How To Diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle Or Knock Troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET

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How to diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle or Knock troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET
How to diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle or Knock troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET
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Jose Corolla: i allso have another problem with my 2000 corolla. it has slow pick up on hills. when i got the corolla it had realy nice pick up. it would realy go but when i had a 02 sensor put on the pick up was bad. i have to hit the gas allmost to the floor just to get some pick up. do u think it could be the intake manifold gasket ??

Jose Corolla: Hey i have a 2000 toyota corolla and it has a rattel noise near the chain. it comes and goes. but i would like to know what could it be ??

Gildardo Santa Cruz: Thanks Pete really helpful video. I'm getting ready to replace mine, I didn't relize that I had to remove the oil pan.

bruce bacon: Thank you again good clear dialogue, very informative!

LANDRY ULRICH Makouana: I am experiencing the same problem.
Today I was driving 2005 runx 140RT and just felt this rough rattling sound and the engine just stop. I waited for 15min before to start it again and with oil leaking at driver side. I am not sure if it is completely broken because it is making a loud nose and to keep engine running I to hold the accelerator pedal. please advise what should I do?

Angel Guzman: Pete, thanks for sharing this video. I just spent a entire weekend trying to figure it out why my truck had coolant in the oil pan. I checked this video and found the reason. time chain guides broken and chain broke the time cover. awful Crack. so I took everything apart. I even resurfaced head and cover. put a new head gasket kit. intake, exaust every gasket it need it. time chain kit. I'm glad I did it all by myself. first time. thanks. .. just got a question? what's the torque on head bolts? ?

Bob H: Nice vid on troubleshooting timing chain issues. I have a 1980 Nisan 510 that has a rattle sound comming from what appears to be the front of the engine. I'm guessing timng chain issues (?). Any advice on this? Thanks!

Billy Brackett: Thanks a million far this information it will be a great help, that was what I  needed I will be watching more of your videos.

Billy Brackett: How is the best way for one man to install the guides, & chain & tensioner and the cover and hold the chain until the head is on the block.

stuffy punk: My 22r is an 81 model so it's carbed, besides the blown intake gasket, blown carb gasket, SLIGHT valve noise, etc. i've taken pretty good care of whats left since it's 230,000 miles and I have no cash as I waste it all on tires and gas ;). But it has this chatter that just developed I thought was one of the pulleys since it's in the front. Everyone says check the chain guides but mine is the double row chain with the metal guides so I'm not sure.

AKFGFan: good advice. Buy a 20r

Jose Morales: Thanks for the video, learned a lot to check/replace guide on my 2004 Tacoma 2RZ 2.4L. Do I need to chain, oil and water pump too? Thanks, Jose

Ron O: Hi WheeliePete:  I've heard several conflicting opinions regarding the plastic vs. metal timing chain guides.  For example, when the timing chain becomes loose again, isn't it worse if it contacts metal (vs. plastic)?  (Wouldn't this lead to metal shavings, or pieces of the guide ending up in the oil?)  Might this be the reason that Toyota decided to use plastic guides in the first place (and continues to do so, for replacement parts)?Also - any thoughts on the double-row timing chain conversion kits?  (In particular, I'm wondering what the disadvantages might be.)I'm concerned about second-guessing Toyota engineers.  However, I'd also like to address the problem of the broken guides, if possible.  (The guide in my 1994 2-wheel drive pickup just failed at 150K miles, and is waiting for repair.)  I'm also undecided about the best supplier, for (either) an OEM or "upgraded" timing chain kit.

Michael Covel: I'm sure my truck has a timing chain fault, again.
I think it's more than that as there is a loud knocking and it is going through too much coolant.

from this video, it sounds like the whole engine is toast, right?

230,000 miles so I
can't complain, I've had it for 20 years

ToyotaLandCruiser: Can you change your single row to double row with a kit or something

David Williams: I have a 1991 toyota extended cab 4x4 with a 22re that just turned over 200,000 miles.  I was driving about 65mph when I started to smell hot antifreeze.  I pulled over immediately and found that my freeze plug block heater had blown out.  I towed the truck home,checked my oil for antifreeze (just changed it and it looked new) replaced the block heater, fired up the engine, heard a "new" ticking noise, noticed white smoke from the tail pipe and shut it down.  I checked the oil again and found antifreeze mixed with the oil.  The body, interior and drive train  is in exceptional shape.  I have owned this Toyota for 20 years and always serviced it on time.  Is it time to buy a rebuilt high performance long block OR change the head gasket and timing chain (+ cover if bad) - or just sell the truck as is.  If I sell, they seem to be in demand and I wonder what a fair price would be.  Any suggestions??

John Browne: OK... I had just gotten the milled head back, & new gasket in place and was ready to button this 22R up, after finding water in the oil. I came to You Tube to look for some tips about getting the cam gear back on the shaft, and found this one here... and had a look. When I went back to the rig and looked inside, found that broken guide in there... and I cussed a little, then pulled the head (no bolts yet) & gasket out, and removed the timing cover... and, yes-- a pain in the keister.
When I had it off and looked inside, there were two grooves- like a little track- running along the chain cover... right on the water pump housing! Looking in from that side showed me a very prominent little ridge... and, I believe, the Source of my problem (could have left the head & gasket alone, most likely). So NOW it's a new cover, new chain, new guides, gaskets, etc... and it's ALL YOUR FAULT! (Thanks, man!) ^..^

69roadr: i think this is the problem with my 84 Toyota Celica (165,000 mi). thanx for the vid

sprinter2burnbaby: thanks for the upload. helped me alot

rjbourassa: Hi WP. I think I'm hearing what is described in your video, but I've got a 2004 Tacoma with the 2RZ-FE 2.4L motor in it, not the 22R(*). Before I go pulling things apart to look at it, would you know if the 2RZ-FE motor is susceptible to the same timing chain guide problems you describe on the 22R in your video? Engine sounds/runs great (88K miles) other than that "rattle" when I take my foot off the gas the and RPMs drop back down. Thanks in advance for any help! rjb
How to diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle or Knock troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET 5 out of 5

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How to diagnose Toyota Timing Chain Rattle or Knock troubleshoot 22R 22RE 22RET