Open Activate 3rd Eye Minds Eye Pineal Gland New Approach To Ancient Methods Paul Santisi

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Open Activate 3rd Eye Minds Eye Pineal Gland New Approach To Ancient Methods Paul Santisi
Open Activate 3rd Eye Minds Eye Pineal Gland New Approach To Ancient Methods Paul Santisi
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Edagardo Jusay: I have been trying but still my pineal gland is not open. But anyway I am going to do this again and again hoping to have it open one day.

Violet StarLIGHT: You are a true Bodhisattva Paul!

Salma Ali-Bidasee: Awesome guided meditation, Paul. I am truly grateful for you posting it on U-Tube. Can see it helping many people. Blessings to you!

Jack Digiacomo: Very amazing a sense of peace and clarity your voice is perfect for this 

KrisKalik: Evn with diets,21 days? :)

apetrain ryback: You have changed my life in amazing ways. Thank you but life is not easy and a constant struggle but with your help I know hope exists :) :) :)

Melissa Church: I loved this! Thank you Paul. I am feeling AMAZING...what a BEAUTIFUL Meditation. Now I am going to look at some of your others.... Thank you so much :)

Robert Marsh: "Activate 3rd Eye - New Approach to Ancient Methods" - A true life enhancing experience! - By: Paul Santisi @ Youtube:

apetrain ryback: hey Paul love your work. One thing I have learned is my 3rd eye has created photographic memory of what i have been reading, knowledge of past text book reading something very powerful I must admit

Franky Jay: open your third eye (pineal gland) by Listening to this with good quality stereo headphones. God Bless!

W Mason: yes ryan.

caleb g: Day 7 and last night I had the most vivid dreams of my life. You're awesome Paul. :)

KermisDrachten: It activate my brown 3th eye

wetlazer: Holy Moly Paul! 1st time I used this one. A bunch of things subtle yet profound feelings. Body temp went up. At a certain point you say "Open" and it was as if my whole face was a third eye. Then it sort of felt like the 3rd eye grew. I saw the 3rd eye. It was a sort of light pencil outline. Like a fresh sketch. I saw it and I was looking through it too. Not seeing anything through it, but I knew it was like my new superpower, my "Spidey-Sence". That was kick butt, loved it! You're the real deal

kashmonezy: Is it normal to see an eye blinking during the time u see the pineal gland

Paul Santisi: I enjoy you listening! Thank you!

scarygary911: get that lazy calcified full of flouride eye of god pinial awake! scary&real

Adrian B: Many blessings to you! :)

Jeannette M Mahan: I just did this and all I could say is WOW!!! One down, twenty more to go with great expectancy, love, and enlightenment!!!!!! Thanks Paul, I LOVE IT, LOVE IT AND LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

caleb g: Hi Paul, i'm 2 repetitions into this meditation and something amazing happened, I saw a purplish color where only blackness was before, it's awesome to see anything at all. When i was a child I saw many colors around things like this, but I was told it was wrong, so I stopped it, it feels good to begin to get the gift back. thank you

ryanhallberg: So excited to practice this. I could feel my third eye vibrating when I made the Love vibrations. The thing I noticed is that I felt a very similar sensation when meditating. But I always thought I was cross-eyed under my eye lids because it feels kind of similar. Also, I noticed occasionally I will have flashes of sexual activity during the exercise, nothing too distracting or intrusive. And then I read that the pineal gland is involved in sexual development. Anyone ever experience that?

ClayDNable: 7 x 3, 7 is a "lucky" number and 3 means life. If 1 = man and 2 = woman, and 3 = child, we have perpetual existence. 7 x 3 = 21

MoreWays Media: I found it very hard to know if i was seeing with my fisical eyes (even tho the pineal gland is real :P) because I could not believe what i was seeing, and kept interupting myself with telling myself this was the light from the window... or from my laptop... next time i am going to blindfold myself... and I am going to do it while i am fully awake. Because clapping in bed at 11 PM is weird

Paul Santisi: Join the conversation on our FACEBOOK Page paul santisi meditations see you there!

Paul Santisi: hi, its different for many. Myself I saw a massive flash of white light and felt a pop in my head and it was as if all the tension was lifted. My 3rd eye area and head felt very light after that moment - some people can just begin to see like never before - others pick up on threads of information, have impulses or their feelings become more aware. Thanks for your your feedback and keep us posted.

trustg0d: Paul my third eye and I thank you. We feel we were suppose to come across this video.

Guavaklub: Thank you Paul, your meditations has surely provide an enlightened experience. Blessed be and namaste.

