How To Diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle Or Knock Troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET

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Raevenswood: I just got back with an 86 4runner 22re and the dude swore up and down it was rebuilt 15kago with a metal timing guide ...of course the receipts were "in storage" somewhere he "couldn't find" ... I drove from San Francisco to San Diego to make the deal and when I arrived there were issues not mentioned even when I asked on the phone and he said it ran like a top and no issues or leaks. Reality is if he did rebuild this engine he used the cheapest Chinese rebuild kit available because after getting home I looked under the hood and the front of the engine has a seep Looks like the crank seal or maybe just the timing cover anyway I would have just walked when I heard the tick tick tick tick tick of the poorly adjusted valves but it was/is so clean otherwise I figured it was totally worth the price and it totally is worth it ...interior is original and not all ruined the back window rolls down just fine and it's a rust free CA vehicle. So, with that said, this isn't my first rodeo with the 22re I had two previous trucks go over 300k one almost reached 390k but was totalled while parked... the 300k truck was rear ended and totaled before I got the other one ... willing to bet either of them would have gone hundreds of thousands of miles more too. One of them had a broken timing chain guide at one point in its life so I knew what it was when 50 miles outside of where I purchased the runner I noticed the clatter at peak rpm just as I pressed in the clutch peddal to shift ...seems to happen most at the top of 1st and 3rd gears when under a load like a slight grade up hill. I didn't hear much noise at all during test drive other than the tick tick tick of lifters but the guy was talking my ear off probably to distract me ... whatever though like I said I plan to rebuild anyway.  
As a warning to anyone looking for a 22re equipped vehicle, they are amazing engines but if you aren't someone willing to do the work yourself or pay for it and are just looking for a turn key vehicle MAKE SURE THERE IS PROOF of the claims the seller is making because people lie and like the video states it's about an 800$ job at a shop maybe even more at the stealership. If there isn't proof but you still want to go for it I'd use that as leverage to get a discounted price to cover parts an labor, depending on which direction you plan to take.

ROB NAVAEI: Great video, I have a 1986 toyota extra cab pickup with that engine. No problems yet except some minor oil leak, it has 124k miles on it, so I assume this will come soon.

Lucas Zurawlev: Really good quality audio and video. There's way to many shop guys shaking the camera around like a kite theses days. I have 03 Corolla 136,700 kms on it and replaced valve gasket with friends but now I find myself really wanting a Toyota 4x4. Will try to find one with this prob fixed though as my strengths are with body work, tires and oil change. You really know your stuff, Cheers from Ottawa!

josh mancinelli: I can grab my chain and there is slack in it. I can literally grab the chain. It doesn't come off but there is slack. Replace?

Dwayne Montiel: Would you recommend to add gasket maker between head and timing cover??
Thanks Pete.

Kevin Pantoja: Wish i knew this much sooner. Now i need a rebuild.

Robert B: ALWAYS use a metal guide on the left or passenger side also, specially if you lean on your engine or have high performance parts in it.

deez nutz: Thanks for the arrows

Steven Corbett: would a after 85 22r have a single row or double row

Steven Corbett: what about an 1988 with a 22r single row or double row it's a carburetor not the fuel injection

Les Gooley: Thank you so much for posting this! I had no idea where to start looking for the noise. Pulled the valve cover off and sure enough, broken guide.

Taylor Diggins: My 22R-E has a metallic rattling sound at high revs. Could that be chain related? Or is that a normal sound for this engine. I know they aren't really a high reving engine anyways.

Matt Schutt: Really love your Toyota videos! Doing this project now, and would love to see a good video on oil pan removal!

Jim Baker: why do car companies use plastic timing chain guides anyway?

Keith Casto: Great video man!!!!

JustSaiyanSteve: Cooooooool.

Dustin Pomeroy: I had a motor lock get hot because there was so much plastic in the strainer it had become clogged

cbh148: I'm in the middle of changing out my broken guides now on my '94 4x4 DLX. Pulled the engine to make it easier and to reseal the leaky oil pan and give it a new clutch as well. I've cleaned the front of the block so much where the timing gaskets touch but I'm not sure if it's enough. Also been flossing brake cleaner on a paper towel between the head gasket and the head to try to get all the oil off of them so that I can apply some Ultra Grey on both sides of the head gasket right there on the front. Really don't want any leaks after this. Got a new Aisin oil pump to go on too, but so many parts to clean before they can go back on!

Chris Nguyen: What does a bad timing guide sound like? Is it intermittent or will you hear it every time you drive?

ronald henson: i own a 1991 toyota camry dx 4 cylinder 2.0
How to diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle or Knock troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET 5 out of 5

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How to diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle or Knock troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET