Krieg, Legendary Psycho Class MOD Discussion - Borderlands 2

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Borderlands 2 - Mechromancer Class Guide

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Jack McCarthy: Anyone got a level 72 one of these for PS3

Michael Smith: Anyone got one for xbox GT Vert Illusions

Greenfire90: looking for a level 50 legendary psycho class mod.  i've got rare heads and level 61 legendaries.  xbox GT is GreenFire90

K W: anyone got this for pc?

tyrone sisneros: Any of the low levels I got this lvl 20 an 4 legendary guns my gt UNSTOPABLExTANK xbox

Jo Fox: I've got this for lvl 57. Willing to dupe for legendary soldier and/or siren lvl 67 or above. XBOX gt SQULRRELTACTLCS.

emze282: could someone please dupelicate this with me my name is emze282 on xbox i really need this for my skill points

Drakken444: Hi are you on Xbox or PSN? If Xbox Add me --> Drakken Let's Trade

Drakken444: Let's Trade Then. RHarris117

patrick barber: you didn't show the code for it

Jacon Hulsgate: is anyone willing to dupe me a legendary pshyco mod on ps3? my psn is Diesh47

Brendan Prestwood: Add me please flame101010

Hugasaurus Rex: messege me mistah death

1freeplay: I have all guns in game including pearlecents a Psn freeplay1 for dupe trade, I am looking for level 61 legendary pshyco class mod

omgcranberryisnumba1: I would be willing to trade and legend mod for this lvl50-61 message epiccranberry on Xbox live

rajiv dhunnoo: Giving away legend mods ps3 mech and psycho and many oranges gun add me psn :raajiiv18

Kyle Johnson: Dumbass bro u ant see the level because u dont have physco

Lachlan M: He does know that the game, doesn't show you the required level, if you don't have the required character.

dinozander0405: I have a Orange one lvl 24 found it in a loot chest! :D

DemiGod820: I have legendary commando, siren, and mechro will trade for psycho mod PSN: GodOfDiscord012
Krieg, Legendary Psycho Class MOD Discussion - Borderlands 2 5 out of 5

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Krieg, Legendary Psycho Class MOD Discussion - Borderlands 2