How To Clay Bar

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How to Clay Bar
How to Clay Bar
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Roy Finch: Just did my 2015 silverado I bought in November wow what a difference in the shine I followed it up withe nxt wax. Better than new shine. I would recommend this to anyone.

cpnfantstk: LMAO..about the guy in the background at 1:35 . Didn't notice him until I read the comments. 

AzNightmare: After Clay bar, is it alright as it is, or should I go the whole way and wax it after too?

YouWrasse IsMine (th3master69): Very informative thanks

Kaiser: Ok, thanks man! I hope it turns out good also.

stay GOLDen: u can use palmolive. its the same thing. but try to use the regular kind. stay away from the special ones with extra scent or soft skin lotion.. just in case because they can potentially leave residue behind and stuff on the paint. good luck man hope everything comes out good.

Kaiser: Can I use palmolive?

stay GOLDen: it removes wax and sealants only. dawn does nothing to the clear coat.. it is only good if you are about to clay bar or polish and apply a fresh coat of sealant or wax at the end.. if you use dawn or any wax removing soap always make sure to apply sealant or wax at the end.

Kaiser: I heard that dawn removes your clear coat also is that true?

rob99rst: claying works like a champ

stay GOLDen: exactly man i use dawn soap to remove wax and contaminents off my car and i use a clay right after with the soap and its perfect it removes 100% of all the dirt and wax and sealant ready for polishing and wax all over again. these quick detail sprays go great for drying the car but too expensive to be using with clay

Florian Arifi: tolking to much

toology55: gangnam style

Joseph P. BakLao: Where can I order this product from?

P2R_VOLV: Buy a chemical guys clay it, its bigger and makes polishing and waxing easier later. Also, you cannot do circles that is the dumbest thing to do. If there is any contaniments on the surface, you just rubbed that in a circle, circular scratches are hard to take out than straight ones.

xXBuckOFiveXx: WTF is Jamie Kennedy detailing cars now.

mackers1971: Will damage paintwork? Or do you need several bars to do a car??

mackers1971: Surely after a bit the crap on the clay bar will damaged

Nobby Nolevel: "The clay will reveal them to your eyes".......Wow, deep man.

aeraiva: WRONG. My Uncle runs his own business and has been detailing cars for over 21 years. I myself started my auto detailing business and running for about a year now. You do NOT go in a circular motion with clay. And you do NOT need a special spray when using the clay. Simple auto washing soap/water will suffice as you have to wash the car afterwards regardless. Thirdly, you do not flatten out the clay.
How to Clay Bar 5 out of 5

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How to Clay Bar