Dodge / Jeep Output Speed Sensor Info

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nut nutter: 1998 jeep Cherokee , after transmission gets warm it kicks out of overdrive too 3rd gear and will not go back to overdrive,,, what sensor will do that´╗┐

nml123123: i have a 2002 jeep grand cherokee and the transmission stay stock in first gear... what can the problem be... thant you´╗┐

CascadeTransParts: I suppose it could , but that would be a first that i have heard of. please feel free to email me through our site with more details , and i will try to help

Nesianwave: Thank You Very Much for posting....

J. Muller: We were on an 800 mile trip yesterday for Christmas and the speed o stop working and the check engine light came on , we were 400 miles from home so we came back, had it checked and it's this speed sensor. I have it ordered. We have a 2004 Jeep Liberty 4x4 with only 24,000 miles

Ron Smith: Well did the install and right after that changed plugs and wires. The transmission solenoids were lots easier. :-) It really helped 1 to 2 and 3 to 4, but 2 to 3 is still not shifting well. RPMs go really high, 3200 - 3500 and then hard shift to 3rd. Any ideas?

cassie smith: I have a 2000 dodge grand caravan sport and it was normal until I hit a large puddle of water and now it wont move anymore and it is making a whining noise when I start it and it runs. any ideas?

CascadeTransParts: Hello , yes it should be shown in the above video unless you have a 4.7L engine , then see our other site electrical advantage , then see part # D72436X2

CascadeTransParts: no , shift sensor is quite general , and i have never heard that used when referring to these models

LifesJoys: My 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a bad ouput speed sensor But to replace it appears to be challenging it looks like the transmission mout is blocking my 1" open end wrench from getting to the part your help here would be greatly appreciated thanx.

Gerald Goforth: Thanks! My check engine light is on but me being a truck driver and gone so much it's hard to get a diagnostic test ran. Just looking for a place to start and I'm crossing my fingers that this is it.

Abhishek Sabharwal: Hello, I drive a 1994 Jeep GC Laredo with 42RE. Yesterday the o/d off light came on and would not go in to o/d. Just before I parked I noticed that I had only the third gear(guessing based on the rpm and the vehicle speed). After I stopped the tranny is slipping bad and wont engage,did not slip before I stopped. I checked fluid level/condition & looked OK.TCM has an error code 13 for VSS no signal stored. Can a failed VSS cause the tranny to not engage? Is the VSS same as shown in the video.

chris wilkinson: Shifting up and down.

CascadeTransParts: Hello , yes , but this doesn't fit any 2006 models i know of depending on your engine size we have a few different ones available if you have a 4.7L , or 5.7L Hemi on our site see part # 72436 (2 required per transmission) feel free to send further messages through the contact us page

Maxwell Demond: not sure I just got it . But the shop told me the fluid looked good .

Corney Rios: I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee 6 cylinder and the transmission takes a while to shift, what could cause it to do that. how can i tell if the transmission is going out.

avery gentry: What are symptoms of a bad speed sensor what will your truck or car be doing if thisbis bad? ???

onehalfgreatness: is this also called the transmission output sensor? I have a 2006 Jeep WK that is shifting erratically sometimes. Somtimes you can rev the engine over 3000 RPM, and it won't shift from 2nd to 3rd. You let your foot off the gas, and it will shift. Other times, it shifts normally. No transmission fluid leaks.

SICKFRESH619: hello CTP... My abs and brake light are staying turned on. I looked it up and Im replacing the abs speed sensor. will this help, and can you please tell me the difference between the two (output speed sensor) thanks. oh, and my speedometer dosent work under 30mph.

Jordan Lindquist: We've replaced the speed sensor & have now realized it's the connector. We purchased an Unassembled one from the dealership & do not know how to go about assembling it, can you help??

CascadeTransParts: tough to say for sure , is the check engine light on ? feel free to email further comments through our website

blondago56: thank you so much for this

CascadeTransParts: Hello Ron - Thanks for the kind words !

