Curing Cloudy Pool Water,

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Jackson Davis: I love this video it helped me a lot
Thank you

jonatan Odicio: NEED HELP!
I do the flocking... and the pool comes out clear... I then go to add chlorine so i place the pump on circulate... that causes the flock that is in the pipes to get back in the pool and make it cloudy again!!! AAAGGRGHGG how can i clean the water that is in the pipes before circulating or filtering the water???????? does backwashing the filter also clean the residual water in the pipes??? am I circulating the water too much when i add the flock, making the flock go into the pipes??

The Antitheist: 1.) Bleach (sanitizing)
2.) Borax (raising pH)
3.) Muriatic Acid 31% (lowering pH)
4.) Baking Soda (raising alkalinity)
5.) Soda Ash (lowering alkalinity)
6.) Filtering Media (DE, sand, cartridges, etc...)

Those are the only additives you need to buy for your pool.  Anything else is just snake oil.  Almost all of these additives can be bought at the grocery store, although I recommend a pool store for the muriatic acid only, and a bulk grocery store for the rest(Costco, BJs, etc..).

You do NOT need to shock the pool once per week.  That's a waste of money, and waste of time.  I did not shock my pool all summer, and had absolutely crystal clear water the entire time.  The first time I shocked my pool was last weekend to winterize and close the pool.

Buy a decent test kit and keep your chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity at the proper levels, and you will NEVER have cloudy water.

avgarcia: If you follow the BBB, you do NOT need to keep shocking your pool and taking swimming days out of your pool and raising your chlorine levels unnecessarily, I haven't shocked my pool the whole summer, and it stays crystal clear with perfect level for less than $25 a month (10,000 gallon pool), and very little work.   BBB,  Bleach, Baking Soda and Borax,  ALL THAT YOU NEED.

Kwame Selby: So is clarifier the same as floc?

penniesfromheavon: well I cant always speak for everyone. I just know it has worked for us for four summers now with NO issues. there are ppl who like both.

Mario Sommarti: Pity that the voice is not audible enough

contraz Carino: Very professional video great info

MrWhitetailtracker: Saltwater is twice the cost and very corrosive. Over time splashing water out of an above ground and bye ye pool.

penniesfromheavon: the best cure for all of this is A SALTWATER SYSTEM. we run an entire season with ZERO chemicles...our pool is always clean when we open it after winter (just a little cloudy which running the pump overnite fixes that) we simply buy 2 bags of salt 10.00per season. one at the beginning and one in the middle of pool season..and thats it!

kamo stainman: the shock rusted the metals in the water and turned them brown. maybe iron??

kamo stainman: flock will not raise chlorine level but will help with cloudly water

kamo stainman: check the stabilizer level. sounds like it needs some. no chlorine will cause cloudly h2o

kamo stainman: pool needs pool stablizer. It comes in powder or liquid from your local pool store. It allows your to maintain a chlorine level. ken

Denis Lara: go to troublefreepool . com also, check your CYA. If your CYA is low you chlorine is not lasting long enough.

girochin007: I know this is a month old, but are you using stabilizer??? If you get your chlorine from a pool store with a halfway competent staff it's usually the first thing they will try to sell you. It slows down the chlorine from dissipating. Also you should be using a floater with chlorine tablets rather than just liquid. The tablets take a few days to dissolve and will add chlorine to the water as it dissipates.

Jack lee: The audio in this video is crap

BROOKLYNIZED1: Is he in the wild. I swore I seen a panther walk by in the back

Deke Hoyten: Oh yes, the team of children fix works every time. I use Special Needs kids for an "extra clean"!
Curing Cloudy Pool Water, 5 out of 5

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Curing Cloudy Pool Water,