Jaguar Crossbow 35 Yards

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knifethrower99: I would have been afraid to miss and put one in the radiator of the truck behind the target.

Colton Lyles: I'm not sure about this... I have the same exact crossbow, and I'm not getting numbers near this, I think his math is off. I had mine chronographed at an archery shop and at home. I shoot a carbon express pile driver with 150 gr tip, over 500 gr overall. Generally speaking more weight equals more KE. I use it for hunting up close in very dense woods when shots are never past 20 yrds. Best speed I could get averaged to 150 fps. So you are looking at 25 to 30 KE right off of the "muzzle" which will dissipate quickly at 10-20-30 yrds. It's my first crossbow and is good for teaching fundamentals. Overwhelming firepower isn't better than proper shot placement!

Seth Spradley: Thanks for the Video!

SkyfirefoxHD: What size arrow do you use? I normally shoot 16 inches but can you shoot with 20?
The reason I ask is because around here 16 inch aluminum arrows are VERY rare and never in stock.

shogun_takover47: You have a bipod on your Xbow!?!?! I have the exact same crossbow with GLX green laser sight, tactical flashlight, illuminated 4x28 power scope and all I'm missing is a bipod to complete it....and the only reason why I didn't get one for mine cuz I thought it wouldn't fit......but after seeing yours......i slapped myself lol. 

James K.: At 35 yards, that's 5 dead deer,lol.They make some lube to put on the rail where the arrow slides. Helps alot. Gonna get one of these to play with, price not bad. I had a serious compound crossbow years ago I should have kept but needed some money so sold it However I like the simplicity of the recurve crossbow, less to worry about.Now that you had this for a few years what are your long term thoughts on this particular bow? Crossbows are legal here in Illinois for seniors and handicap persons to deer hunt, may be legal for everyone by now, have to check. Thanks for the vid.

Jimmy Rustles: I've put a 3x9 scope on it and I've had shots with this thing hitting the target out to 50 yards plus using fiberglass bolts, it's a really good inexpensive crossbow.

Bushcraft Adventures: why does everyone say they don't shoot past 35 yards? I shoot a 70 pound compound bow and it'll kill a deer at 60 yards easy. ive killed rabbits at 60 yards with judo tips

oldtoys1961: Just bought one today and I have to say I'm impressed. Them little Asians have been making bows for centuries.
The 16" bolts that come with it are a bit too heavy. I'd say 370-380 gr is a good weight to shoot with this Xbow. Any more and it could stress the prod and string. Those included bolts are heavy for a 16" and are 2219 aluminum with 125gr target heads weighing in at 397gr- 407gr. The Jag shoots better than my Barnett Panzer 5. Now I need to chrony it.
 But  I use 18" Barnett 2216 cut down to 17" with 125 target or Broadheads for 371gr-380gr total and they are deadly. I believe Easton makes the Barnett arrows, I just don't like the grn/blk fletches on them. I wouldn't go for deer over 30yds though, smaller critters ok.

Offshore Drifter: How come you didn't shorten those carbon express bolts? They seem too long for the Jaguar at 20". 17" or 18" would be better I recon...

adrian stringer: how r u reloading so fast?

End Is Never: Really awesome video. I got the same bow by PoeLang. How is it holding up and whats that awesome bipod you got on it? Thanks brother!

BRANN I: ...well its illegal here so not in a dudes best interest to be filming such goings on sir.. lol.... it would be jail time here if caught!!! You guys are so lucky with your relaxed hunting laws. I have heard though that members of the royal family and the rich elites hunt with bows and xbows on a private estate in Scotland, yet us common folks by their law cant do the same!!!!! lol... I pay no attention and just crack on regardless. If they do it, I bloody will! ;-)

stingray8213: yes i totally agree dave seems there is always a twig or bush in the way lol..the deer are good at always standing behind something or always giving a 1/4 and away shot ..darn tricky critters or when they start snorting all over the place because i turned on my piece of crap camera and spooked em ya know whats harder than shooting them is filming brother...

stingray8213: here is a comment to solve all i shoot my bow enough to arrow drop at any yardage whiten inches of the kill zone center the crossbow is as accurate as a riffle.with practice you could light a wooden match with a arrow at 25 yards i have shot other arrows into the knock and spine of a targeted arrow at 40 yards..there are some slow mo arrow shots at hanging targets check my other videos..thanks

stingray8213: lol you got that exactly right

BRANN I: that's all its about mate. something tasty to eat and keeping the skills alive.....

BRANN I: I never said it was stingray. i'm not saying anything bad about your shooting or anything else. I was agreeing with you and i just meant yes a jag at 40 yards is lethal but I dont hunt those distances because wind has got hold of the bolts or ive pierced many a branch in the way myself. lol....Its all part of the game though. Its all good and its all fun. Mr unicorn is pointing out the obvious in that you need to hit the engine room. Thats true at any distance. Thanx for sharing the videos. Dave

BRANN I: Dude I have no issues killing stuff with my jag xbow. I understood clearly what you meant and yes deer walk and move around lol....... I dont sit in high chairs waiting, i like to stalk upwind. Inside 30 yards the shot isn't that different than 10 yards due to the power of the xbow. it shoots very straight at what i'm aiming at with little or no increase or decrease in elevation. As for wisdom n skill, practice makes perfect and I enjoy my venison. I hope you enjoy yours.

stingray8213: iam using a 20 inch carbon express arrow with a 120 grain muzzy broad head they are quite heavy increasing kinetic energy on impact i have had complete pass through at large deer i only hunt my own property the only hunting pressure is me i practice almost every day my blind is set at 35 yards to the apple tree were they come to eat every day its guys can discuss variations in shot ,yardage, wind, and everything else while i keep bagging nice deer..thanks
jaguar crossbow 35 yards 5 out of 5

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