Colored Pencil Drawing Of A Frog

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Colored Pencil Drawing of a Frog
Colored Pencil Drawing of a Frog

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√Čric Patarin: Wow

Matthew Olsen: No these are Prismacolors from the looks of it.

imperialmen: really great

Drech Figueroa: Nice

zipporah dailey: These dont look like ordinary colored penils

youaremyromance: Are these just regular crayola colored pencils? amazingggg.

Avvido: It's still better than your intros.

kyle verkaik: a pro

Ciliana Tudorica: Simply amazing...

nulapuctab: so average.

Casey Horn: That's very nicely done. Awesome I say

nulapuctab: haha fairplay it was meant to be sarcasm

TooManyPotions: What brand of colored pencils are you using?

pickkabooo: just stunning!

Miguel Carvajal: Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

rockstarAJ511: How long did that take you to draw? It's amazing!

4evercolorful1: What kind of pencil crayons do you use? If you could answer that'd be great, i'd like to purchase some.

TylersArtShack: My best guess is that they are probably Prismacolor. That is one of the most popular brands of colored pencils that artists will use.

Vaiktorg: Prismacolor?

asassainX112 .: Anyone else thinks he should try drawing anime?
Colored Pencil Drawing of a Frog 5 out of 5

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Colored Pencil Drawing of a Frog