How To Clean A Rusted Gas Tank

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Remove Rust From Motorcycle Gas Tank: Less Than 5 Dollars!
How To Clean Rust From A Metal Motorcycle Gas Tank Video
How To Clean Rust From A Metal Motorcycle Gas Tank Video
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Using Evapo-Rust To Clean A Motorcycle Gas Tank

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cannon heating: jerk. don't dump gas on the ground.

John Paul: So is his place called Hillbilly Motors?

erk mann: this is a diy method. if you arent a diy person then dont comment.He did us all a favor by posting this video.If you arent comfortable doing this,, then dont do it and pay someone else to fix it for you and dont make rude comments.

lamewarrior: You have to know when to give up on a tank. If there's black gasoline "cake" on the walls it's likely to be really rusty underneath with possibly holes. In any case the walls will be very thin and it's a lot of labor and messy to remove the cake, foul the landscape, the stink, waste a gallon of cleaner, acetone, derusting chemicals, possibly brazing the holes, coatings and after all that you're left with a borderline pile of junk. Bite the bullet if possible and buy a new one. Been there/done that. Two different vendors have assured me that reproduction tanks from Taiwan are high quality (not from China) We'll see when the new tank comes.

Chris Drake: Thanks Dude

Wilson Baeza: you look like your playing the guitar

Chidrole: Why don't you just buy a new tank?

Brad Holmes: Why dont you spray water in there?


Matthew Boyington: this is some stupid crap use a vacuum cleaner that will blow up with gas fumes in it rock and fumes u will have a bomb wtf

aspirinemaga: before cleaning a fuel tank, be sure to be clean yourself first

jackiesgeorge: how stupid..

Trevorz Zealley: Yeah I tried the vacuum cleaner once on an empty tank . The vac went fooof & never worked again , didn`t tell my wife what I`d done with her expensive cleaner . So she just blamed the appliance instead of me . I liked your rock & roll method better, but would sling it on a rope so it balanced , then wobble the crap out of it , then wash like you said , should work ? Thanks for another great vid .

Jay Alvarez: I'm scared to use rocks lol, I would use nuts n small bolts

Walkertongdee: Marbles and a magnet

derrickgates42: only thing I wouldn't recommend in this video is a vacuum cleaner. very bad idea considering there is sparks coming from the brushes on the vacuum motor and you're sucking gas fumes straight through those sparks.

Hassan Albrkati: لماذا لايكون اسفل التانكي صمام تتخلص من الاوساخ دون فك التانكي

Ralphs Rods: that's it,  just pour the fuel out on the ground, wow ! We use an old piece of chain or nuts and bolts, and Apple Cider vinegar and Dawn dish soap. easy on the soap. rinse with vinegar and water. Has worked for years, Never, ever pour fuel out on the ground

Todd Long: Good Work!
I haven't needed to clean a Car or truck tank, but Motor cycle tanks I Muratic acid them, then rinse out. Then a pound 1 1/2" sheet rock screws (they are the threads are sharp and the tips get into the cracks) get tossed in the tank. Then I wrap the tank in moving blankets, and plase in the dryer, packing the gaps in the dryer drum with old pillows, till the tank is secure. Then let it run like you did, Rock tumbler style

Tim Diebert: True there is already a bunch of rust & junk inside already but I DEFINATELY recommend using a metal chain!! This way you don't accidentally miss gettin all the rocks out. With a chain you just reach in, grab it out & that's it. Otherwise this video is very helpful.

Tip: strain the gas through old shirts. Then you can reuse that gas over & over to RINSE the tank. NEVER reuse that old gas to run the motor. Only to rinse the loose crud out.
How to clean a rusted gas tank 5 out of 5

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How to clean a rusted gas tank