Magic Truffles

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WeedMeadn420: @classicgamerguy112 yeh, but you probly know by now, its the classification name

alberboy: What about spain deliverys?

classicgamerguy112: are truffles the same thing as Sclerotia?

FrenchCunt: @TheGameL0L Don't be a kitty. I tried Shrooms, truffles, DMT, MDMA, Weed, Peyote, Salvia, Speed, Extasy, Coke, etc... You cannot die on anything. I suggest to do Truffles or Shrooms alone in a dark place so you can learn. These things are not party drug like extasy or speed... it's something spiritual to learn and grow. You will see life from a new perspective after. Don't do more than 1 times per month. I suggest someone to do only 2-3 times per year if you don't want to change too much!

leon p: I never used truffels and I want to, but I don't know which are the best ones with the most and best effect. Anyone got advice?

Eoghan Burke: Thanks to those 2 people you disliked this vid! Now it makes the like bar look like a joint!!! bahahaha! *-*

gazmoniac: @d262434n I ordered 5x12g and they came through fine. I have heard they have a hard time getting through customs though. Best price in the world though and im glad for that.

0oguyfrommarso0: @TheKonrad1984 10g will be fine

Nonononono: Just tried it, and i gotta say: daaaaamn, that's some goood shiiit!

Sbastian Lando: @MagicTruffles Hi many grams do i have to eat to get good trip,,is it the same as mushrooms?

TheGameL0L: @civicturbolive Doing it alone??, I ordered psilocybe tampanensis and I read that is better to stay with an sober person.

toweronepower: @toweronepower No problems

toweronepower: OK UPDATE TIME! MY TRUFFLES ARRIVED SAFELY, ALL 100 GRAMS, ONLY ONE WEEK AFTER I SENT THE MONEY. These guys have my full reccomenation i will be ordering even more soon.

toweronepower: @spray31 Yes they are and this is the best value place for them!

toweronepower: @MagicTruffles Do you have any plans to take orders on paypal or something?

toweronepower: @RyanDotTv Nah you will be ok, i reccomend having some nice weed 2 smoke while ur tripping. Elephantos is so expensive 22 Euros for 7 grams freak that. Im sending these guys 50 Euros and hoping i get back 100g of truffleage, thats a real good price i could make profit on if i wanted especially if a bought more. offer 10g for 10 euros and they accept credit cards, much better than elephantos, but if these guys accepted paypal and credit cards and delivered tthey would be the shiz

toweronepower: @seafortha I dont think they are banned here all the distributors still ship to uk, maybe the headshops are just thick

toweronepower: @RyanDotTv yes i have and they are similar to shrooms, you feel uberhappy and contented with ur life and crap looks like its breathing and stuff YAY!

toweronepower: @RyanDotTv They only accept wire transfer or cash in Euros. I opted to send them the cash, i'll let you know if i recieve the goods...

eirnlove: does this site trustable?
magic truffles 5 out of 5

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