Detroit DD15 560hp@1850ft/lb W/ 07 Emissions

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Detroit DD15 560hp@1850ft/lb w/ 07 Emissions
Detroit DD15 560hp@1850ft/lb w/ 07 Emissions
Freightliner Cascadia DD15 engine common problems
Freightliner Cascadia DD15 engine common problems
DPF Delete Kits
DPF Delete Kits
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Detroit Diesel DD15 engine - Part-1
Detroit Diesel DD15 engine - Part-1

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JaArRyi FleshBlood: Is it quite?

fermin meza: y el nessio 510 el Alberto oiga Doña aurrera

fermin meza: Pura chatarrita unos viajesitos una exprimidota una ajustadita un contenedor que sobró directo a chiapas

Dieseldave_23: Not a Detroit...and sadly would never make a pimple on a Series 50/60 ass. Piece of junk Mercedes. Acquired and built by Daimler since 07' because Detroit Corporation US couldn't build an epa compliant diesel. So sad to see the Americans running to the Germans for answers. And last I heard Daimler is under investigation by the epa and doj for irregularities in their emissions controls.

Jitender Dhillon: Its gonna be pain in the ass to work with all those tubes and wires

nmdiesel89: its fine man lol i have been outta the industry for about 2 years now but still like to try and keep up with the latest tech

nmdiesel89: should be just below and behind the turbo charger, under a heat shield.

j morgan: sorry I know what your talking about now and yes your right its like 53 horse power its right above the starter but covered up by heat shields in the Cascadia's

j morgan: where is this located at I have worked on many dd15s and have never noticed this turbine wheel

nmdiesel89: Yes DD15s have a turbine wheel that engages the flywheel through a gear box when more power is needed. believe it adds about 50 hp if i remember correctly. its called turbo compounding, been used since WWII on bombers. basically its just a turbine housing with a gear box instead of a compressor housing.

trucking604: Same size as a 3406 Caterpillar, 15 liter also.

MisterFlaherty: BTW I own a 2009 Cascadia with the DD15 and 472,643 miles on it. The only problem I've had is a couple sensors go bad (warranty) and a rack and pinion leak. With 3.55 gears I walk past most trucks on the road.

MisterFlaherty: Dafuq are you talking about "gear driven turbo"? That is literally exactly what a turbo is NOT. A turbo has a turbine and a compressor. It is basically an air pump that is driven by the exhaust gases. Tech my ass...

tiktak25: I have owned several 12.7 60 Series one 430 and the last a true 500hp and although they won't pull with a cat they were hard to beat on mpg and it was nothing to get a million miles out of both I had and was strong when I sold them. I don't think Detroit will ever have another jewel like the 60 series..but then again that was before the Government and tree huggers got involved and really caused havoc in the trucking industry forcing cat to go its own way, and now these type of clutter boxes.

tiktak25: You can always gauge how well a new engine design is doing without asking tech that was trained and working for detroit or cat or any engine, because they will always promote what they work on. Look around while your on the road and take notice to what being pulled be hind the tow trucks and broken down side of the road. I can tell you in 2011-2012 The Cascadia and Prostar where along side the roads everywhere!! I suspect the ISX in the PS and possibly this DD15 or DD13 in the Cas.

tiktak25: Sounds like an old 3406 cat I had back in the early 90's

tiktak25: I couldn't agree more!

kwpowerluva: From what I've heard these engines leak like a siv 200000 Kms and they're wet from fan to g,box and they run high in temp bring back ddec4

kwpowerluva: Turbo compound I think he means not gear driven ,

rbagel55: So this engine might get real good fuel economy and perform real well NEW, but what about later down the road when all that electronic craps starts to malfuntion---Ahhh, that's when it costs an arm an a leg to get it running right--just like new cars nowadays, can't even work on them yourself--not impressed!
Detroit DD15 560hp@1850ft/lb w/ 07 Emissions 5 out of 5

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Detroit DD15 560hp@1850ft/lb w/ 07 Emissions