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Jacob Magnuts: thy them in a Serbu Super Shorty

Elizabeth Chavez: Great vid. Love the loud sound.

BeastModeXL: this would look so cool in long exposure photography .. :0

Christopher Morris: I'd like to see what it would look and sound like if you got an AA12 and loaded up a drum full of those rounds. Ear plugs and muffs would be a must! 

lake serafin: That's a clap of thunder if you were to fire that inside for a nonlethal hd scenario the Intruder who I'm assuming wouldn't have plugs handy would be deaf and incapacitated by the concussion

Benjamin Ding: Would suck getting flashed with the face with it.

TwinceptionChannel: THAT WOULD SUCK!!!!!!!!! XD

chaos311clarity: I play video games too man... its not the games doing the damage.

chaos311clarity: thanks, 6+1

The Tactical 6 String: \m/

chaos311clarity: I would not use this for home defense. Not only would it nearly deafen you, but it provides very little benefit over a cartridge loaded with less lethal projectiles.

89Sunbird: Seems like the only way it'd be useful is to stick the gun through the door into the room you want to clear, and then you pull the trigger. But yeah, seems like an unnecessary risk compared to having an actual flashbang.

indy singh: that crap sounds like thunder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

B- LAST: LMAO, "I'm not deaf which is exciting"

Brock12892: Sorry, had to break comment into 2 comments because it was too long ------- I don't know where you live, but here in AZ those most definitely would start a fire. Someone here in AZ started a fire using one of those types of shotgun rounds. Actually right now we can't even target shoot with FMJ rounds because of the fire danger.

Ryan Martyn: they should put some bird shot in front of that, it would be BEAST for room clearing!!!

TAOFLEDERMAUS: Haha! Awesome! That was really cool. I think I blew out an earball.

bigdogbuc: They'de be cooler if they made it out about 20 feet then did that.

chaos311clarity: there are no projectiles in these. Its really just a big bang and a bright flash.

joiless: Fast and hot burning powder, basically.

chaos311clarity: theyre about $5 per round. NOT cheap haha

Oscar Orth: when that thing goes off you know you're in big trouble if you're on the receiving end.

bulbinking: this would be good in breeching strategies. First shot to blow the lock and then sneak in the barrel to flash/stun everybody in the room.

William McDonald: if that's your house im jealous

gunnwild1: That was awesome. Those loads and dragons breath are now my favorite 12 guage ammo

chaos311clarity: lol ive never played with TNT so im not sure.

chaos311clarity: i gotta get my hands on some dragons breath.

chaos311clarity: haha no but there was definitely a lot of flash from the shooting perspective.

snowman379: Lol nice! I haven't seen those in a while. I got my hands on some of those a long time ago & they were labeled as "birdie bombers" for chasing off large flocks of starlings & black birds. Have you got a website I can order from?

thomas lowe: this would scare the piss out of someone trying to steal something on your land, kabooooom thats the signal to GTF out of there!

moisesfermin: Video games has kids all freaked up these days...

23youy: or just shoot them ans skip the shell. The point of a flashbang is to stun without exposing yourself.

john doe: I'm assuming the purpose of this round is breaching just kick the door in fire a shot and everyone's crapting their pants

MEANISSHOW: seems like it would be something worth putting in the chamber of your home defense shotgun with your usual choice of ammo in the tube, if someone shot one of those off near me i would get out really quick smart

networkguyinphx: Try a bear banger round for projected exploding round.

tommymac88: like a stick of TNT

philsiez: No they arent in bf3...FRAG rounds are in bf3. lol otherwise its normal slugs shot and flechette

ALLThingsEastCoast: 0:50 is pretty cool! It almost sounds like a mortar or a grenade launcher

moisesfermin: Damn that was loud for a little shell! I wonder how that design works to produce so much more sound.

chaos311clarity: you would probably go deaf in the process haha

chaos311clarity: There is no flash bang 12 gauge ammo in Battlefield. I agree that 00 buck is more practical, but this round is not designed to do damage with a projectile, its supposed to be a tactical round much like an actual flashbang so comparing it to a round such as 00 buck is pointless.

TheInflicted: Interesting, but what on earth is the intended application?

chaos311clarity: yea i love slow mo! haha

chaos311clarity: yea they were pretty neat to mess with. definitely impractical but still cool haha. sorry about your earball haha

chaos311clarity: haha just a bit.

claystar9valor: Can't "get"

chaos311clarity: haha exactly!

Forrest Lambert: I WANT

12799MaDeuce: 1) Get a double barrel shotgun that has TWO triggers 2) Load a flashbang in one barrel, and a dragons breath in the other 3) Pull both triggers at once 4) :D

Brock12892: Oh, I didn't know that about the frags.I mean either way I guess that stuff would be ideal for messing around with your buddies, not trying to knock it or anything. I just think it's silly because i'm sure it's probably like what 25 bucks for that little pack of 3 or 4 rounds. My money would rather go towards some tannerite though, not to mention tannerite will not start a fire.

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