DIY: How To Install Brake Rotors And Pads

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JOGO: At least finish recording the whole process.. seriously!!

serious Dopamine: I watch the video to get the end result but it just cut to black. my new pads are rubbing only around the outside edge when I spin it. is that normal? I don't want it to wear unevenly

gbo1201: This guy should go back to being a sewing machine mechanic

Scott Maskell: hay for all you guys saying he put the roter on bakwerd because they should spin with the tires he did thats the front if the car and they go forwerd so if hes an idit you must be reyarded pay attention yeah he probly shouldn't. get greas on them but they get it on tgem anyway from the road and no it never had it efect my breaks exept on a bike

s bey: a car in the air in neutral is a big no no wheel blocks or not! the only time a car needs to be In a gear besides park, is if, it's being towed

Bran Shipman: Yes, he messed up on a few of the names of some items he had and he let the caliper hang, but that isn't worse than some of these comments giving false information. The vanes should spin in the direction of the wheels so it can get rid of dust and heat. If it spins the opposite direction how is it going to do that? It's going to spin all the dust and heat into the middle of the rotor and why would you want that to happen.

Ben Vo: Several mistake I've notice, he didn't even use brake cleaner or anti seize and then he kind of hang the caliber a bit that could damage the brake hose.

William Payton: I hope this guy was just nervous for the camera. Sadly he probably performs all his jobs like this. Sloppy, careless and the rotor is for the opposite side. The slots should appear to be digging forward, this draws more air into the rotor to keep the heat down and therefore provides better stopping power. Glad that isn't my vehicle.

Zlatko Z: I cant really say what conditions are the old rotors but the pads look like not really worn out...he did not have to push the caliper piston very much...they seem quite thick. And he lets caliper hang on the hose....hmmm...i have done few brake jobs but this is quite sloppy.

Jim Oliver: I have a 1997 Cadillac Eldorado with thick ass rotors, but they warp way to easy, going to put "Brembo" "slotted and drilled" rotors on it. Because the Cadi. OEM rotors are a joke.
You can almost feel the OEM junk start to glaze the pads or rotor, when braking semi hard.
I watched when the rotors were could see the warpage.
Thanks for the info.

Sergio Valadez: So I'm just learning how to do this I have a 99 Honda Accord what's a good channel or video to learn

30mmBallistic: I had to stop watching after he hit the vehicle body with his wrench 2:06 then let the caliper dangle by the rubber line..just another hack that doesn't give a flying freak..

Peter Franco: Again, how not to do a brake job.

Dead Girl: did you use parts cleaner on the rotors? -freak this video! try elsewhere.

Joe B: if I change my own rotors in my buick 1994 can I just slap them on or do I jave to get them pressed at a shop

Tyson King: DUMBASS

Robin Nordman: and 1.7 million people watch a mechanic do a half assed job .. Those rubber brake hoses should not be abused by hanging the caliper on them ! Is there not a delete button for these poorly recorded videos ????????

James Harry: Errrrrr to avoid possible brake judder don't you think you should have cleaned the drive flange of any rust or debris, Common problems are from the rotor not sitting flush when installed and cause severe run out. All that work would have been for nothing and the customer coming back with possible braking concerns practically after install.
DIY: How to Install Brake Rotors and Pads 5 out of 5

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DIY:  How to Install Brake Rotors and Pads