Shower Door Replacement

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Blue Kloud: I take a bath in the river and bucket of water , I don't need the shower door and problems !

Pandora Spocks: I hate those metal frames, they get so disgusting after a while and trap all kinds of mold, fungus, hair, dust, water. YUCK! If I had the money, I would have an all glass shower door installed. Mine is a bigass shower door in the master bath, so I wouldn't be able to do it on my own. Oh, well...

Erin Averyt: Will this work for an shower that has duel siding doors like yours

L Robinson: how long did the instillation take?

Vito Zingaro: thanks a lot just in time before i m start broke everything

citygurrrl: do you have to caulk the sides of the frame on the inside of the shower where it meets the wall? and should you caulk the old holes from where the old shower doors were before starting?

Auntie Msk: Thanks!

Elyse Johnson: Thank you for this video!! I'm doing lots of remodeling and wasn't sure if I could handle this job - now, I not only feel like I can, but I'm excited to do it!!
Thanks again!!

Eddie Pi: Thank you for the video and it's greatly appreciated. But I can't find these parts anywhere. This is beyond Frustrating !!!!

Szu Wang: Hi tried to remove door by lifting it as shown in the video but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

Szu Wang: Hi, tried lifting the shower door to remove it but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks!

Passed High School Physics: DON"T BUY DELTA PRODUCT - HAS MANUFACTURING DEFECT DELTA HAS NOT BEEN ABLE TO FIX. I've just completed a bathroom remodel and used a Delta bath shower door. The aluminum bracket which mounts to the top of the glass doors was machined incorrectly which prevents to doors from slidding past each other and opening. DELTA ADMITS THEY ARE DEFECTIVE and will send out a replacement part that DOES NOT FIX the problem.

AT THIS TIME THEY DO NOT HAVE A FIX. This is the last part of my bathroom remodel. Can't remove the frame because it's caulked in and all of the holes have been drilled. Delta is holding me hostage from completing the job.

SHAME ON DELTA and HomeDepot for selling a product they know is defective.

ywd2009: Kerry is very thorough and detail oriented which = a job well done.   I would like to do exactly the same thing.  Will start by checking to see if we have a shower door replacement company in my area..but oh!..the internet makes having access to such a company available to everyone.

勇闯美利坚: great job.

randleman1116: Great work. You gave me hope that this can be accomplished without hiring a GC! Might I ask where you purchased your kit?

rneustel: Thank you very much for the easy-to-understand information!

Ra Mar: This video is great! I am 67 year young lady and I plan to do it myself because companies want to charge me $1,800.00 to replace a shower door enclosure. I don't think so!. I can go on a cruise with that money.. They must be nuts. Thank you so much. this was a great video. I have replace shower doors on tub area before. I feel I can do this. But the silicone part is not my cup of tea. I wish you could help me with it, for a small fee of course. Thanks again!

Kathryn Walsh: Thank you so much! My current shower tracks are brass and I have wanted to change them but thought I had to buy all new glass etc so I have been putting off doing it because I figured I would have to actually hire someone to come and do it. This is going to be so much easier and cheaper and I can do it myself.

Billy Bob: Hi! Can you describe in a little more detail the "plunger" in the old door pivot shown at ~0:40? The video doesn't show the actual removal of the old door, so I can't tell what goes on there. The top of my shower door looks just like that, and mine seems quite attached to the top of the frame. I do seem to be able to lift the door upwards, but I'm not getting the feeling that it detaches after that. ...And if I do get door detached, can I get it back in without disassembling the frame?

The reason I'm messing with it is because the bottom of the door has a tendency to slip out of the pivot. It seems that the hole at the bottom that maintains the pivot has worn away, and I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to replace that bottom section. If you have any advice or suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!
Shower door replacement 5 out of 5

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