Tango Skiff XL Stitch And Glue Okoume Wooden Boat

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Tango Skiff XL Stitch and Glue Okoume Wooden Boat
Tango Skiff XL Stitch and Glue Okoume Wooden Boat
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Paul Vollmer: When is the glue or marine epoxy applied to the stitched sections of this boat, as I haven't seen any other issues about this boat on You Tube? Would like to learn all that there is to do and, construct a similar boat here in the Philippines, when I have nothing but time on my hands at Age 68. Nice video too!

Francisco Estarneque: Good Morning. Could you pass the measurements of the Tango Skiff that you manufactured, please? My name is Francisco Estarneque - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil - email. f.estarneque@bol.com.br - Thanks.

Paul Vollmer: JE Chase Construction - I realize that you article is dated January 8, 2011 and, this is a long shot but, I have written several emails this week to Tango LLC where the plans originate from and, no one has bothered to answer. Are you aware as to whether Tango LLC is still operating? Their website seems to point out that they are, because you can order plans for the various Tango Boats that they sell. However, no one from their company bothers to respond to my emails. Yesterday (Friday my time, as I am permanently retired here to the Philippines), I googled Tango LLC to see if they had a phone number for me to call and, of course, nothing is listed but their email address and, website. Would appreciate your feedback please. My main concern is how to get the Plans for a Tango 15 Boat sent to me here in the Philippines and, by what method they ship them, as the only option I have is receiving Letters or Postcards (no boxes of any size) to the Manila Retiree Activities Office and, then in-turn send my U.S. Mail via LBC (similar to Fedex / Airborne) directly to my physical location. UPS doesn't deliver to international countries and, like most businesses that ship out items, that 's what they use - UPS versus USPS (United States Postal Service). Thanks for whatever you can provide.

Kenn: No frames, how does it stay together from twisting and straining?

Marc Henry: I was gone a while, and now I'm back. Looking forward to getting back to my dream of building "my live boat". You'll have a great website about how to make a boat correctly without taking help of any others and enjoy it much [Check Details Here==>https://plus.google.com/102864527681244896357/posts/8Hw8CJUYT8H ].Thanks for the never ending possibilities.

Morgan Pauley: where can I get plans

Antonio paulino araujo: boa noite Amigo

Levi Whitford: will a 15 hp short shaft motor work with this boat?

104a Junta de Servi├žo Militar Paramoti: QUAL O CUMPRIMENTO, LARGURA E ALTURA DESTE BARCO

Chekkal Abdel Halim: very nice

Austin Philips: how many yards or feet of fiberglass did it take total for this project?

JE Chase Construction: Hank Bravo has just recently drawn plans for a 17' version. They can be found at tangoskiff.com

Barry Culloty: I wish there was a 17' model, that would be the one I would want to make, I could use a 15', but 17' would be better. What a great looking boat! I LOVE the chine, and the flotation/trim tabs of the rear end, VERY functional!

Ahmed Rizwan: good video

chehsin: i was hoping you would show step by step progress of the build :(

Serdar Usta: Is it possible to share the plan;?

davetileguy: I LOVE the zip ties that would be my idea also !

spydergs07: How did you get the front to curl upward? Did you have to cut the front plywood into arches or when you pull the front in does it pull the front up? Thanks

Paul Sawyer: How hard would it be to shorten this boat to 9'0".

Daniel Pirela: Good day sir my name is daniel pirela wanted to do my own boat and I like the model, I wonder if you have plans and if you can them to me.
Tango Skiff XL Stitch and Glue Okoume Wooden Boat 5 out of 5

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Tango Skiff XL Stitch and Glue Okoume Wooden Boat