Homemade Airgun Pellets

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Angah 93: where i can buy this mould .. im from malaysia .. thx sir

Zak Owl: I just started shooting and I have a question, why do some grains not "fit" in my airgun. they are .177, the TR77 and the phantom. Both by Crosman. Please help me!!!

Alexander TheOriginalGreat: song name?

Gleyson B: ola......
gostei muito vídeo. você tem uma pra me vender 

CHOPERUS23: Can I ask what is the typical weight in grains of your .20 pellet please using your device? Many thanks

AirGunWarriors: rweb, your methods have certainly improved since making this video and I'm sure that you will continue to design even more unique Air-Gun Ammo Casting/Swaging Kits as time passes! Look forward to the arrival of my Nomad Pellet Maker Kit in .22/17-grain! Will certainly be looking into your Nomad Pellet Maker Kit in .25/25-grains in the near future Anne should you ever decide to make a Kit in .30 caliber or higher, I'm most definitely in! Thanks, agw.

The Airgun Channel: Great video! We make our own varying types of explosive pellets! We have a few videos of us shooting them at a few different targets. It would be cool if you checked them out and let us know what you thought!

astar bahagia: pngn tau aj sh,

rweb1959: From my website "airgunpelletmaker", but I am closed until 23/9/2013

Bry4n104: yes this is true but its also great for the survivalist

TheTabellarius: Most people that replied said they were in areas where pellets were hard to get & postage due to the weight was expensive

Bry4n104: they are in fact way better as most pellets you buy have defects and are no pure lead. seeing as you are smelting and pouring your own lead you have no impurities or defects people say there even better but its all about your gun

Bry4n104: for you an everyone that liked this comment. this is for people who don't want to pay for ammo and want to have protection. In a scenario were ammo is always short. most pellet rifles use high pressure bike pumps. so air is free and replaces gun powder. there are lead wheel weights on every single car in the united states that's about 40 .22 pellets each car you come across. Its not about cost effectiveness its all about having ammo wherever you are

rweb1959: No I am just too busy at the moment making the Pellet Makers...

alex dantalian: you dont sell samples on ebay enymore??please respond

rweb1959: Thanks for the advise, but to be honest I am struggling to keep up with demand just from my website and from word of mouth at the moment. I am only a 1 man operation

Tom Robinson: I'm in the uk , if these are accurate you could sell loads of moulds over here. Put an ad on Airgun bbs.

rweb1959: Sorry but I am just too busy at the moment, making the Pellet Makers to do the samples as well. If things go quiet I will start selling the samples again.

Wyattbowling3: Can you please sell some samples of these pellets so buyers can run them through their guns to see if they shoot well.

TheTabellarius: No not Desmond. It appears in some places pellets are hard to get or expensive to have mailed so posters inform me.
Homemade Airgun Pellets 5 out of 5

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Homemade Airgun Pellets