Ubuntu 12.10 On My Touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200)

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Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200)
Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200)
Asus Vivobook S200/X202E Unboxing
Asus Vivobook S200/X202E Unboxing
Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Vivobook. Minor things that could be better...
Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Vivobook. Minor things that could be better...
Asus Vivobook Ubuntu 14.04 Touchscreen
Asus Vivobook Ubuntu 14.04 Touchscreen
Asus VivoBook S200 Hands on
Asus VivoBook S200 Hands on

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Héctor Castelli: Hey, have you tested it with the newer 15.05 version? Or it only worked in a satisfatory way on 12.10? Thanks in advance!

Jase Wolf: On my S200E I've got Chrome OS, Android X86 (4.4 currently, can't wait to update to 5.0), Lubuntu and Mint all installed. I'm using the 500gb SATA it came with haven't updated to a SSD. Everything works amazing.

Chrome OS is just beautiful for getting things done quick and easy and is the best OS for using to do my college work as we all use Google Drive. Everything just works flawlessly with the Chromebook Pixel Chrome OS build, touchscreen, sound, wifi, bluetooth, video, flash, USB, SD, everything. Android takes only about 5 seconds longer to start up and mint and Lubuntu are just as fast. Not currently got windows on, thinking about waiting until Windows 10 until I put it back on, but then maybe I won't even then, just leave Windows on my mac (which I also have a touch monitor for so not missing out on touch).

I've had this laptop since September last year (mine's the i3 1.4ghz version) and I'm just so pleased I decided this laptop, not any other as it's really powerful for the price especially considering the form factor and that it's also touch.

I'm so thankful it's UEFI too as the traditional BIOS' were just a pain with multiboots regarding the bootloaders.

Professor Gustavo Cardoso: Hi, 

Thank you for sharing, how did you do to overcome the boot problem and install Ubuntu?

pimptubey: quiet, shhhhh!

ThePC007: Is there a way of making the cursor vanish when the user uses the touch screen? 

Teb Tengri: Glad to see this video. I'm looking to make a purchase of one of the laptops that folds into or removes the keyboard and becomes a tablet and wasn't sure how good the touchscreen support was in Linux.

Anyone who have something like I just mentioned and can share specific model numbers, kernel versions and distro they used?

mainul hasan: how can I find the boot menu to  reboot in asus touchscreen laptop?

Cameron Kingsbury: Hey I just got this laptop and I have 13.10 installed with no success for the touch screen. Tips?

Matthew Gray: DUDE. The other thing to do is use Ginn (available in the standard repositories). It enables multitouch gestures in Ubuntu. Then you won't need the grab and drag in Firefox, you'll get it everywhere.

jacobinvest: Wow ! Boots up in under 20 seconds. This video answers most of my questions about Ubuntu working with this Laptop. Thank you.

Matthew Gray: Just wondering if it's still working well, and wanted to know about battery life. I've heard this model has pretty poor life, and saw in your vid that it had about 3/4 battery and only had 1:10 left. Any other problems? Also, if you rotate the display left (making it portrait rather than landscape), how well does it work, essentially as a book-tablet kinda thing?

Jonas Kvale: that was one fast boot.

Jonas Kvale: Awesome! One thing I really like about Ubuntu is that it usually detects all drivers perfectly, usually wireless is the only issue if you have any problems at all..... Nice vid!

Patrice Maziéro: Hi dude, thanks for the share, i'm looking for a ASUS S300CA, I hope it will work as well as yours with Ubuntu. Don't forget to share your install informations to the community at ubuntu / asus laptop (sorry i cannot post an adress). For my part I will wait a while until Ubuntu 14.04 is released, to get Mir, last kernel and better support on new hardware, specifically touch screen.

Jack Elliott: The screens native resolution is 1366x768 going above that will cause issues.

Haikal Pribadi: HI, may I know what was the resolution you got with the ubuntu installed? the Windows 8 that comes with it gives 1366x768, but I'm quite sure that on ubuntu the screen itself can support up to 1920x1080.

barbatusimperator: Thanks for posting.

Aamir Sanwari: MASTER!!!!! This is exactly what i was looking for. I have a Vivobook S300E. Can you please tell me whether you installed any special drivers for the touchscreen to work? Or any other drivers in general to get everything to work?

postal2199: awesome!! thanks for the demo!

Exxo: Thats impressive. I'm debating on swaping mine with an ssd. Can I ask exactly which one you bought? :)
Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200) 5 out of 5

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Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200)