A Very Easy EMP Proof Water System.

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A very easy EMP proof water system.
A very easy EMP proof water system.
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justin billings: where can i find these barrels

The Greenman: Southern prepper is there a way to collect water if you live in a apartment because I can go modifying the gutters of my building

Green ∞ Optima ∞: Nope they are stored in a cabinet where there is no light at all, they are the plastic water jugs you get from walmart. Are they not meant to be reused? Because sometimes when I need some water I'll pour some out of them and fill em up later.

southernprepper1: Do you store them in the sun or where there is alot of light?

Green ∞ Optima ∞: How do you keep the plastic barrels from getting super dirty? I store water in plastic water jugs, and after just a week or so they have SO MUCH black gunk on the bottom that it's undrinkable. What's your solution?

Danielle Moreau: Hi southernprepper1- In the nuclear field we use a lot of Nalgene products. On ThermoScientific's website/(Nalgene section) -they have the drum with removable cover. I called ThermoScientific and spoke with one of the engineers and asked if it was food grade plastic and was told "yes". Unfortunately, the largest drum on the website is 30 gallons. Did not get a quote...

Asteroid X: Old microwaves are the cheap mans faraday cage. They are faraday cages to be more specific.

GunPowderReign: thecarycompany com sells barrels

southernprepper1: Very nice.

Ken Calhoun: ok

moomman89: Thanks

montesanot: contact your nearest military surplus. Prices went up substantially make sure the drum is bpa free. goodluck.

kim11757: If you have bottled water stored can you leave this water for say 6-8 hours on a metal surface (like a piece of tin) and it will sterilize the water? If this works, Could you also just put it in your solar oven to sterilize it? Thanks for the vid's

prvthudson: Dude u are wise & beyond I truly thank you for making quality videos, that are meant to help people! From this new prepper thank you and happy holidays!

racekitty: found mine on craigslist

moomman89: My daughter keeps telling me about Craigslist.My brother lives in Sapulpa OK. I will look at your clips.I have been looking at a guy named [ Growing your greens ] Thanks.

okhomestead: Practicalprepared, that was a little insulting to southernprepper1. This video opened my eyes to my own situation. I have a swimming pool. I don't need to store water in bottles. I'm going to build this EMP proof system and utilize 38,000 gallons before I need to tap into something else. Great idea southerprepper1. I had not thought of that before this video. Thank you.

okhomestead: Moomman89, I just bought 4 off of Craigslist. Give that a try. Good luck.

AK49_Filmz: I might try this

se7en1976: GENIUS! you made a drum
A very easy EMP proof water system. 5 out of 5

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A very easy EMP proof water system.