Identifying Blue Meanies Or Panaeolus Cyanescens Mushrooms- More Examples

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J Batson: What if you find one of those in 🐄💩 and it doesn't bruse blue it just stays brown? The one I found was in East Texas and it looks exactly like that. But it doesn't bruse any color. It's light brown and looks exactly like those.

Caleb Bent: Blue meeean-eyes

jeffmetaldemonz: Cut those fingernails man! Sick

Snakewhisperer: Are you a left handed guitar player?
Nice nails anyway

HubbaBubbaVj: I put them in my ass then i just let them stay there until they are gone.

Erica Martinen: tyler..perhaps you need to ingest more shrooms and expand your consciousness. your tone is quite hostile. you offer good advice but your attitude is quite off-putting. i hope you are taking steps to resolve that.

Tyler Kelly: you dont boil shrooms you freaking amateur, you should bring water to a boil and take it off the heat. DO NOT BOIL THE SHROOMS Add tea leaves and let it soak for about three to five minutes. Strain out the tea leaves, and pour the liquid into a blender. Add the mushrooms and blend it up. Pour into glasses and drink. and you can also mix lemon in with the brew, called lemon tek, that will bring out the Psilocybin thus increasing the intensity of the trip, but the making the duration shorter

Spike1joel: You dry them out in a food dehydrator on high around 64'c and boil them up for around 30 mins but everyone will tell you longer but there's no need. and have a tea cup full for your first time and sit on it for about an hour and see how you feel if you not feeling much have another half a cup and wait. Don't expect from the mushroom just glide on it and think of things you love and enjoy wile on them. DONT THINK TO MUCH!!! About it just glide and surround yourself with joy and happyness and yo

Jjunior130: how do you eat them?

John Kuntis: Learn to spell, freakwit.

Spike1joel: This is in Australia guys

littelolz: no they're not

TallTT: @snrav3r No. Blue meanies are Panaeolus Cyanescens, Liberty Caps are Psilocybe Semilanceata

The Word of GOD Equals Life: cut youre nails maggot

tom farnsworth: are these liberty caps in vid?

HubbaBubbaVj: @natbowllin you need to eat them

natbowllin: i picked these nothing happened )':

Alien World: @FlipMollc cool thanks man- i have them coming up out the back in vege patch everywhere from leftover spores i squirted there 2 weeks ago!!

FlipMollc: best ones are the aborts, hard to come across them naturally (birds already ate em!)

FlipMollc: @foxyboi27 core difference is the environment they grow, and the chemical composition, looking at them color varies as well as gills and spore, but your situation one probably Panaeolus cyanescens the other Psilocybe cyanescens i prefer the panaeo's but they are harder to grow
Identifying Blue meanies or Panaeolus cyanescens mushrooms- more examples 5 out of 5

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Identifying Blue meanies or Panaeolus cyanescens mushrooms- more examples