Polarice Swiss: WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I was searching for this, thank you so much, its amazing im awake since 3 months and this is amazing. Gby (God bless you)

priya katoley: Dear Paul This is Priyadarshini from India. I was actually doing other meditations to open the third eye, but luckily came across ur meditation such a beautiful voice you have. Please keep uploading new meditation videos. I am actually feeling the new me These meditations of yours are just amazing. I am unable to download it and from ur website i tried downloading it but i have to pay for it. Do u have free videos. Please do let me know. Take care God Bless Priyadarshini

MeowMeowForNow: First time, let's give it a try.

slade598: Thanks for putting in the time and the effort to make all of these meditiations for us. I and many other people greatly apreciate what you are doing.

Paul Santisi: you can purchase from my website see description for links or on itunes just search my name :) I appreciate you for listening!

eya msallmi: hi paul thanks for you videos, you are my genius, you make me feel relaxed, sleep well, and wake up full of positive energy, could you please answer my question , can i use the third eye de send a mental message to someone? is it possible ? thanks alot

Timothy Goerg: I first found this about 5 days ago. And my for my first listen, I was already feeling strong pressure at the location of my eye. I skipped a couple nights and I regret it. I am now two days in and after this second time I felt some amazing movement, and the size of the pressure widening and growing. My eye was twitching and I felt some real movement. Through heavy meditation and the help of your wonderful guided videos, I am awakening. Thank you Paul, for changing my life.

EpicPauLPs: I love your videos, though i didn't manage to open my third i yet or to astral project or reach any of those goals, i allways feel very good and relaxed when i listen to your videos, thank you. A Problem I still have when i'm trying to do your meditations is visualizing. I think about the things you mention, but it's not like i see it in front of me or something (I don't know if i am even supposed to). i'm planing on doing these exercises for 21 days now, i hope i will reach my objective one day

reg winter: fantastic third eye exercises. I couldn't see the indigo ball, but I felt the the energy being sucked into the third eye through the palms of my hands.

crazyplanet08: Thank you paul i love all your videos... I do have very very lucid dreams * thank you

MoreWays Media: night 1 for me: I saw some vage shapes most of the time only white light) During my OBE attempts... So i felt like trying this meditation.. it gave me good results... at a point after i sunk in... I came back, started seeing a door, with an eye in the middle, the eye became a clownface (not trying to scare you) Tough positive thinking i managed to go trough the door and small shapes like planets Entire solar systems began to fly by.. THen i woke up DROWNED in sweat, my bed was an ocean.

Corey Beatty: Tyvm Amazing! i use to see auras when i was a kid my parents didn't support me they said "pretending" over time i stopped seeing. Ive tried everything from hypnosis, sleep beats, oils on the third eye nothing worked. Tonight was my first time and im already seeing a hazey white that is tinted pink around my body when i focus in my mirror. its only been one day can wait to see what a month brings me. 3 thumbs up! Plz make a "Unlock Blocked Memories ReCall" when you have a chance:)

johnfrancis55: My fourth session & I feel this beautiful warmth inside my forehead.

nick95playa: This isnt my forst time listening to this. But ever meditation, even without listening to the audio im always seeing colors. I blend different techniques to suit me and it works. In meditation my eye is always glowing. Usually when i leave meditation it doesnt go dorment, it doesnt tingle, but it is always open. when i focus on the third eye then i will always notice the tingle. I will try this later on tonight when i go to bed. Remember take care of the physical body. Alkalinate the body.

SABINA ELENA Dona: for how many time can I do this in one day?

Victoria Springer: Day 18, Master Paul, and I am literally changing on the fly, from revelation to transformation! YOU ROCK!

guy bartlett: i used this for 30 or 40 times, started waking up in a vibrational state in the early morning tried to project, thought i did but it turned into a lucid dream 2 times, both were amazing! had more lucid dreams as well. still trying to project with your other vid. thanks paul!

johnfrancis55: How does the throat friction develop psychic abilities?

cprjustbreathe: paul, your third eye vid is extremely powerful. I have been meditating for months (useing different ones)now and I can truly say that this vido is a musy. my third eye was instantly opened the first time I listened to it. I am recommending this meditation to anyone who is looking to go deeper into their spirital journey. All I can say I's FANTASTIC!

DuwaOratigon: I love your vidz especially the 3rd eye reactivation. Im on my 5th day now. :) On my 1st day of starting over, the spot where my third eye is located flickered with rainbows and then I saw a white spark of energy on my brother's back while he was asleep, I guess it was his spirit guide :) and then there's always something that pressing my third eye, sometimes my crown chakra or my whole face. I feel like my face is like a gum, twitching and swirling lol. Just saying that it really works :)

Victoria Springer: I do this hit and miss, because I like so many of your other meditations. Today was my second day in a row. I entered this space, and a voice/vision said "follow this man" but I never saw a man I just zoomed past that person and zoomed Home. I saw endless galaxies and natural beauty and felt love and compassion. I feel "expectant" but also silent and peaceful. I have waited all my life to feel like this! You are THE GREAT SANTISI ! I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!
Open Activate 3rd Eye Minds Eye Pineal Gland New Approach To Ancient Methods Paul Santisi 4.7 out of 5

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