App Trailers, Points Glitch, Get Double Points Per Clip.

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App Trailers. Points Glitch. Get Double Points Per Clip.
App Trailers. Points Glitch. Get Double Points Per Clip.
App trailers fast points 2013
App trailers fast points 2013
How to Get Fast Points on App Trailers (Must Watch)
How to Get Fast Points on App Trailers (Must Watch)
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Mahek Satra: your ipad screen is turned

puggster: it did work untill they updated there software.. as i posted below ifvyou had the version that worked, no to update, or if you had just downloaded it you wont be able to cheat on it anymore! when i posted the video it did work, and you can get it to work again if jailbroken. you will neec to find the older ipa file on google, there was a few sites hosting it, i cannot verify if these work as ive given up with app trailers now. sorry you lost out, but its not my fault its been updated now :/

Jacob Hurst: Get the app Bamboo wallet and enter my Invite Code (JH1836129) to get $.25 to start out with.

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puggster: New update alert! the new update just released which disables these glitches, dont update, or if you did already, you need to be jailbroken and have instalious installed, then go download the old version, however there were reprots that the points system didnt work anymore, i will need to test this out later. so these glitches may no longer work even in older versions...

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puggster: Yeah, unfortunately i couldn't figure out how to screen capture iPhone apps in the correct orientation, lol :)

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puggster: the fastest way is to get people to use your referal code! other than that doing the glitch will speed up the normal proccess, note there is a new update to the app trailers app which disables the glitches shown in this clip, if you updated and the glitch no longer works then you will need to be jailbroken to download an earlier version from instalous.

GAMERKID707: this works but still takes patence and time but ive got over 7000 in the last week from it so 7 1$ amazon cards

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App Trailers, Points Glitch, Get Double Points Per Clip.