Maxwell Demond: I have a 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 and the transmission shifts hard up/down shifting with codes p0700 transmission control system p1776 solenoid switch valve latched in the LR position p1784 pressure switch circuit :LR I just paid to have the shop put in a new solenoid pack . Did nothing to help but now no codes (still shifts just as hard) What now Please help

LifesJoys: Thank You very much I will try that. Thanks again

chaseme81871: is this also known as a shift sensor??

FocusmanZX4: i noticed that this is an automatic trans is the location different on a 5 speed standard (318 V8)?

CascadeTransParts: no a windstar in a front wheel drive you have output sensor on the top of the case about 6-7"'s back from the axle typically there will have a wire lead as part of them that is about 10"'s long

Quadman808: the speed sensors on those models are common to have issues ; normally occurring around 80,000 miles or so. Typically when this happens you will have a check engine light with an improper gear ratio code , or a speed sensor code.

CascadeTransParts: yes it is easily accessible from under the truck

joeybananaclips47: Ford windstar 99 location the same

Christopher Blahut: Would this speed sensor resolve a P1974 Speed sensor ground error or would it be the wire harness? Additionally, the back up lights do not engage in reverse. I suspect this may be associated. I have a 2001 Grand Cherokee with a 545RFE

CascadeTransParts: no this sends the revolution speed to the computer , but normally it will stop functioning or create a check engine code. More than likely your issue could be related to tire size , or possibly the ABS/Speed Sensor on the diff. Is the check engine light on ? Please feel free to email me though our website (contact us page) the fluid will not leak out if you pull this sensor

Martin Gonzalez: Hello cascade parts, just want to say thnx for this video. I just saved lots dollars on this videos. Very help full.

Manuel Gutierrez: Hi, I have a durango 1999, I changed the throttle position sensor, has improved enough to no longer drowns arrarcar but follow the truck pulling the change until the 3rd, I think I should change the output speed sensor .... I disconnect the battery to change the speed sensor?

xxxxxminexxxxx: for anyone who is having the same problem i replaced the sensor shown in this video and it now runs

CascadeTransParts: i would start with the abs sensor see electrical advantage d o t net part# D72436B often that one sensor will cure both of those lights it may address the speedo issue as well , as that is where the signal comes from for the dash display

SICKFRESH619: thanks...

CascadeTransParts: Hello - what engine size is it ? please email me through our website Thanks

coronapounder: thanx for sharing, im ready to replace the speed sensor on my 98 dodge ram 5.9, my only quedtion is, can i replace the sensor with out having to remove the transmission?

michael casciole: When replacing this sensor do you have to drain the trans?

CascadeTransParts: more than likely you have more than one issue occurring. the solenoid block was the obvious place to start

04gopackgo92: I have a 99 Cherokee with stock wheels and tires that is about 3mph off between 0 and 30mph. Between 30 and 40 its about 4mph off 40 and 50 about 5mph off and so on. I took it to my local jeep dealer and they said they couldn't find anything. It's frustrating

CascadeTransParts: a hard shift could be anything from high line pressure , to a sticking friction plate. Was the fluid changed in the last couple years ? One thing , you could remove the output speed sensor , and inspect the end of it. They will always have some metal on them as they are magnetic , but if it has a great deal of metal then you have have to overhaul it.

chris wilkinson: All mechanics I've talked to said that it could very well be this. It's telling computer it's running at different temperature. My truck would never switch into overdrive until it hit a certain temperature. I have changed fluid and filter and added Lucas Transmission Fix.

Ron Smith: These videos are a real service, I cannot thank you enough. Awesome, I just bought the kit from you with the upgraded BrogWarner solenoid and am installing the kit tomorrow. Let you know how it goes. Thanks again!

Briandotmiller: Do you have to drain ATF fluid to do this I noticed the trany you had was dripping?

Frank Rangel: would you know the location of the transmission speed sensor on a 2000 dodge durango?

chris wilkinson: This exactly what the problem was for me! 38$ part I'm all good now.

Harry Boud: what does the output speed sensor do?
Dodge / Jeep Output Speed Sensor Info 4.7 out of 5

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