Homebrew Ham Radio Antenna Mount For Camping

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Homebrew Ham Radio Antenna Mount for Camping
Homebrew Ham Radio Antenna Mount for Camping
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steveinkentucky: John, good idea on the clamp. With the exception of not having a swivel, it is a lot cheaper then something Chris would sell at Buddipole, and a lot better than that C-clamp on the MP-1. Lowe's and Home Depot would have them. I imagine Harbor Freight would also. I am guessing performance is about the same as the Buddistick you reviewed a while back?

John Limehouse: Good idea on the clamp.
Do you have a video on how your are making the elevated counterpoise?

Barry Kery: I like the clamp mounting idea. I'll be getting one shortly.
Barry, KU3X

WX9DX: John
It seems You might need a small hand wound inductor about 10 or12 turns on a broom stick connected from ground to the hot lead for 40m or 75m. ** " less turns for higher frequencies"***This will bring your SWR down flat. Tune the ham stick for X=0 first or lowest SWR. Then hook up the coil from Hot lead to ground lead on your mount, adjust the turns spacing till the SWR drops to 1:1...  This is called as you might know shunt feeding. They make one that you can buy that looks like a B&W coil with a clip lead on it and some crimp terminals on the ends of the coil for the Ham Stick antennas. This is like what you would do with a ground mounted Hustler antenna, a Texas Bug Catcher antenna or a screwdriver antenna with shunt feeding to bring the base impedance back up to 50 ohms. On my Buddy Pole I do the same thing with a shunt coil across the dipole then fine tune the SWR with the shunt. And the Buddy stick vertical the same way. My 6 meter Yagi I did the same thing to by resonating the dipole with the dip meter and then hooking the coax to it and a wire shunt coil of about 4 turns.
Here is a cool link for a shunt!   

Pedro Cova: Hy John,

you have any video how to build this Antenna?


Harald Skogstad: Good idea! Tnx fer charing  73 de la9efa Harald.

Abraham Torres: BUT is it grounded?

nr3rful: Good idea. I must wonder why two people dont seem to like this. What the heck is there not to like. Fess up guys. Explain yourself dont just vote negative

Steve Weiss: Guess I am going to the hardware store tonight!  Substitute a wing nut for that top nut so you can get the counterpoise wire tight without tools.

Rick Munday: Vanity call for Cover Your Fanny? :)

Vasile Pop: Congratulations! 
Wonderful video.
73 de VA6POP 

W5CYF / TinkerJohn: Thanks for your comments and for following along with my videos. You may try a vendor in the UK that sells MFJ products. MFJ makes a model very similar to the Hamstick. In fact, several of the antennas in the video are MFJ units. Hope this helps. 73 John

aeron Williams: Great stuff , looks very interesting . Not sure if the hamsticks are available here in the uk .

Roger7351IT: Good Idea!! '73

W5CYF / TinkerJohn: Eric, Thanks for following along and for your comments. 73/John/W5CYF

Костя Молчанов: Well figured out all clear what you have there is good weather, the sound of crickets, a beautiful mentions. E7BBM 73!

2W0DAA: Great idea John, 73, de Dave 2W0DAA

W5CYF / TinkerJohn: @redman840 Dennis, Tnx for watching and for your comments. I've had mixed success trying to get an ideal lenght for the hamstick counterpoise. One day it works fine the other, not so much. I've decided the best length is to use 1/8 wavelength counterpoise. I can't tell much difference in the number as long as I have at least one counterpoise. Actually, I've lately had *much* better luck with hamstick dipoles 73 John/W5CYF

redman840: Tnx,John for doing yet another great video and sharing it with us.A lot of these projects are simple yet made simpler yet by watching your videos,so let me give you some credit for your presentation.I was wondering with the elevated counterpoise(s) if you are cutting them about a foot over resonant length and trimming them to resonance and if using two laid out 180 degs.apart would ease the tuning process?..Keep up the good work and keep these videos coming!..73...Dennis W7KB.

W5CYF / TinkerJohn: @kaiforice Dale, Thanks for the comments and for following along. You are correct, those Hamsticks can be tricky. I have found that as little as a 1/4 inch movement in or out of the 'stinger' can make a big difference. Also, you may try a counterpoise and may see some SWR improvement. Hope this helps. 73 John/W5CYF
Homebrew Ham Radio Antenna Mount for Camping 5 out of 5

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Homebrew Ham Radio Antenna Mount for Camping