Crosman Quest 500 Mod

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lilham10809: i have the crosman phantom and to take the back part off( the part the you have to take the pin out of to get off) i use on of those long clapms the you have to squeze to tighten( not a c clamp) and works well for me

Patryk Lucarz: @noraayrrek Thanks for the reply. I though that it will ruin the accuracy because the barrel is shorter then on the powerful guns so I though the gun couldn't take but if it can I'll try it with my old gamo delta. Thanks!

DrHerccoel: @TheGarbear14 Thats a stupid comment. This method would not lower your FPS it would probably just break the gun.

noraayrrek: @o68802735 no it not hard its fairly straight forward :)

braappinc: hey can u make a diagram of were u put the spacer pls! and pm me it pls and thank you

misuseofyou: How does it shoot since you put a 1000 spring and piston in, Noraayrrek?

Patryk Lucarz: did it ruin the accuracy?

TheGarbear14: i don't want it to shoot 700fps i'm good with 1000fps on mine.

noraayrrek: What kind of air gun do you have and does it have a 1000 fps spring or a 500?

Unknown8875: @noraayrrek Thanks! =)

tricsike: Don't go over 7/8 !!!!! Because You can't rooster the gun!!! ( I tired)

sweetmud1: you going register it now that its over 500 fps? eh? just kidding. got the same gun. think i may do that myself.

Papa.Emeritus.II: You are full of crap and lying. Of course this 500 had a ported hole but you just sealed it! Or, as you stated: "but i now installed a 1000fps piston and spring". Not sure why you needed a new spring though? The spring is the exact same in the Canadian version (500) as American (1000) air rifles. The only difference is the ported hole in the piston..

gill0956: B18-04-100A piston item callout number 2 B18‐00‐4D piston spring item callout number 4 B19‐2‐01‐100 barrel assembly item callout number 9 B19‐2‐06‐00 stock and butt plate assembly item callout number 31 these are the part numbers you need to order from crossman to attach to your 500's all other parts are the same on both rifles.

countzero1972: Different versions had different ways of de-tuning. Some models had a bleeder hole, and some like mine had a different size piston altogether. one was slightly shorter.. no bleed hole in either.. also likely a different spring, but I never thought to check it.

shane shane: What dimensions do u need the copper tube

jake detoro: thanks man i think i might try this but maybe with someone that works with guns alot

tiiiibljas: I put a one inch piece of piping on mine and i gotta say it kicks ass now. it shot through one sheet of drywall and half way through another

sylver369: I can't speak for the guy who made this video, but I know others who have done this and similar mods, it appears to not have an affect on overall performance, and so far hasn't caused failure of the piston/spring mechanism.

noraayrrek: @TheShadoman123 i have no idea it was a estimate , it just makes it shoot faster

SliceYaAss: hey do you think its possible to buy the spring for the quest 1000, which will shoot 1000fps and fit it into this gun? so lets say i call up crossman and ask for a replacement spring, do you thinnk it will be compatible for this gun, they both are identicle other than the spring i assume.

jake detoro: if i wanted to stretch the spring out in my quest 500 would i fallow the Same steps in this video and is it hard to put the gun back together

blaster44100: where do you got that spring and piston ???? thx

noraayrrek: @braappinc i cant remember, i belive it was at the back. but it is very easy to do. good luck

Patryk Lucarz: Thanks!

anielsen100: i did this to my crossman phantom. id say it has about 50lbs-70lbs or so.

noraayrrek: @pistonskill sorry but my piston had no hole, but i now installed a 1000fps piston and spring

shane shane: And how much force does the spring put out when you take out the pin

Spray Monkey: Correct, there all the same, use the pin and super glue or tap and screw method, AMAZING POWER!

anielsen100: i did that to my .22, along with some other stuff and it shoots fast now

noraayrrek: @EagleTalon1970 No problem glad to help! :)

noraayrrek: Good idea :D

anielsen100: watch the video 1/2 inch copper tube from 3/4inch long to 1_1/4inch long.

noraayrrek: @patryklucarz No Problem

braappinc: make a vid of how u do it like actually show pls and ill sub if u do :)

noraayrrek: @TheShadoman123 i have no idea, sorry cant help you their.

noraayrrek: @tricsike ....hmm i had no problem and i used a 1 3/8" piece of copper

airgunner12: 500

noraayrrek: i know :D same here, good little trick

noraayrrek: @SliceYaAss thats what i thought but actually that are different i go the 1000 spring and the 1000 piston it is alot smaller and lighter than the crossman 500

DrewLiscool: Why didnt u just go and buy the 1000x i did the same mod tho and my 1000x can shoot through a 2x4

sylver369: Nice that you figured out this mod, I also know people who just stretched the spring and got more power that way.

noraayrrek: @KTMSzabo yup just a peice of 1/2 hollow copper pipe

sylver369: I happen to have a crosman quest 500 sitting next to me on my couch. Both the trigger and the guard are solid iron. Just the housing around them is plastic. I know because it spent some time outdoors, and has a little rust on the metal parts.

braappinc: @noraayrrek how much was the piston and spring and were did u get it from and u live in canada?

KTMSzabo: hey great video! I recentley bought this gun for 200 dollars and i have to say, the velocity wasnt the greatest, although i use wadd cutters, i would like to try this mod. but is this copper pipe hollow?

Unknown8875: Hello! I heard that the trigger and trigger guard are made of plastic! Is it true??? Reply please!

andrew bueza: where did u get the piston and spring.,,

pistonskill: If you were to take the piston out, you would notice it is ported, meaning it has a hole in it. As far as i know, the mainspring is the same in all four rifles (both phantom and quest 1000/500) it is a lot easier to de-tune a rifle by drilling a hole in the piston, which lets some air come back through the piston, making the pellet go slower, a little bit of jbweld would rectify the issue, or a person could drill and tap a machine screw in and cut it flush.

royal king: we used a 1' 7/8's spacer and it works real good
Crosman Quest 500 Mod 4.3 out of 5

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Crosman Quest 500 Mod