Making A Wooden Flute

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Making a Wooden Flute
Making a Wooden Flute
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jq g: Making a Wooden Flute

Miguel Fêo e Torres: Why do you leave that little "blockage" there when you are cutting if you just destroy it afterwards (the one that you destroy at 5:19)
I´m genuinely curious, why do you do that?

GaMeRvIdS2012: This guys voice is almost better than Morgan Freeman!!!

DiiAM00NDx3: poor ode to joy...

Nathaniel Kencke: It's out of tune.

Daniel Thompson: Wit a slight modification and a straw thatd be an awesom bagpipe practice chanter

mimo semsem: i want to make the small Wooden Whistle where it's video

McDucky: 1flute noun \ˈflüt\
: a musical instrument that is shaped like a thin pipe and that is played by blowing across a hole near one end

Lapo Sapo: is the first time I see a non cylindrical bore for a flute

Flute Hibbeler (hibbeller9): Demonstrate making a wooden flute!

andris winoto: becareful with your fingers

Cilene Silva: Wooden recorders were originally call flutes weren't they

zzausel: Making-of could be optimized easily a lot by using common toools. Then, why did you refuse so tell anything about distances of wholes and tuning at least?

keesa709: Thats a recorder not a flute

Lily Gerbitz: That is a wooden RECORDER!!!!! Not a flute MADGER differents

nathan russell: Not a flute. Flutes have plenty more BUTTONS. Thats a recorder. Without enough holes

Isaac J Aguilar: you would just have to punch more holes in the little wooden whistle to get the flute

Rohan Zener: Somehow, i think one could fashion a reed that you could just "bite" tighter with your lips to get higher notes, right?
Making a Wooden Flute 5 out of 5

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Making a Wooden Flute