Crosman Quest 500 Mod

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Modern Day Sportsman: do you put the copper on the piston or the sping giued assembely?

countzero1972: Different versions had different ways of de-tuning. Some models had a bleeder hole, and some like mine had a different size piston altogether. one was slightly shorter.. no bleed hole in either.. also likely a different spring, but I never thought to check it.

blaster44100: where do you got that spring and piston ???? thx

Spray Monkey: Correct, there all the same, use the pin and super glue or tap and screw method, AMAZING POWER!

misuseofyou: How does it shoot since you put a 1000 spring and piston in, Noraayrrek?

andrew bueza: where did u get the piston and spring.,,

Papa.Emeritus.II: You are full of crap and lying. Of course this 500 had a ported hole but you just sealed it! Or, as you stated: "but i now installed a 1000fps piston and spring". Not sure why you needed a new spring though? The spring is the exact same in the Canadian version (500) as American (1000) air rifles. The only difference is the ported hole in the piston..

sylver369: I can't speak for the guy who made this video, but I know others who have done this and similar mods, it appears to not have an affect on overall performance, and so far hasn't caused failure of the piston/spring mechanism.

sylver369: Nice that you figured out this mod, I also know people who just stretched the spring and got more power that way.

sylver369: I happen to have a crosman quest 500 sitting next to me on my couch. Both the trigger and the guard are solid iron. Just the housing around them is plastic. I know because it spent some time outdoors, and has a little rust on the metal parts.

shane shane: And how much force does the spring put out when you take out the pin

shane shane: What dimensions do u need the copper tube

Feifeizhang001: @DrewLiscool because of the laws in Canada

royal king: we used a 1' 7/8's spacer and it works real good

braappinc: @noraayrrek how much was the piston and spring and were did u get it from and u live in canada?

noraayrrek: @braappinc i cant remember, i belive it was at the back. but it is very easy to do. good luck

noraayrrek: @pistonskill sorry but my piston had no hole, but i now installed a 1000fps piston and spring

braappinc: hey can u make a diagram of were u put the spacer pls! and pm me it pls and thank you

pistonskill: If you were to take the piston out, you would notice it is ported, meaning it has a hole in it. As far as i know, the mainspring is the same in all four rifles (both phantom and quest 1000/500) it is a lot easier to de-tune a rifle by drilling a hole in the piston, which lets some air come back through the piston, making the pellet go slower, a little bit of jbweld would rectify the issue, or a person could drill and tap a machine screw in and cut it flush.

braappinc: make a vid of how u do it like actually show pls and ill sub if u do :)
Crosman Quest 500 Mod 5 out of 5

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Crosman Quest 500 Mod