The Best Heat Protectants.

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Best Heat Protectants for Natural Hair!
The best Heat Protectants.
The best Heat Protectants.
Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray vs. Heat Tamer Spray
Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray vs. Heat Tamer Spray
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My New Fav Heat Protectant!
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Stevers- j: im not subscribing to this channel ! But if you continue with this , daily vids ! Youll make a great progress ! But i well like your video ;)

princessmorr5: I have the second one and I feel like it doesn't protect my hair at all. My hair is really damaged even though I use it and I only do my hair once or twice a week for cheer. 

Alicia Rendon: I have the turn up the heat . I'm very EXICTED to use it . Thanks for talking about it ((::

Kayla Gore: The second one is awesome. Given the fact I have a different texture and my hair needs to stay moisturized. 

Rachee Poo: I have the second one and i personally hate it. Makes my hair soo oily when only using a dime size:p

TheBoots72: What about Orofluido Sahara protector? Its pretty expensive.

Jasmine Aguilera: My mom uses the beyond the zon one everyday and I love her hair she's had that forever about 6 year do I'm used to the smell but it smells like candy

Desiree Alvarez: I just bought the Beyond the zone far I'm LOVINNNNG it :) my hair loves it and feels so much healthier and cuts down dry time by so much :) yaay lol

MorbidSponge: Well your logic is flawed since all oils have different smoke points at which it begins to fry most of which are over 400 degrees so as long as you flat iron or blow dry your hair at a lower temperature you'll be fine.

Kari Pomales: I have the Turn Up The Heat One And I think it works Amazingly But if you spray to much your hair gets greasy and oily :(

Josephina Campos: Or it gets greasy, also good for damaged or fried hair because I know its bad to use heat on your hair but I flat iron mine almost everyday (not on weekends) because I have poofy, frizzy, stupid messy hair and its just a great protectant

Josephina Campos: I absolutely love the Beyond the Zone turn up the heat protection spray because my friend had some and I thought it looked cool and smells like Sweet Tarts or Citrusy, however you percive smells, its under $10 and its a good oil-based spray and my straightener slides gently through my hair, I absolutely think its amazing and it works better than a water-based protection spray and it makes your hair smooth and shiny, also use 1-2 sprays if you have short or thin hair, and 3-4 sprays (on hand)

Brooke Osmond: You look kind of like Zendaya<3 beautiful!

Seana Fuller: i don't use heat protection because my short hair doesn't get heat breakedge!

Emily Ballard: have you tried the tresemme one?

jingweitan: How much is it?

Molly McDonald: Wow, Ur really pretty ❤❤

Sara Elizabeth: I loved it! i subbed :)

jessicasunshinebeautifulxoxo wetsel: No that heat protection is so good. My hair is getting so healthy. and guys, your posted to brush you hair after using the spray thats why your hair may getting to much oil and making your hair iron nasty.My hair was so damage! not its so healthy!

Julianna Gonzales: ikr i was like waaa was that..??O.o
The best Heat Protectants. 5 out of 5

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The best Heat Protectants.