Red Alert 3 - Change CD Key / Serial

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Andrew Holt: @badturbinado thanks for the serials man.

xZippy38: Is there a way to have a working serial AND have the latest patch?


richard9311: Thank you man!

sony20ja: doesnt work :(

IMYOURHEAD: @bazigarkhan Or you suck in life and pc's :D

blondmutant: try the top comment one

jontebattle55: so if i press th ea symbol with the ring around it it will delete my current key but not my game???

vicarivsdei: can someone post registration code for ra3 ty very much

Andri Bender: not work for me>(

Wesley Holanda: badturbinado valeu mano !!!! mas o video eu num intendi poha nenhuma thank you badturbinado !!!!

azgalor12345: @MakePeaceNotWar33 do you have a registration code?

Link4LifeSuperSmash: Red Alert 3 is fine and i like it a lot but i think Yuri's Revenge is where its at

Bl4ckDmon: i do have lots of problem from the CD KEY !!

AlexHJ19: Red Alert 3_code.exe wont work ='((downloaded game)

sohail khan: you sucker non of these keys are working

kTrikx: mine wont open wtf?

rockswrestler123: you a piece of crap

Nawaf Hazeem: Thanks Cutitarul

fukkisi: They are part of the serail.

Buck Plus Nickel: does this work with bootleg copies?

MrMetallicafan4life1: @badturbinado Thank u for the ket codes u are a nice guy

john bate: smug bastard

jayvie de leon: @jonjan34123 thx

auwli: @xwolf222 doesnt works for me

kTrikx: @headtarget5 did you buy the game or piratebay?

Gresta L.: good, i tried to enter one code, pushed next, code Your codes why not mine?

Andrea62820: wtf i need a cd key pls!!

artikusrox: thx

fukkisi: i dont think the work online

Gresta L.: good, i tried to enter one code, pushed next, code

epicenter16: thx allot ! again!

UndercoverLdn: hghghg

freakguyy: i need an activation key

fukkisi: i late lie get a lot messages for some new key's this is the last time i post some srry you guys. BF5D-SQ8H-N9FA-2N97-DRLD R4RH-SNZC-JFJ3-AJFX-5RLD AUF7-424S-M2N6-ZM2R-8RLD X65V-YSDV-8DHE-L8DH-GRLD XSCU-AKXU-ZDQY-PZDQ-2RLD T99H-GX3Y-YQJ5-NYQX-7RLD U9UU-CJUK-SS3W-USS3-YRLD RAUL-2L6A-VQG8-7VQF-ARLD XUKT-E7G6-9EJJ-49E7-LRLD BWXF-P2KE-R2MN-JR2M-QRLD NHJA-LLAV-USKC-VUSK-ERLD LHW6-K6QU-3LNR-83LB-TRLD BHVV-C95V-BHG7-XBHG-9RLD ATYY-LJ46-YHR5-2YHS-7RLD

wildewildewest: i cant play online im trying evry freaking code.......can sombody help me?

Mack Ryan: Does anyone have problems with the CD key on steam?

Alex Phan: The keys may only work for the the beta

Isra DEHINA: me :( i have tryed all the key but nothing :(

Marco Goyzueta: hey .... I really need to change my CD key ..... but i don´t have those files .... can anyone ve so gentle to upload them to mediafire and pass me the link¿? ,... thanks very much ....

magnum224trishot: @Webx9000 same here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tamas krisztian fodor: none , of them actually works ... can you send em some in a privet message plz thank you .. anyways

doublesnake18: thanks thanks its very good thnak you so much

Zachary Benson: hey i did exactley as you said and it says invalad code

Silvio Kramar: ;)

john bate: freaking legend nice one bro

IMYOURHEAD: @badturbinado Thanks mate

pivotsforyou: Your spelling hurt my eyes.

balibagoshop: how to get the registration code ?? I download the game and install it but i cant play C&C RA 3 ... plss help me

detonator135: it works! ^^
Red Alert 3 - Change CD Key / Serial 3.5 out of 5

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Red Alert 3 - Change CD Key / Serial