Detroit DD15 560hp@1850ft/lb W/ 07 Emissions

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Detroit DD15 560hp@1850ft/lb w/ 07 Emissions
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Jitender Dhillon: Its gonna be pain in the ass to work with all those tubes and wires´╗┐

Brian Lillquist: it really has a nice sound at idle.

nmdiesel89: Yes DD15s have a turbine wheel that engages the flywheel through a gear box when more power is needed. believe it adds about 50 hp if i remember correctly. its called turbo compounding, been used since WWII on bombers. basically its just a turbine housing with a gear box instead of a compressor housing.


elcamionero38: Wish this was still a good old American Detroit diesel, but now they have German Daimler fingerprints all over them. Hard to call them Detroit anymore, more like Mercedes diesel.

j morgan: where is this located at I have worked on many dd15s and have never noticed this turbine wheel

chechnya: What's the problem with fewer emissions?

MisterFlaherty: BTW I own a 2009 Cascadia with the DD15 and 472,643 miles on it. The only problem I've had is a couple sensors go bad (warranty) and a rack and pinion leak. With 3.55 gears I walk past most trucks on the road.

TheDieselpowers: thats a nice engine. im goin to nadc in july to work on big rigs. diesel engines have come a long way they got ALOT of wires now a days.

AmoralEngineer: @detroitdiesel653 MTU in germany still produces 6v53T's, 8v71t's, and 8v92t's for the military. Other than that places will only reman old 2 cycles

turbosuperiority: That's one high-tech lookin some bitch. I recognize about half the stuff in that engine bay.

trucker765: In Europe they have found ways to completely remove all emissions crap on these engines and they are pushing 800+ hp

thatoneguyjosh: i shift between 1100-1300 rpm i have never gone beyond 1500 but it has great power in my operating range

bj99ful: A far cry from the old 2 strokes. The new Detroits are ok but I still miss the sound of the old 2 strokes; there aren't many still running where I live. They're mostly just in the older transit buses and an occasional dump truck. Hardly ever do I hear one travelling on the highway.

pfchubby: Not the greates motor to work on but its a step in the right direction for Detroit

bmw2go11: could you imagine the power those engines would produce if all the emissions crap were to be removed?...

commiesarelame: Ugh. Love the Detroit, but can't stand all the emission BS on this engine. Where's the engine anyways? At least with a Cummins ISX, you can see the engine lol.

Juan Vuletich: Indeed. it's a complex system, I think similar to the MBE4000. I'm just a student in diesel mechanics and we've seen some of these engines.

thatoneguyjosh: no its keeping it alive

tiktak25: Sounds like an old 3406 cat I had back in the early 90's

Bamchucknorris: @detroitdiesel653 nope

Jon-Erik Butcher: I am also a tech, 21 years old and been doing it for 2.5 years. the fleet i work with has volvos with volvo engines, old FLD daycabs with 12,7 L Series 60s, both of our M11 blew up, one broke the crankshaft (yes...crankshaft, the flywheel was wobbling but yet it was bolted still haha), and 2006/07 Columbia/Centuries with MBE 4000 and 14 L 60s, and Cascadias with DD15 and ISX. the ISX is troublesome with the air compressor heads and they are noisy, along with the DPF and #7 doser injector.

EasternAggie: Gear driven turbo? No such thing. Maybe a gear driver supercharger, but even then I don't think it's on this engine.

Keith Roberts: Not really, 100% built in Detroit USA!

ladilawho: @freighthog3511 as a tech they are a great engine more hp less emissions

detroitdiesel653: sounds nice at idle i bet it sounds great going down the road

Luis Torres: sounds like crap, 60 series is the power!!!!

j morgan: sorry I know what your talking about now and yes your right its like 53 horse power its right above the starter but covered up by heat shields in the Cascadia's

nmdiesel89: should be just below and behind the turbo charger, under a heat shield.

Keith Roberts: Its actually assembled and manufactured in Detroit along with New DD axles in a 3,500,000 sq. ft. facility. All american!

tiktak25: I couldn't agree more!

thatoneguyjosh: im getting 8.5 mpg average in my cascadia what does your truck get?

jorpe64: Suena como un Perkins de 4 cilindros frio, HORRIBLE!!!!! Detroit Diesel 8V71 un motor de verdad!!! Detroit Diesel 8V71 a real engine.

MisterFlaherty: Dafuq are you talking about "gear driven turbo"? That is literally exactly what a turbo is NOT. A turbo has a turbine and a compressor. It is basically an air pump that is driven by the exhaust gases. Tech my ass...

Brian Lillquist: I am a Truck Technician and work on these everyday,and yes they are a Mercedes design so they are not American at all. if you want a true American Engine Buy a Cummins ISX.

tiktak25: You can always gauge how well a new engine design is doing without asking tech that was trained and working for detroit or cat or any engine, because they will always promote what they work on. Look around while your on the road and take notice to what being pulled be hind the tow trucks and broken down side of the road. I can tell you in 2011-2012 The Cascadia and Prostar where along side the roads everywhere!! I suspect the ISX in the PS and possibly this DD15 or DD13 in the Cas.

genc shkembi: SWEET ROARING

freighthog3511: There is to much crap attached to the sides of that engine! This emission crap has ruined the trucking industry...

sooperPOOPERstar: it is only assembled in detroit...its a kraut engine.

elcamionero38: Yes it is 100 % assembled in the US in Redford, Michigan, but it's design engineering and components are not 100% American. The DD15 common rail fuel injection is from Germany...Bosch , unlike the US Delphi unit injectors on the 60 series, and various other components from Daimler's Mannheim and Brazil foundries as well. Daimler designed this engine to be global platform soon to appear in Mercedes trucks overseas, so it is not a true blue American engine like the 60 series was.

MrJkbubbabutt: Ok, I've heard sewing machines that sound tougher.

ONLY1PEA: @freighthog3511 ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!

nmdiesel89: its fine man lol i have been outta the industry for about 2 years now but still like to try and keep up with the latest tech

Kevin Lynch: i heard this engine is only good for around 1200 - 1750 RPM, it loses a lot of power after that, anyone have more knowledge on this? not that you'll be revving a huge diesel

Jon-Erik Butcher: in the beginning, you see that big heat shield over the turbo? its hiding a gear train. DD15 has a gear driven turbo that runs off the back cover. it helps reduce turbo lag. i am a tech and the fleet i work for has over a hundred of these things. they are nice, but they have a few oil leak problems. the only way to change a turbo on one of these is with a crane and im being serious. so far i dont know anyone who has had to change one even at freightliner dealer near me.

detroitdiesel653: does detroit even make 2 strokes any more

trucking604: Same size as a 3406 Caterpillar, 15 liter also.

tiktak25: I have owned several 12.7 60 Series one 430 and the last a true 500hp and although they won't pull with a cat they were hard to beat on mpg and it was nothing to get a million miles out of both I had and was strong when I sold them. I don't think Detroit will ever have another jewel like the 60 series..but then again that was before the Government and tree huggers got involved and really caused havoc in the trucking industry forcing cat to go its own way, and now these type of clutter boxes.

studpuppy69: Sounds nice. Looks expensive. What a headache to even thinking about working on compared to a 2000 model year series 60!

kwpowerluva: From what I've heard these engines leak like a siv 200000 Kms and they're wet from fan to g,box and they run high in temp bring back ddec4
Detroit DD15 560hp@1850ft/lb w/ 07 Emissions 4.8 out of 5

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Detroit DD15 560hp@1850ft/lb w/ 07 Emissions