HOW TO Replace A Broken Lawnmower Pull Cord

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HOW TO Replace a Broken Lawnmower Pull Cord
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Did this video help you?

Eric Anderson: Thank you for demystifying the pull cord!  Video was real helpful.

Mark Spencer: Thanks and well done!  This will help me save a trip to the local shop!

Matt McCaffrey: Thanks, Don. Simple and easy to follow. Took me almost 10 minutes, and didn't even get my hands dirty! (My machine is a Honda.) TIP: You can buy a replacement kit with an 83-inch length of rope and a handle for about 4 bucks at your favorite hardware store. They call it a "handle replacement kit," but it's useful for the rope.

Gerle Haggard: Awesome video. One question - I got the cord in there just fine. And it pulled and retracted as it should. But when I went to put the cord housing on the mower, the cord would come out a few inches and just stick. It sounds like something is hitting it to keep it stuck. I was thinking it was those little paws sticking out. But I have no idea how to continue. Will keep troubleshooting, but thought I'd ask.

salman wasif: This Video helped me a lot nice work donyboy keep helping people 

Jason Jorgensen: Thank you!! Our older lawn mower wasn't starting this year - spent a few hours with basic engine maintenance and got her purring again, felt like a champ. Had a third of the yard done but stopped to move some planters out of the way, went to restart, and bang ...the pull cord snapped. No problem, went to the local hardware store and got the replacement kit ...but spent multiple hours trying to replace it. Typical guy not needing instructions, I can figure this out myself. Regardless, after hours of frustration I finally googled and  found this which was great and explained exactly the 2 things I was doing wrong. Very well done. Thanks for this!!

Tadael Fekede: Thanks

Brenda Prosise: Your instructional clip was very helpful. I love to do things on my own and hate asking for help from my dad or husband. Videos like this make it possible. Thank you
-brenda from Brownsville, TX

Juan Tylere: Excellent and easy to follow video! Thanks for helping out the poor boys like me!

Art Vandallay: Broke the pull cord on my Cummins Onan 6500 watt generator this morning.  Is it pretty much the same procedure for my generator? 

Katherine Keilholz: On my mower, the cord was pulled out and didn't recoil. Does this usually mean the spring is broken or is it possible it just needs some liquid wrench? And if the spring needs replacing do you have a video for how to do that? Thanks so much in advance. Your video is great!

Anthony Rivera: Good video thanks

Richard Ames: Excellent Video!  Good detail.

Vanguard1987: Dude, you just saved me $50. It was a piece of cake, thank you!

NO REGRETS: how much cord should be on it

Martin LeBlanc: I have a  poulan pro walk behind with a Briggs and Stratton  450 series what would cause it to sputter and then straighten out and then after a few sputter and straighten out again only when I mow with it  never had a problem with any mower like this

Michael Anderson: Could I use paracord for this?

M Misegadis: Dude!  You are an excellent teacher.  Thanks for what you do.

momstheword11:  what does it mean when the rope is hard to pull/won't come out more than a foot? it is a Honda but not same model as yours, just says Honda.  also, I turned it over and pulled all dried grass out from underneath then tried to start it; the rope came out a bit more easily (still hard to pull though) but did not go back in.  could you tell me what is this from, means what as a symptom?  thx~ I really like your video

Harry Pappas: hi  do you have a video replacing pull sting on poulan pro pbv 200 blower thx
HOW TO Replace a Broken Lawnmower Pull Cord 5 out of 5

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HOW TO Replace a Broken Lawnmower Pull Cord