Ubuntu 12.10 On My Touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200)

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Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200)
Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200)
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Jase Wolf: On my S200E I've got Chrome OS, Android X86 (4.4 currently, can't wait to update to 5.0), Lubuntu and Mint all installed. I'm using the 500gb SATA it came with haven't updated to a SSD. Everything works amazing. Chrome OS is just beautiful for getting things done quick and easy and is the best OS for using to do my college work as we all use Google Drive. Everything just works flawlessly with the Chromebook Pixel Chrome OS build, touchscreen, sound, wifi, bluetooth, video, flash, USB, SD, everything. Android takes only about 5 seconds longer to start up and mint and Lubuntu are just as fast. Not currently got windows on, thinking about waiting until Windows 10 until I put it back on, but then maybe I won't even then, just leave Windows on my mac (which I also have a touch monitor for so not missing out on touch). I've had this laptop since September last year (mine's the i3 1.4ghz version) and I'm just so pleased I decided this laptop, not any other as it's really powerful for the price especially considering the form factor and that it's also touch. I'm so thankful it's UEFI too as the traditional BIOS' were just a pain with multiboots regarding the bootloaders.

ThePC007: Is there a way of making the cursor vanish when the user uses the touch screen? 

Professor Gustavo Cardoso: Hi, Thank you for sharing, how did you do to overcome the boot problem and install Ubuntu?

mainul hasan: how can I find the boot menu to reboot in asus touchscreen laptop?

Teb Tengri: Glad to see this video. I'm looking to make a purchase of one of the laptops that folds into or removes the keyboard and becomes a tablet and wasn't sure how good the touchscreen support was in Linux. Anyone who have something like I just mentioned and can share specific model numbers, kernel versions and distro they used?

Yusuf Akhsan: want this, nice job

pimptubey: quiet, shhhhh!

Cameron Kingsbury: Hey I just got this laptop and I have 13.10 installed with no success for the touch screen. Tips?

Matthew Gray: DUDE. The other thing to do is use Ginn (available in the standard repositories). It enables multitouch gestures in Ubuntu. Then you won't need the grab and drag in Firefox, you'll get it everywhere.

Henri Dominique Rapin: Ubuntu 12.10 sur un Portable tactile ASUS ... 

ayush joshi: To get the ethernet cable you need to install the module alx, it does not come out of the box in ubuntu , it will be available from linux kernel 3.8 , to get it now instal compat-wireless

ffuentese: Which are the exceptions?

InnocenceExperience: Hey I'm on my new asus vivobook on ubuntu but I can't scroll web pages. If I try to, it just highlights the text. Any help would be appreciated.

Patrice Maziéro: Hi dude, thanks for the share, i'm looking for a ASUS S300CA, I hope it will work as well as yours with Ubuntu. Don't forget to share your install informations to the community at ubuntu / asus laptop (sorry i cannot post an adress). For my part I will wait a while until Ubuntu 14.04 is released, to get Mir, last kernel and better support on new hardware, specifically touch screen.

ttoobbeett: Multitouch zoom does not work :( Worked in Win8 with IE (but not chrome) so I guess it is up to some firefox developer to create an add-on...

MusicIan423: I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 on my Vivobook of the same model... and it gets WAY hotter than on Windows. Did you have this problem?

Alexander Hochreiter: I have a special question dear Sir, as far as i can remember, the HP tm2 i once had, had a wacom touchscreen built in. There was a problem when you rotated the screen's output orientation for 180° for example, the X11 did't rotate the touchscreen input events as well. So you touched the (rotated) upper edge of the screen, and X11 said you touched to lower edge of the screen (= the not rotated upper edge). I wanted to ask you, if this is still the case?

Phil Gomes: Wait! You told me the other day that your wired connection *did* work! I bought this notebook on that basis!

Jack Elliott: The screens native resolution is 1366x768 going above that will cause issues.

Anthony Maslo: Why? Firefox runs on all major OSes. He was simply showing how to get the touchscreen to work within the browser under Ubuntu, otherwise when you touch the screen, it would select text instead of scroll.

Jérôme Vignoble: OK thanks for the answer :).

Jose L. Ramirez: Does your Ethernet cable works? My wireless worked out of the box, but I don't have internet connection with the Ethernet cable.

InnocenceExperience: If you still need help, maybe I could go look in my bios to give you directions.

Douglas Galetti Ribeiro: If you have any issues using dual boot as I had, install Boot Repair. It does the job very well and it is also very simple to use.

jacobinvest: Wow ! Boots up in under 20 seconds. This video answers most of my questions about Ubuntu working with this Laptop. Thank you.

Adrian Lopez: Did you install ubuntu via a USB drive? If so, how did you get the VivoBook to boot off of it? I can't seem to get it to boot.

