Minecraft: How To Build A Simple Survival Starter House Tutorial

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mr.viking: Why did you say to get spruce?

Sevilen Wilkerson: when i am on survival, my house just looks like a wooden cube. also i wish when people do these vids that the would tell us where the front will be because i currently have a "Large Modern House!!" 30 blocks away from the street and it has its back to the street. no hate intended. just my opinion and a friendly suggestion

Patrick Hart: Went a little too fast

Heyits._.Ayana Hey._.Ayana: OMG!! thanks for a lot I made my house long time I want simple house but here almost done thanks

MultiAngelcake999: This video sucks

The COD channel: Nice house 🏡

Spirit of the Wolf: 10*8

Two Double Dinos: By the way, I liked the video (Of course I did), subscribed, and turned the notifications.

Two Double Dinos: Wow. Thanks for making this survival house. It's really creative and I've been looking for a house but the others ones are to time consuming and difficult. Also, I find it nice that you reply to almost everyones comments! :)

PantherPlays: Dude förklara den här videon bättre

Adam Becker: I hate the amount of oak he used it looks bad

Adam Becker: If people did this in survival it would take soo much wood

Adam Becker: The freaking title says survival and he's in creative 😑🤛

Waters Waters: This was very helpful thank you

Geonatorz: what was spruce wood for

Hannah 121403: I like this but in your videos can you please say how many things of each item for the people doing this in survival

Biforten gt: rip headphone users intro XD

Nightmare Freddy: I'm 8

Kaitlyn O'Connor: Thankyou for the idea! It was helpful, thanks again!!

Back Net: thanks bro for recording it subcribe you and like
Minecraft: How To Build a Simple Survival Starter House Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Minecraft: How To Build a Simple Survival Starter House Tutorial