Removing BMW Door Panel & Replacing Window Regulator

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Morning Glory95: Now I understand why Otto didn't make an e36 version of this video. The e46 has nuts and bolts holding up the regulator. The e36 regulator is Riveted ok and is much harder to get off. 

Your Buddy Ed: Just completed the right side replacement after having done the left side a couple months ago and only problem is the airbag light is now on in spite of following the procedure strictly - making sure to disconnect battery and THEN disconnecting the airbag and then reversing the order upon completion. The first job resulted in the same thing so I'm not sure how to do the job and not have the light lit on the dash. Annoying 'cuz I don't have a code clearer and don't want to spend $100+ to buy one that may get used one or two times. Seems like there should be a sure fire way of doing it that doesn't result in the light coming on?

flipstakks: How do I remove the air bag light after I replaced the part ? 

edgar cruz: what are the signs of a bad regulator ? on my 03 330i my windows wont move but i can hear the window motor run. awhile ago i repaired the key lock on the driver door and a week later heard kind of a small clack sound when i rolled the window up or down and few weeks after that the drivers window wouldn't roll, weeks after that the passenger window went out

Guy F: Some regulators indicate they are either for single or double pane. How do I know if my windows are single or double pane?

Charles Mccuen: I just changed my regulator on front driver side window, but now my door locks don't work, either manually or with the key fob. The fob does open the trunk though

Renz Sadiwa: Hello i currently own a Bmw 330i and the problem is that my driver side window can go up but not down? At times when i would go into bumps the window just slowly goes down and when i put it up it goes up with no problem but going down it wont. I was wondering if the window isnt aligned ?Or the regulator or motor needs to be replaced?

Salicious Crumb: What year is this BMW?What model?

Your Buddy Ed: Outstanding video and thanks so much for providing this. I watched it a couple times then started and the whole job took less than 2 hours. Hardest part was actually getting that butyl rubber adhesive removed...a real chore but hey, the job is done, window works flawlessly and this is just one more reason why I buy parts from you guys! Thanks sooooo much. Dealer wanted $460 to do the job!

BavarianAuto: Mohammed Abdulhamid - We cannot reply directly to your comment as it was sent in from Google - You may have misses a phase in the battery disconnect steps or the plug on the airbag module may be incorrectly attached.  We would suggest that you reset the warning (erase the fault code) and if it does not return, move on.  If it does return, take note of what the fault code is and if it is for the door airbag on the side you worked, go back in and check the connector.
We do offer a selection of  tools that will read and reset the SRS fault codes (depending on the year & model that you have).  A shop can also do the same.

THEMADCHALKER: Great. Now how do you get them to stop breaking every month?

Mohammed Abdulhamid: Thanks for the great step by step tutorial, however; i have followed the same and ended with the airbag light on on the dashboard !  any idea or recommendations ? 

Ae Leilua: FFS My sons E46 eats front window regulators, even put a genuine one in there and it was binding then broke after a few months.  After market ones last a week.  It seems that the window is very tight and hard to slide up and down, combined with binding it seems to make the motor get very hot.  Any ideas? how do you set the regulators so that they travel freely without binding.  A sledge hammer and a Mercedes is the next step.

Reventon2012: Today as I was lowering my passenger side window in my 06 Z4, I heard a loud bang and then some grinding noise coming from the motor. I can no longer raise or lower the window on that side, and I continue to hear the grinding sound if I press the window button. Do you think this is a bad motor or a bad regulator? Thanks a lot!

Mike Del Valle: Excellent work!!! Please continue making more videos like this. Thanks a lot

Eric Bruno: Good video - thanks. I would have butchered the job otherwise.

Dennis Canon: What do I do when I can't lower the window to get to the window bracket?

Gone Ballistic: BMW window regulators suck.  seriously a freshman in high school could design a better, longer lasting system.

Danny Matthews: It looks like I will be replacing a window regulator on my 02 330I soon. I just want to say thanks to Otto and Bavarian. I bought this care about 3 years ago and Otto's videos have helped me through several repairs. Going forward I plan to purchase all of my parts from Bavarian as my thanks to them for all the repair help via Otto's videos. 

PostDatedProphet: Its winter here and I brought the window down now it wont go back up, I let the car sit in the garage(chilly) and still wont go back up. It is 3/4's down but goes all the way down into the door panel but stops at  that position..............motor still works but seems jammed can somebody provide some more clarity.

Thank you.
Removing BMW Door Panel & Replacing Window Regulator 5 out of 5

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Removing BMW Door Panel & Replacing Window Regulator