Metal Detector, Bounty Hunter

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Metal Detector Bounty Hunter review
Metal Detector Bounty Hunter review

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Michael Mosley: I liked my PIONEER 202. Meter really worked well. Unfortunately, mine burnt out in trunk of car while I was down at a hot beach one day using a water machine for several hours. I just yesterday ordered another Tesoro Compadre (A beep and dig detector), but don't think I wasn't thinking of a PIONEER 202. I probably will order another one sometime because of how well the meter works. I've owned about 30 or more detectors and many of them cost a lot more money. The Compadre and the Pioneer 202 are less than 200 bucks and both are really good producers of finds.

mr. TC: hold on now...poor mans detector??? i just looked it up and i costs 178,95 at wallmart!!! haha thats the same price as a eurotek and ace ma friend!!! thats NOT cheap at all!!!

Gary Loger: Good video :)  Fed Ex delivered my Pioneer 505 today. Can't wait.

bjmulli: Great video I own the same medal detector and it really is worth it.

David Rivera: great show and tell

Todd B.: I am from Covington, Ky.. I bought a Bounty Hunter metal detector for 45 dollars at Walmart. I have found four times the amount that I paid for it. I found a silver and diamond ring just today.

fouramhq: Excellent instructional video. I have a Bounty Hunter IV and have a new Quick Draw II on the way. They are great machines and probably do as well as the high dollar ones,.

xtremefly2000: a lot of people n stuff ya know...and stuff n uh ya know...uh ...a....s

xtremefly2000: stop the video and clean ur ear if you must!

micmoable: Yeah, I've found a bunch of quarters,nickels,dimes, and of course pennies galore---yesterday I took it to a local beach and found a silver plate ear ring and a silver plate ring that looks like a real diamond ring--ha ha--but is junk! I've owned just about every major brand name of detector there is out there--but I sold the ones I had--now I use this out of necessity and I'm not ashamed to use it by any means but it doesn't have much depth on coins and jewelry as some of the others I've owned

Mhebner23: I'm suppose to be getting a Bounty Hunter IV metal detector for Christmas. I can't wait to get it.

cummings1968: @geraldlee33 i used to have a pioneer 202 found lots of stuff wheats barber dime 6 inches deep walking liberty half 50 percent of detecting is the person using the detector your 202 is a good detector

ONEMANGARDEN 1971: @MsSandwalker I just know about the 202, sounds like to me that you are paying the extra money for the pin pointer. I know what has worked for me and I passed the 202 to my daughter and it seems to work well for her. I have bought me a Garrett Ace 350.

ONEMANGARDEN 1971: @MsSandwalker Great job, I hope one day I can find some thing like that.

MsSandwalker: I used my 202 @ Sabastian inlet in Florida and found a gold ring with 5 jewels on it @ 6" deep sand in about 10" of water. (The coil is water proof) I had one of the people at Mel Fisher's shop there at the beach look at it and was told the ring most likely was 1700-ish and probably came from one of many ship wrecks there. Because it was found in the inlet, it was mine to keep. BTW, the tone was low, which you state is "scrap". I agree, dig all signals... ya never know what is under the dirt.

ONEMANGARDEN 1971: @wildbill2166 I am sure it can. It finds every thing else.

wildbill2166: can it find gold nuggets

ONEMANGARDEN 1971: @8592291613 I am in Bullitt County KY

John brown: found more stuff with my bounty hunter land star over my garrett treasure ace 300 the bounty hunter is a far better detector over the ace 300 I have a old garrett s1 from 1981 that works good bought it for 30 dollars and found 300 dollars with it rings coins what part of Kentucky are you in I am in georgetown ky

ONEMANGARDEN 1971: @dmc081 I will do that for you. It might be a day or so before I can get to it. Thanks for watching.
Metal Detector, Bounty hunter 5 out of 5

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Metal Detector, Bounty hunter