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Chevy blazer diferencial
2000 Chevy S-10 Blazer. Full Disc Brake job. Rear Axle. Reassembly
2000 Chevy S-10 Blazer. Full Disc Brake job. Rear Axle. Reassembly
Finding Chevy Gear Ratios. GU4. GU6. GT4. GT5
Finding Chevy Gear Ratios. GU4. GU6. GT4. GT5
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How to Set Pinion Angle

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Thereisnoname: slanted driveway lol, I almost killed myself last year when I jacked the rear end up and the truck rolled back. I barely got out of the way!!

JJD: What size socket did you use to press in the bearing ?

tweed187187: My 99 2 wheel dr jimmy makes a loud howling or vacuum sound. I was thinking maybe the rear end needs fluid but a guy from jiffy lube said its the bearings. Mechanic wants 300 including tax to replace both bearings but i don't want to replace something that might not need replaced. What to do?.

Edwin Rodriguez: good job. i have a s10 to
replace the whole axle
any ideas ?

Brian Stewart: Great video,I'm getting ready to do the same this coming weekend,probably make a few tools like u got first before anything..again,great video thank you sir.

Brian HARTER: can get the correct tool on free loan at auto zone

jas: thanks man

MrGarey1: A little bit of creative thinking goes a long way to keeping the cash in YOUR pocket , NOT in the tool rental companies pockets.

MrGarey1: I like the idea of making yer own tools. GOOD idea about the iron bar to PUSH out , not PULL out the bearings. Thanks

Anthony Eugene: you're a genuis...

David Rubio: Hey what size is your different? Is it an 8.5

Sam Wright: Where do you pack the grease

ra777: Well done. I might add some of that gear oil to the bearings ,as it could be a little slow for it to get there :)

ruger111dog: Or you can go to just about any auto parts store and get a loaner puller set.

DillysADV: not on this one. you have to pull the spider gears and the pin to pull the axle.

SickenedSparrow: So you can't take axel out without taking rear end apart?

DillysADV: Thanks for watching, yes, as I have mentioned before, this is for those that may not have access to loner tools like most of us.

DillysADV: that is a good idea, I'll have to try that next time I'm into it.

Emt Scythe: If you don't have a "long bar" you can rent the proper tool for free at most parts stores.

T S Mcraedy: You might try a short piece of heater hose to wedge you socket. That will keep the wood splinters out of the axle housing. Full redneck points for ingenuity. Unfortunately your man card is revoked for worrying about your wife's anger about some oil on the driveway.
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