Sig P938 Vs M&P Shield Vs LC9 Vs Glock 26 Vs CW9 Accuracy Test

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Chris Whitworth: Great video guys. Had the same problem with 938 Equinox. Tried a tip that solved this for me and would like to hear from you guys if you try this. Keep your trigger finger as high up on the trigger as you can I mean ride the frame as you pull the trigger. Let me know if you get any results if not maybe it's just the extra range time I put in.

Tim Stephenson: I have a Sig P938 and have had no issues at all.  I have put through 250 rounds so far with no malfunctions.  Mine doesn't shoot low like that either.  I made a slight rear sight adjustment and the gun is very accurate for its size.

Will Stephens: Man, I have been saving up for that Sig, now I have to rethink my choice. Good vid guys.

Van Huynh: I have both Shield and Glock 26, they are very reliable and accurate. Nice review. I like your style.

Magshag San: thnx for this video! i find it very helpful:)

firemanfitzy: I just picked up a 938 yesterday. I have the same issue with it shooting low. I'm hoping its just a practice with this pistol issue.

Damion Sadd: Great video and review guys! I just purchased a Sig 938 and haven't shot it yet, but was checking reviews and such. Just before watching your video, another guy says he stopped the low shots by riding the trigger high as he squeezed, because of where the trigger hinge is located. I guess I'll see for myself, just thought I would throw that out there.

Daniel Bucklin: Just so everyone knows, the newer P938's coming out have seemed to fix these issues. I just bought one and I shot 100 rounds with zero malfunctions and held a 1" group at 7 yards. At 25 yards it was in 10". It is the best sub compact 9mm I have ever shot. However with the earlier models they did have some issues but they seemed to be resolved.

Gogoreview: Hmm... Very interesting. I am going to experiment with the Glock 26 and Sig P938 and see if I get similar pattern side by side. I usually don't shoot 2+ compact in one setting.

XD40Colorado: I shot my (brand new) P938 today for the first time....At first, yeah, I sucked...All over the place. By the time I put 100 rounds through, I was able to keep 3" groups at 10 yards. And I'm not a new shooter...wonder if the first batch of Sigs had issues?

B Broadway: You guys are right. I have a 238 that is spot on, but my 938 at 21 feet shoots 8-10 inches low all the time. Switching out the sights might work?

Tannim33: I have the sig p938, I noticed that all the other firearms you have used had the finger extension where as the sig you shot didn't. I have shot several of the "Tea cup" 9's (Tea cup meaning your pinky dangles under the grip) I have always shot low with out the finger grip extension on my sig but and dead on with it at 7 yards up to 17 yards. I would like to see your testing with the x-grip 7 round mag, I'll wager your accuracy will improve greatly on the first round.

Carl James: i knew you would have a comment like this lol. nice terminology

wasobee: Thanks for the info, I have been really interested in buying the SIg but i keep seeing good and bad, would have been interesting to see the KelTec PF9 in the test.

MegaChubbyboy: Glock 26 and Ruger LC9 were the only two with all 6 rounds in the outer ring...and I own them both.

CandRreviews: They are very similar in recoil and I don't notice a huge difference. They are both very manageable considering their size. I apologize for getting back to you so late.

captainpegs07: Is the CW9 noticably more snappy with the single recoil spring vs the Shield?

RainmanE350: If I could have shot my LC9 that well, I'd still have it. On the other hand, I shoot my Sig P238 much much better.

CandRreviews: Thanks for your support and best regards!

Christopher Pratt: I own a 938 that drops the first shot asa well. IT's not just you guys. I have heard it from others as well. There are more than just 6 experienced shooters coming up with the same results. Thanks again for the great reviews guys. You are doing a great service.
Sig P938 vs M&P Shield vs LC9 vs Glock 26 vs CW9 Accuracy Test 5 out of 5

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Sig P938 vs M&P Shield vs LC9 vs Glock 26 vs CW9 Accuracy Test