevin Hancock: hi the clip that retains the cable you clipped in snapped on my coupé can I just use a cable tie?. I need to take panel off again to.redo vapour shield anyway thanks

venerated: Will the window stay in the closed position safely while you remove the regulator? That seems unsafe like the glass could fall. I notice at one point there's a pry tool wedged in there.

Tolgahan Tireli: Today,you let me save 200 € just with this video. The service asked 280 € but I bought the part for 75 € and did it! Thanks for your efforts!

Caner Uzelgok: Hello first of all these are great instructions thank you for sharing. Installation went nice and smooth i did not have any problems. My only problem is i forgot to reconnect airbag before i powered car up. Now i have the airbag light on my dashboard. Is there anyway to remove this without going to a mechanic or dealership. Any help would be appreciated.

donald eloriaga: Hi, i'm new here and from the philippines, after finally sourcing out torx t20 and t30 tools i was able to open up my e46 front driver side door because its stuck on closed, after removing the motor on the window, i still cannot roll down the window to remove the glass, seems to have stuck on closed, motor working as checked. Whatever rocking or knocking i do,

The front regulator seems to be working because whenever i try to work the switch, the front of the glass tilts forward, the rear part is stuck tho.
Unfortunately, to remove the rails, i need to remove the glass,

I cant reach in and cant even see the bolts attaching it to the rails. Is there another option than cutting up the cables to free up the window?

Window regulators here in the philippines cost an arm, a leg, and a kidney.

Followed all the diys i have seen but no one has written this yet so there.

Need help. :)
Removing BMW Door Panel & Replacing Window Regulator 5 out of 5

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Removing BMW Door Panel & Replacing Window Regulator