Waterfall (Pirat) Mod Review

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MirroredReality: You can buy the parts for the Pirat Body Waterfall mod for about $13 instead of buying it pre-built for $17

thejhOnred J.: KTrinh, im thinking about getting minwoo mod, inverse comssa, or waterfall. which one should i get? and do the caps come off easily, like if you had a lego hat or something thats gone old it slips off easily. does that happen with pen mods? also, if the caps are comming off, can you superglue the cap onto the body?

TheHellCreed: Does the original waterfall mod have the same teflon tape problem?

Endi: Hey Ktrinh, does the pirat body on your waterfall get dirty? My waterfall (pirat) always gets these grey/green patches or lines running across the body. It comes off when I wash it but only takes a few days before it comes back again.

RandomzLeoXD: KTrinh93 woops lol

Blindfisch27: You wanna gift me that pen? :D

xAnonymous: I have the same mod except blue caps

RandomzLeoXD: Hey nice vid. i was just wondering if i could use a commsa marker cap instead of the reynolds, also i was also wondering if i could use a different body than that one, like the body on the buster. Thanks Ktrinh63 :)

TheJetPS: How did u get colored reynolds 094 caps? :O

JSMXG: They don't sell the green one anymore :O

QwertMC: hey umm i live in america and i want to get pen mods but i dont have a credit cards, parents arent too enthusiastic about pen spinning and there are no other spinners i can trade with. i dont know what mods i can do other than the bictory (wich is too light for me) and the double extended g2 mods (very crappy). i dont want to have to buy stuff online plz reply. i live in california. :(

eLemEntps11: @SirYadYad It is extremely hard, probably impossible to find colored reynolds caps nowadays. If you do find a site somewhere on the internet that sells them, please tell me.

ZSHREDPJ: @kenii28 ha i literally just bought those

Jeremy Wu: i really want a pen like that but i cant buy one on penwish im 2 young and my parents will kill me lol

Eric Yip: I think you can get them on penwish.com coloured caps are $3.00(including black) and the white one is $1.75 I'm not sure if they are the same, but I'm pretty sure they are the same though.

DarkTendoux: @kenii28 it depends on the tricksyou now. dont waste money on mods if you are a real beginner

matt wong: 4:10 sic one

Jeremy Wu: no

Andrew Li: Yeah. When you clean the body, it will have a weird feeing, but it should go away after a while

Pirr316: @KTrinh93 Do you think the original waterfall mod is better than this one? I've only read wonderful reviews on it and money is not an issue so do you think it would be better just to get the original??

KelPenSpin: @icoolio123 regnolds 094 caps and signo tips

KTrinh93: @darmund22 No. No you don't.

schooliscoolsplash: Witch is longer this, or the metal Comssa?

Shin2901: Are you Vietnamese

Ky Prakhounheuang: no hgg are smaller

NickTempalski: @MrMackey012 Emboss Mod.

Hoang VoMinh Cao: @axium403 oh, trinh is ur last name, i thought it s ur first name

schooliscoolsplash: I got two reaynds caps and they don't fit my white comassa body. Am I supposed to put tape around we're the cap slides over or what?

JuggleForThePeasants: pretty darn good

Jake B: who measures their hand?....

linli07: does it have to be telfon tape? or any other tape

hicham326: mate, i know you can speak english, but do more then just giving a mammoth lecture.

James Tan: Yay, I bought the Waterfall mod and Z-stic mod with some materials, i bought the original BTW

BioformerCorviz: I still amconfused if spin pen mpds are also actual pens or not... I didn't even know that it relies on teflon ( thiught u screwed it on or setging)

knine116: @sk317r b4 i got my waterfall i spun a buster. i love the waterfall. it is noticably lighter as the review said but with the ink removed, the momentum feels just about the same as a buster, just w/o the heaviness. idk what to say compared to the ayatori mod. i'd give it a 9.8/10 too x) p.s. if you are considering to get it, the original waterfall will cost way less if you get the parts separately, i might be wrong cuz i didn't order signos

Awtii69UPSB: @knine116 on the original waterfall mod on penwish he says "held completly stable by use of a additional comssa backplug" and u can take put the blue side of the super pirat. Also the front of the pen, there us a small tip and a large tip, the large tip on a comssa is larger than the large tip on the super pirat

Edward Ng: @KTrinh93 u mentioned that u have to tape the pen? could you please tell me how to tape it ?

knine116: @Awtii69UPSB really? cuz i emptied the ink outta mine, and cut both tips completely off, like flat to the barrel of the pirat. it is perfect balanced S; well right now i'm im working on making it a waterfall rt, so its kinda unblanced cuz its not finished yet, but when i first got it and build it, it was perfect balanced for me :/ oh wells whatever works i guess xD

lomaikaiful: @VanguardCardFighter reynold 094

asianbboy03: @Maplestoryfight you could always make one

KTrinh93: @stormcannon1 Ha why thanks but I'd seriously just ship the seven back as well seeing that I wouldn't spin it.. it'd be better used in your hands than mine.

JohnGaryo: I just ordered waterfall because my first mod is starting to fall apart (its some crappy one from ebay for 1 dollar :D). I hope I will get my motivation back up with this slick looking pen and hopefully get a lot better. Do you think changing to waterfall from my previous one will make much of a difference? Like "pencils out the window -> order crappy mod from ebay" did. And thanks for your videos, they are pretty darn awesome. Actually they got me into spinning and been learning a lot!

dtr3closer: this is gonna be my next mod

everydangcounts14: is this good for beginners?

Mrhockeybeast: do u recomend the waterfall mod or the s360mod?

ALpenspinning: where did u get the green reynolds caps from?

Jared Garcia: Where did you get colored caps?

fttrx2: no not at all hgg tips are way smaller and way lighter

dtr3closer: i just got a yellow capped one and it spins great!! the only thing i don't like is that the pirat body feels weird

whodat940: is there anywhere u can buy pens in stores not online?
Waterfall (Pirat) Mod Review 4.8 out of 5

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Waterfall (Pirat) Mod Review