Mauser Bolt Disassembly

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Did this video help you?

Nicholas S: Hey I accidentally pushed the plunger without having the safety on? Now im stuck... what can I do?

highmiles 68: That was easy, thanks for the video. I have the VZ 24 model and didn't know how to strip the bolt for cleaning, all good now.

Scott Gerding: My bolt on my 1893 Turk is different. It is not a flat face like his. It is impossible to have my safety straight up and be able to remove the bolt at the same time. I have only figured out how to take my bolt head off. How do I take my bolt apart?

joe smith: Great simple video brotha ! nice and slow , informative .

Ed: mate ive managed to somehow pull mine apart but safety was off... cant screw it back together now and cant move the safety? help!

Franklin Rice III: So while talking it apart pushed in the button and turned it the. Wrong way or something cause it wont turn now

Rich Valentine: My safety is stuck to the left, how can I fix that?

scryersniper4567: I just purchased a Surplus M48 and the safety is stuck the whole way to the right, I can't get it to move and I haven't had a chance to remove the bolt from the rifle yet. Any Ideas?

Forge Shop: What about the extractor??

Danny Kirchofer: What happens if u don't put the safety in the middle

Kadzila1100: grab a screwdriver and press the thing on 2:09 back and rotate i had the samo problem

Paul Mayr: Thank You.

Sasquatch: HELP! I had the safety flipped to the left when I pushed the bitten & twisted the end of the bolt. It made a quarter turn before I realized what I did. Now I cannot get the rear bolt assembly to go back to the original position. It is stuck. The button can be depressed, but the rear assembly doesn't move. Please tell me there is a solution! Thanks for your help. -Mike (

OspreyBravo18: thnx so much there was still some cosmaline hiding in the bolt all cean now

Walter B: Superb video, easy to follow, and on focus. Thanks I have two of them to clean.

2AToday: How do you like the straight bolt vs a turned down one (like on my M48 or the 98k)?

redrumm101: I have a questing. With the saftey on you can unrooster it on mine?

h2kDotheDU: I don't know the drill. What is it?

kylethelincey: Do a search for "mauser bolt fix" by a youtuber named dantheman. This video should be able to guide you on how to fix your issue. I don't have a video of the process, but his will help you out.

Iwillbedurnd: you just saved a mauser! I got it apart and sure enough a but load of cosmoline holding the firing pin back! Thanks for the video!
Mauser Bolt Disassembly 5 out of 5

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Mauser Bolt Disassembly