.58 Cal 1863 Zouave Rifle With 150 Grains Of Black Powder

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skyym3: Cool video and great information.  The only thing that eeks me out about your vids is the sketch of the devil holding a spear and stabbing at a heart.  Is that supposed to be cupid?  Oh well, thanks for posting and for the information.  Hope you heal quickly so you can get back to shooting more often. Cheers

Samuel Keller: Great vid! I am playing around with a TC .58cal useing heavy loads. I was wondering if you have or do use platnium lined nipples to help with the erosion?

Mag30th: 3 of 3 I’ve been gunsmithing and working on these rifles for over three decades, and I'm not going to be the guy to argue with some internet cop, who patrols around determining what is right and wrong in an attempt to make himself feel smart. You really need a life, please internet-patrol elsewhere.

Mag30th: 2 of 3 Then here comes the internet cop know it-all, who can’t spell, who has to interject his opinion about how this single test of the nipple was a poor decision, and somehow you know better, which in turn makes you feel smart… This is along the lines of, who is the bigger fool, the village idiot, or the guy that argues with him.

Mag30th: 1 of 3 Here I repair a nipple thread (result of erosion by the previous owner) on a rifle whose manufacturer (and Lyman) claim is safe to fire a specific projectile (a projectile which is intentionally designed for loads up to 150 grains of FF). So I safely mount the rifle in a lead sled, from a distance, in the middle of the flipping desert and test it (successfully) at its maximum specifications. I opt to videotape it and post the video of the test.

HatchY: i wouldnt trust that chart all it takes is a crapty connection on a breach on one of these italian repos. what happened at 160 grains? probally nothing good. all that chart is is telling you the velocity up to 150 grains, its not a good idea to put those loads in that weapon firing live but if you want to have fun

Mag30th: 3 of 3 In any of my videos, I have never fired or recommended an unsafe load with any specific rifle, but then again, the owner of their particular rifle should research the limitations of whatever rifle they own prior to attempting an unusually heavy load.

Mag30th: 2 of 3 I would not have attempted this load combination in an 1861 Springfield. If Lyman’s states that this is the maximum safe load, and the manufacturer states that it is safe, I don’t believe that there is any concern blowing anything in this rifle, as demonstrated in this video. Surprisingly enough, there are old Elephant loads shot from .58 caliber rifles using much more powder, and much heavier projectile, and shot with FFF instead of FF.

Mag30th: 1 of 3 Repeating what I noted on the very first page of this video, Per Lyman’s handbook on black powder, “the Zouave, and more importantly, the manufacturer of this particular rifle, state that it can handle up to 150 grains of FF powder with certain projectiles. Secondly, the .58 cal projectile I’m using here IS DESIGNED specifically for charges up to 150. With a ball load, charges up to 190 grains of FF black powder can be efficiently used in the Zouave.

HatchY: good thing your using the sled because your looking to blow the breech out on that gun firing that kind of load in that thing, shouldnt fire over 70-75 grains live with the 58 cal military weapons, manufacture probally recommends 60 grains

graemzilla: Love the videos and Blackbeard's flag!Why did you pick it?

Blackrain4xmas: hope your neck gets better-LOVE the vids!

Erik the Red: makes me think twice about the loads in a Zouave. I have shot Hawkins but nothing this powerful in black powder

PineTaar: I shattered my c7 and cracked my c5 5 years ago and I am still not the same. Good luck and happy shooting!

xlysolx: May your recovery be quick and comfortable. Godspeed my friend.

Antonio P.: Good luck and heal quick!

Mag30th: Yes, it doesn’t smell as much as standard stuff. I like using reduced Sulfur mainly because about 1/3 of the time, when I’m at the range, I can’t tell where the impact is/was when I shoot. When I use 12-13 parts Sulfur the smoke is much less. The standard recommended mix is 100 parts saltpeter + 18 parts coal + 16 parts sulfur, modern Swiss is 100/20/13, which is much closer mixture to what I’m using.

Mag30th: Thanks!

Jacob McComas: Second broken neck? How do you break your neck twice?!?! Sounds like there's a good story there, lol.

camerl2009: not really but for a cap lock you dont even need sulphur although sulphur less blackpowder is weaker then goex and cant work in flintlcoks
.58 Cal 1863 Zouave rifle with 150 grains of black powder 5 out of 5

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.58 Cal 1863 Zouave rifle with 150 grains of black powder