How To Install Replace Alternator Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck Suburban And Tahoe

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LEA Langi: Thanks!! This video helped out heaps. I changed my 99 Tahoe alternator with this vid. 

Nick Tavernier: Great information thank you very much.

Wakuninnm: I can't find ANY vids on  '94 Silverado 4.3 alternator replacement. I need to replace the serpentine belt and the alternator. Why aren't there any vids for this engine and year????

Don Dufresne: Thanks for taking the time to provide this tutorial.  It's appreciated here.

fitzpatrickgf: I didn't know where to direct the question regarding a possible electical problem at initial start up of my 1999 Suburban. Recently during a cold start, I turn my key ignition to the on position before starting. I usually wait a few seconds before starting up the engine. Immediately after starting, I smell a burning electrical smell through my interior blower vents for about 5 seconds and then it stops. The smell reminds me of a hot wire burning or hot electrical motor. The interior blower fan seems to be working fine. Would you have any clues on where to check in the interior or the engine compartment? Is this a common problem on older GM Trucks?  I drove it for a while this last weekend and when the car is operating for some time, it doesn't smell when I shut the car off for 10 minutes and restart it again. Only when it's  the first cold start after sitting for more then 5 hours..

6superb9: THANK YOU>>>>once again you come through for me. ...helped my neighbor do this; and he bought me a nice set of jumper cables for the help!

ArfOtis: Thanks for the ratchet on tensioner tip! After failing with several other items I turned to YouTUbe and you.

1A Auto Parts: If it hasn't been tuned up in a while, you may want to start with a simple tune up.

1A Auto Parts: You may want to see if there is a stored code in the computer that may tell you what the issue is.

Courtney Love: I have a 2003 Chevy Surburban. When I put it in drive, it tends to want to cut off. Could it be the alternator or something else? I put a new battery in.

Bill Dingus: Great video, walked me through the whole job. Had you right there in the garage. Many thanks.

1A Auto Parts: A no start is something that will be difficult to diagnose but I recommend bringing the truck to someone before you start throwing parts at a problem.

YELLOWFIN M: I have 1997 chevy suburban wont work on all light and start too!! I put new battery still wont work? point alternator?

1A Auto Parts: If there's a check engine light on in the dash you may want to pull the code to see what could be causing the issue.

stagor39: my 92 chevy silverado 1500 has a problem when I put it in gear it will shut off I have put a new fuel pump on it and several sensors still doing the same please help me out

1A Auto Parts: It should be a 3/8 drive ratchet. Hope this helps you out. 888-844-3393

dreamchaser7600: what rachet set did u use to relieve that tension pulley

JoelTheSpanishGuy: What a great video! This will save me some dough.

1A Auto Parts: You may want to refer to your owners manual to see what they recommend.
How To Install Replace Alternator Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck Suburban and Tahoe 5 out of 5

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How To Install Replace Alternator Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck Suburban and Tahoe