Lorcin L25: Review And Field Stripping

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Raven .25 auto. Tricks and Tips to prevent Jamming and Feed Problems
Raven .25 auto. Tricks and Tips to prevent Jamming and Feed Problems
Larsen 25
Larsen 25

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Dave H: pocket gun of the 90s

Dr_z7log: I have one I keep it as a coyote gun

manawela: This gun like my Raven has it's niche. The innards look identical to my Raven. Like you said, it's better then no gun, but what I like most is this like my Raven is small enough to fit in my shirt pocket without being noticed at all. A derringer will do the same but it wont carry six in the mag and one in the chamber. I would way choose to have this then a heavier hitting .38 2 shot derringer.

Flournoy mason: Guns like this make good paper weights and conversation pieces.

Nagol Canis: I actually looked up this gun cause I saw one for about 40$ thought it was steel glad you mentioned it was zinc, I just want a pocket pistol that doesn't corrode or wear out.

Harley and Guns: LOL. Good idea. I'll look for a gun buy back to sell my Lorcin L22 for 2 to 3 times what it's worth.

Richard Hodgkinson: been my emergency go to gun never fails won't leave home with out

bhenrichs30: if u lived near me in buy that gun from u. I have the black one but I want the chrome and pearl one. I live in Texas

hickspanicKS: why are you so out of breath? lol

Alexandre Valini: lorcini l 25 présisava da agulha e da trava como em contro

Alexandre Valini: Oi muito massa

Vincent Jones: I have one. its my shtf gun.

DontgiveaFuck: I need help I just one of the l25 and I have a problem sigh mine and I don't know how to fix it please help

Amy Stowe: I can not get the clip out

omnirallis99: As with any firearm, if you keep it clean and use proper ammo, then you generally have no problems with it. If you treat it like crap and believe the idiots that don't know how to care for a firearm then, yes you are going to have problems. It's all about how you care for your firearms people. I have had one for 6 years and fired hundreds of rounds through it and NEVER had a single problem with it.

หยาดรุ้ง ทองมณี: gbvgb

alex powers: just bought one for $40 bucks

pragon9876: Made from ZAMAK, which contains, but is not made entirely, of Zinc. The barrel is steel. FYI

Propane Daddy: You never had a failure to feed but your afraid it will blow up in someone's hand?

Rich Green: I had no idea how to field strip this thing and had never taken it fully apart before just put oil in it (lol), although I haven't even shot 100 rounds through it over its life.  I'm hoping this is the reason it constantly jams, but it didn't seem very dirty or lacked reasonable amount of lubricant (I didn't over do it). Now that I have properly cleaned it, I will try again and see if it improves the results.  
Lorcin L25: Review and Field Stripping 5 out of 5

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Lorcin L25: Review and Field Stripping