KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade Procedure Part 1 Of 2

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KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade Procedure Part 1 of 2
KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade Procedure Part 1 of 2
KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade Procedure Part 2 of 2
KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade Procedure Part 2 of 2
KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade
KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade
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How To: Doohickey Mod Part 1 KLR650
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New KLR650 Doohickey Round 3 Part 2 Review

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yogender jose linares: En Español

tcepilot: Wow. This bike sucks. It's too heavy for the trails. And too light for the road. Why?????? Just get an Xr

Joe Duruisseau: I think I smoked a joint Bla Bla Bla I cant talk bla bla bla ???????????

BDAWGRANGER: Thanks for the video, I reviewed the video while changing my 08's.
I found the factory unit in great shape but no tension left on the spring.

Chris A: I like to think I'm mechanically inclined, but there's probably zero chance I'll replace mine myself. Looks like a lot of stuff that could go terribly wrong. lol

Gravel1stSt.last: It might be ok( I don't think it's needed) If you have the the extra warrenty, Don't DO THIS!!!

changsifon: 4:10 Ofcourse it will take you an hour...who the hell "pulls" like that ? Just put the wrench to the left and step on it with your legs , use your own weight !

jhhwingnut: Great helpful video.....I have a question though....why couldn't you use the old rotor bolt as the rotor "puller" by simply putting a spacer inside and reinstalling the old rotor bolt and torqing until the rotor breaks free.....that should work without buying that puller....right...??

boxwoodgreen: What is the rotor nut size, and where would one get the rotor wrench ? I've never seen one before. 

bwnj42: rebel,i hav two klr's my oldest one i had the dealer replace it ,,it was rather expensive,,on my 2012 im gonna do it myself just curious as to why ure drilling at the 5:30 position im being told the 7 o,clock,,i enjoy ur vid's u make alot more since then most,,u dont seem as arragant as sum aas well..thanks hope to here back from ya.

MyScatman1: hi why hasent any of you filed a complaint to kawasaki or to a small claims court i believe this as caused engine trouble on behalf of there poor quality parts and engineering if that was mine i would of rode it in to kawasaki and told them of the problem and if they dident fix it i would report to the nearest mcn paper and bring it to light that there is a problem with this bike and they wont fix it i would then never buy another kawasaki i bet they would call them back if they got bad press

rebelyell91: great to hear this man. :) glad this video helped.

Jared Rattray: I just sucessfully installed my Eagle Mike doohickey and it was so much easier due to watching your videos first, thanks a lot!! I wish I had taken before and after videos for the sound difference, its incredible how much quieter it is now! My 2010 had next to no tension left in it so im very glad that I 'did the doo'

John Curtin: @rebelyell91 The kit that I received said to drill at the 530 to 545 position depending on the wear of the balancer system. I went ahead and drilled at the 545 position and it worked out great! The spring was a pain to get it (that was the hardest part) great video! I watched this like 3 or 4 times before I did mine. 

rebelyell91: @file83 :) I'm glad it worked out buddy

file83: @rebelyell91 Thanks for replying, and I'm certainly appreciative of your video, it was a big help. I learned that once the wrench begins to move, that you have successfully loosened the rotor, and from there it's a simple matter of removing the rotor puller bolt, and that's the point where your video picks up from.

rebelyell91: @file83 good point. From what I remember I just struggled trying to break that loose (for an hour) (the rotor) (using the rotor puller) but It's not a big deal, it's fairly straight forward.

file83: Dude, why did you do a jump cut at 5:13? You go from cranking on the puller bolt in one shot to it magically disappearing in the next shot. WHAT DID YOU DO? I noticed that the other doohickey upgrade video does the same mysterious jump cut. I appreciate your video, but why on earth would you just skip over this important part? I mean, you show yourself in the video taking out the exterior bolts, which everyone knows how to do, but then skip over the final in a series a steps. WHY?

rebelyell91: @cawoodm It is confusing. You should call Eagle Mike for clarification but I'm 99% sure that with the "new spring design" it's designed so that you should drill at the 7 o'clock. Also You must discard the old rotor bolt because it gets stretched apparently - causing major issues I assume. - if you read the instructions, it will explain. :)

rebelyell91: @klr650hack google "Eagle Mike" it's the first link - or you can search around klr650.net, there are tons of threads about it
KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade Procedure Part 1 of 2 5 out of 5

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KLR 650 Doohickey Upgrade Procedure Part 1 of 2