Jérôme Vignoble: Same problème Ubuntu seem to work fine except (fn+F5 or F6). Did anyone found out a solution ?

ttoobbeett: Disabled secure boot in bios but no other changes there. I tried with the ubuntu-installer (wubi) first but without luck. Then I bought a new SSD disk, replaced the included hdd and installed ubuntu only on the ssd - so no dual boot. I only got 64-bit version to work, think the 32-bit version were missing some uefi-boot files.

ayush joshi: I am not the original poster of this video and these are my first couple of posts, I have seen ppl with issues about this , so I helped here. My wired lan does not work OOTB, so just posted the solution.

Alex Lapa: I think you should have called this video:"Firefox on my touchscreen"

Ee Wah: Hi, did u do any thing special about your wireless drivers? Mine doesn't seen to work properly. I tried several method proposed in forum, but none of them works.

Troy Wolf: Whoa! Did the touchscreen flick to scroll just work on the ASUS? I have an HP Spectre Ultrabook and am playing with Ubuntu 12.10 (USB flashdrive boot). Touchscreen is working right out of the box, but the flick scrolling does not...and that is one if the best parts of touch screen UI. I'm searching for how to get this working, but nada so far....so wondering if it's a case of some hardware simply supports it....like your ASUS?

Daniel Cabrera: Thanks

pyrocolada: You can hear the fan spinning. Actually, I haven't noticed it until you asked. I'm test-driving Ubuntu right now - a 12.04 development branch - the screen doesn't work properly, nor is there touch-screen support. It's a lot faster than Win8 though - but I think Win8 scaled the CPU too so as to avoid spinning the fan... Will report back if I have more info. Loving the notebook though - it's like an ultrabook, just 25% of the price. Battery lasts around 4-6 hours under Win8.

postal2199: awesome!! thanks for the demo!

Anthony Maslo: Nope, mine worked out of the box. I read that forum too, he seems to be one of few having issues.

jspin72: cnet claims this laptop has a flakey touchpad and poor battery life, but that's with windoze 8. how is it with ubuntu?

Jérôme Vignoble: A w8 flash drive? But for this don't I need a w8 iso (i just have an upgrade iso for my second comp)? What about the serial? is it really "linked" to the UEFI? I don't want to remove my SSD to recover files from the HDD (it's so a mess to open this laptop). Thanks for answers anyway

TheTruthGER: Hi Adrian, you need to go to into your UEFI-Firmware (BIOS) and disable Secure boot and enable Legacy Support for USB-Drives. Then it should boot without any Problems.

Oleksandr Nediev: Greetings. How did you do scrolling in the browser. I'm in so doing, highlights the text. Tell me how to adjust?

Jérôme Vignoble: without the last line ':)! Still a workaround but closer to what we want :)

Daniel Cabrera: I'm trying to install ubuntu, using live USB amd64 version, enabling CSM and optex on the boot, but after I hit "Install Ubuntu"... the screen goes blank... were you able to install it?

Anthony Maslo: try re-installing, my wireless drivers didn't pop up the first time... after a re-install they came up

Anthony Maslo: Do you have a problems with the screen brightness buttons? I press Fn+F5 or F6, but the brightness neither goes up or down. Its a pain to have to go to settings when I need my screen dim... and I cannot seem to find any documentation on it... other than that, I love Ubuntu on my X202!

Matthew Gray: Just wondering if it's still working well, and wanted to know about battery life. I've heard this model has pretty poor life, and saw in your vid that it had about 3/4 battery and only had 1:10 left. Any other problems? Also, if you rotate the display left (making it portrait rather than landscape), how well does it work, essentially as a book-tablet kinda thing?

Jonas Kvale: that was one fast boot.

InnocenceExperience: This might not be helpful but I'll tell you what I remember without looking at it. I had to disable secure boot first of all- you have to do that on a windows 8 machine or it just wont boot into anything else. Then on the list of boot options, I changed the second option- usb- to the first option so that it would automatically boot into what was on the usb the next time I started the computer. Then it just booted into ubuntu on my memory stick and I installed it once I was on it.

future62: Yea this I can already see some issues with button sizes. Everything is too small

ayush joshi: 3. Wired lan not working: the alx module required for this device is new and still under testing , it was added to the latest kernel 3.8 which was just released as mainline yesterday, until then you can use compat-wireless drivers and install the alx module for the gigabit lan and then it should work fine. Downloand the stable version of compat-wireless preferable version 3.6 as newer ones removed alx.

Troy Wolf: I installed the Grab and Drag 3.1.2 Firefox extension and now I have touch scrolling in Firefox at least. This extension adds mouse functionality primarily, but also gave me one finger touchscreen scrolling. With the mouse, you get the momentum where the screen scolls after you release. With my finger, there is no momentum, but still very useful and convenient.
Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200) 4.9 out of 5

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Ubuntu 12.10 on my touchscreen Asus Vivobook X202E (S200)