A Very Easy EMP Proof Water System.

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A very easy EMP proof water system.
A very easy EMP proof water system.
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Tars Tarkus: Southern prepper is there a way to collect water if you live in a apartment because I can go modifying the gutters of my building

BCtruck, rebuild, repair,repurpose: im working on my roof right now,when my roof is repaired,im looking for gutters.

southernprepper1: I bought those years ago but I can get 55 gallon barrels for $10 but not the ones that the whole top comes off. Check with soda bottling companies they have them.

NCHeel: I like that you have started having independent systems for your watering needs. That will keep your water needs for the rabbits covered no matter what. People worried about freezing in this application could easily move the barrel to inside the livestock house since you would have to protect the animals with supplemental heat from the very cold temperatures it would take to freeze a 40+ gallon barrel. 32f isn't going to do that we are talking teens and single digit Fahrenheit temps.

Suburban Steader: The top of my barrel does not come off. Should I cut it off? What should I use to reattach?

NCHeel: You have skydived above 26,000 feet (the minimum altitude that contrails form) and were able to breathe air that was at -40f?

se7en1976: GENIUS! you made a drum

1835msd: Do you know anywhere in the upstate SC to get those barrels? I am kind of new at this and I want to get some, without spending a couple hundred bucks for multiple barrels.

frogprepper: illegal to have a rain barrell???? on what basis?

Sand Viper: Hey man, I stumbled onto your channel today. It was suggested to me by YouTube. Watched a lot of the vids. I like your vids and your attitude.

Green ∞ Optima ∞: How do you keep the plastic barrels from getting super dirty? I store water in plastic water jugs, and after just a week or so they have SO MUCH black gunk on the bottom that it's undrinkable. What's your solution?

THESHADOWATCHER: Thank s ... Nice channel by the way

okhomestead: Moomman89, I just bought 4 off of Craigslist. Give that a try. Good luck.

southernprepper1: Very nice.

therazz07: Very very informative...I think I can get one of the food grade drums from my work, I will have to make me one! Thanks for sharing

sailingmanuel: Great idea buddy.

okhomestead: Practicalprepared, that was a little insulting to southernprepper1. This video opened my eyes to my own situation. I have a swimming pool. I don't need to store water in bottles. I'm going to build this EMP proof system and utilize 38,000 gallons before I need to tap into something else. Great idea southerprepper1. I had not thought of that before this video. Thank you.

John Huynh: an idea is and idea, better than no idea a straight forward and logical idea that would no doubt open the eyes of some individuals thanks dave for your time in making this video

prepperchef1: David, do you also have a Web site? I was checking out patriot nurse for a possible shared link, but I couldn't find one. I thought you had mentioned one at one time. My husband and I are re locating to the Greenville area and we looking for some eventual advice about good areas for land.

MrKroakim: if it's clean, sealed water that isn't exposed to direct sunlight and that hasn't been exposed to air, it can last a lifetime, I've heard. It's only if it's bacteria in it that it goes bad (well, bacteria, dirty water, etc), but if it's clean it'll last. And I think you can see it if the water goes bad tho, it should start to form chunks of bacteria in it, as far as I know.

moomman89: Thanks

Hammer357mag: Nice Set up!

ted scott: I use one of those 55 gal barrels (on the second floor) to feed a sink in my shop. I always empty the barrel when we have a frost or two, don't want the barrel to freeze. Up north we can only collect rain water during the non freezing weather. Of course snow can be melted when available.

southernprepper1: I show and engineer775 alot of complicated water delivery systems that are expensive and vulnerable this is a cheap system that will collect water for you that is EMP proof. I have more ideas for video but no time to do them.

southernprepper1: I will wrap the pipes with one inch foam then add to that a 3 inch foam so double the insulation and living in the south not a huge problem compared to living up north.

elbacooks4u: Great system. God Bless, Elba

Michael J. Jones: i love it... thanks

goose1077: I did a search for food grade barrel and they are all over google.

T. Wreck: Thanks for all your help. Not just in this video, but throughout the channel. You educate people in easy to understand, affordable, well presented fashion that keeps people like me coming back for more. SP1 + ENG775 = helping people, LIKE A BOSS.

southernprepper1: referring to chemtrails

goose1077: Google chemtrails

Judith Griffith: Thank you , I'll try google , I've been using yahoo

Adam C: Excellent easy setup you have there. Thanks for sharing.

uncleben03: I put a rain barrel together earlier this past spring and I had a HORRIBLE time with the entire barrel turning to mold over the summer with the drought we had here in Iowa. is there anyway to keep it from getting so moldy when there isn't any new water flow for months in the heat?

rudy52350: sounds good ,thanks...

notinfoilplease: Nice simple design SP1. I noticed the metal roof which is a good thing for a rainwater catchment system. Have you considered adding a "first-flush diverter" and an overflow pipe to the system? BTW Home Power magazine often does articles on rain water collection systems. There's a really good article from the June/July 2012 issue if your viewers are interested.

Reagans Ridge: Weren't the flaps in old pitcher pumps made of leather as well? A guy I work with told me how he remembered his grandpa coming over and replacing the leather flaps in the pump at his sink (they didn't have electricity in his home until he was a teenager).

Tristan rothstein: I found 55 gal barrels that used to store olives for 20$, they come from big restaurants. i hope this helps some of you all out there. Thanks again, southernprepper1.

WakeUpSheeple1000: Every house should have a rain barrel

IronRangeSurvival: Prepare for the day...nobody gives a sheeet about your setup to collect? Buy water to get you past the point of all the city zombies trying to burn you out of your apt, to get at your resources? ..then set up your collection system of..MOVE all I got

Chucker2K: If you are in a northern zone like I am. Think of this change to this design. I screen the water outside then piped inside to the barrel inside the coup building. Make sure the coup has a catch basin and drain. Make sure the over flow is alot larger then the input flow. Wet bedding will cause illness in any animal.

racekitty: found mine on craigslist

weildemary: Two comments: firstly, I'd love to see your rabbits! Secondly, with the barrels that have a fixed lid with the two holes, the option that can be made useful is to cut off the top of the barrel and then flip it upside-down. It fits perfectly as a 'lid'. It is just as easy to open and clean as what you have there and it has two pre-cut holes in it for water runoff. If you have one with a fixed lid just give it a go, you will not be disappointed!

Ted Tezeu: You need a better microphone (for your podcast) .

packleader1215: All Survivalist Preppers have this thought: "You Never Know..."

Superdan187211: if they dont understand they are doomed no matter what

Joachim Lowzow: How could this _not_ be emp proof?

southernprepper1: Do you store them in the sun or where there is alot of light?

CrypticCRICKET: We have a very similar set up to what you have there. Two barrels, 90 gallons total. It takes 1/2 hour of medium rainfall to fill both barrels from empty. Filtered and purified, rainwater from your roof will keep you alive if the grid goes down hard. 90 gallons is enough capacity for about a month of emergency drinking water for our houshold. If the grid goes down hard, one of the first things we'll do is add additional barrels so they're ready if we get a rain. Our area has seasonal droughts.

ana2722: I have seen others, but you explain it super easy...Thank you!
A very easy EMP proof water system. 4.9 out of 5

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A very easy EMP proof water system.