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sarah yost: Your point is so good! =)

ginger beer: the first exercise is virtually impossible for me to do without scrunching the toes!

natalie ibarra: @poodle0711

RedAndHell: hi! I'm very happy to have found your channel, your videos are wonderful! are very inspiring! 'll practice!

I'm Cute: Holy crap those are flexible feet..

dancelaughbieber: THIS IS SO HELPFUL THANK YOU

Ann Cavanaugh: HI Lisa! Thanks for these great exercises. I am 54 and have not been able to dance much in past 4 years due to injuries. I'm slowly trying to build up to dance again. I sure miss it. Thanks again, and good luck in your career!

Arkayna Walker: i loved it. btw i started when i was seven and now i am ten and on point

Hallie Stull: I'm taken advice from u for sure!!! You have AMAZING feet!!!!

Chiara Junkroski: i started ballet at age 4, I'm now 11 and on pointe! woo hoo!

Lisa Maree: Hi :) a thera-band works great for this... in my video called "mini calves and feet workout" under my playlist short exercises starting at 2:04 she should do every day that will build the muscles needed to hold her foot in a more winged position :) I suggest she do it at night before she sleeps so she doesn't tire her feet out in dance in the beginning this could cause an injury having wobbly ankles... I hope this helps!

Thedancingrider: Great tips. And BEAUTIFUL ballet feet! I have totally no arch feet. Can't make an arch out of that. Lol. Just starting ballet after years away (only took recreationally decades ago). Will try these anyway. Anything that might help. :)

Lohanny Lapa: Hey, Lisa! Your feet are gorgeous! I have really flat feet - small arch and not much flexible metatarsus - proximal phalanx articulation (the left side of the bridge - I don't know the 'ballet therm' for that! hahaha) - and you video helped me! I'll add these to my feet routine! Do you have more advises to increase the arch and the metatarsus - proximal phalanx articulation flexibility? It would really be important for my development as a pointé shoes ballerina!

Anneke Fleming: How often do you do these? Are there any other excercises you would recommend?

Filip K: Great exercises, thanks. Btw, You have beautiful feet! Cheers

Lisa Maree: Thanks! That is great to hear :) I will be updating with a new foot exercise video soon!

Lisa Maree: Yeah you can but it's not a good idea could bruise your toe nail enough to fall off and also they will start digging into each other causing cuts bleeding and could lead to lots of gross things hahahaah it's not a good idea... I have been in ballet for 15 years :)

klcara99: Do you naturally have high arches?

Rusty Kersh: Kissable.

lisa simpson: OMG! Thank you sooooo much for sharing! You have the best dance feet on YouTube!! Great advice! Amazing toe point ability! How long does it take to get feet like yours?

ebbyboo2010: U have lovely atches ♥

Jordan Clarke: Will these exercises make big feet appear smaller?

Lisa Maree: Anyway (ran out of room ) :P I also like using my hands too, cross one leg and put your foot close to you so the bottom of your foot is facing you and press the tops of your toes down with the palm of your hand... I hope I explained the right direction you wanted? Let me know! I have plenty more hahaha... Send me a message next time :) thanks!

Tracey Andrews: Thanks for your help :)

Xinyisk8: i am so jealous of you!!! (in a good way) and i love your arch and points and hyperextension and everything! how long did it take for you to have such a nice feet shape? and btw 2:02 was my favorite moment.......that arch is insane!!!!!!!

raza khan: It hurts lol

gidsmartins: I have flexible feet too, but my problem is with my toes, they are shortened ):

kendal springett: I don't know if you can answer this or not... But my right foot is completely different to my left foot.. I don't naturally have amazingly high arches which don't bother me but my right foot is horrible compared to my left. It's very tight around the ankle and the across the top of my foot and round the back of my ankle. I feel a lot of tension and its resisting me from pointing and it's really affecting my point and dancing... Please help if you can!!!!!! Thanks!!

lisa simpson: Thank you!!

massimo c: wow! the best arches i ever seen! your feet make bridge just stand on floor! :)

Λουκία Βερρ: wow you are .....WOW

iloveautumnmiller101: :)

Aaliyah Capers: haha im 13 too and my feet arnt flexible either

Lisa Maree: aah well you are kinda like a rocking chair... Everything stays in the same exact position very stiff :P and the hips don't lift they just stay exactly how they were when both toes were on the ground, the only things that moves is your toes and your arms maybe if they are holding onto something :) The exercise is all about your toe and arch strength so if you feel them working to move you then you are probably doing it right!

Rennie Wong: Thanks so much for your help Lisa!! :)

Erin Blanchfield: Your feet are actually amazing, So perfect! I'm doing these now every morning and night!

musicloveBH: What kind of stretches do you do that makes your toes bend like that when you do the exercise in first position? My feet barely do that and I know it will probably take long for it to happen.

ivanolllo: amazing feet!!!

makeuplover670: That's amazing I really want my arch like that!!!!!

falafelim5: 2:02 probably the most amazing point I've ever seen!

bgirl4800: You r perf! Loved it

TheChickenRiceBowl: I really hope this helps my flat feet. I don't really want to get nails screwed into my feet.

Lisa Maree: My feet are the same as yours, my right is not nearly as flexible. It is perfectly natural both sides are different... My left hip is more flexible my left shoulder is double jointed my left foot and wrist are more flexible :D You can stretch your right ankle everyday and try to even them out more... I don't have enough room to write here I will go send you a message now :~)

Lisa Maree: it doesn't really matter :) If one way feels easier for you and you feel it more in your arches for some reason then do it that way.

natsu5291: Such astounding arches

conniecakes06: Some great tips will this help you walk better in high heels?

Ln Dark: seeing ur feet bend (the bridge) this much reminds me of ancient china. women had to break their toes so they would have small feet and walk slowly as a sign of beauty... urghh

Lisa Maree: Hi :) this may help a little but the most important muscles for walking in high heels are your butt and abs :)

Marian Stallings: WOW, lol...I tried doing these exercises and my poor "flat" feet were not trying to hear it! I have NO arch....oh well....destined for bad feet I guess... :\

myharmonium: at the first (the bridge) excersice do you bend your knees?
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