I'd Come For You; Sam And Mikaela (Transformers, Transformers 2)

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Redblad: Офигенно бубзиг! Айм тотали ин лав! Все просто невероятно перфект <3 <3

shipperfan13: amazing vidéo....!!!

drowinginoxygen: ваааа.половинко, оно потрясающее просто *______*

01dana0: jadore

anilovesme: Cute! I wish it could've been longer, though... But I still loved it!

reed deer: perfect song, perfect vid.

Olivia Newton: aww! SOO CUTE!

Angelica Cardenas: Okay this is so werid my friend sent me the lyrics to this song last night them my bff sent me this video on here is that freaky or what? And great job love it!!!

PiiiinkMuffiiiin: amazing...

MiSaTheEternity: This Is Awesome !!! Your Video is Amazing !! 5 Stars !!

camy9951: i love the video it's so cool

4ixuaxuaxuenik: вииии *____________* корри, оно невероятное <3

softballgrl24: amazing video!!!!!

sanaazzy: oooh thats brilliant! I love the colouring and the texture! wonderful effects;)

WaDCr7: This Is Awesome

Vera241241: Классное видео! такие сочные цвета. и мне понравились такие смазанные переходы. отличная работа.

WHITEPOWER365: This is really amazing! Did you also use The trailors footage? Ps: I've seen Transformers 2 as well and I agree with you :)

WIRWEN: OMG i love mikaela and sam too *-* this video is awesome! good work <3

Lady586: it's AFI - Kiss My Eyes and Lay Me To Sleep

fruktpapaya: офигенно))

AngelD .IT: This is PERFECT! I like it ;);)

AdorablexBabii: loved it<3

Soulshiver21: Сэм и Микаэлла, Сем и Микаэлла. Йееее)))) Надь, это невероятно. Я обожаю это видео. Такая красотень ^^

nessa007productions: OH MY GOSH!!!!! I`m toootally blown away by this INCREDIBLE video. Everything about this vis is perfection. I adore the textures and colouring, and all the clips you chose were amazing!! Sam and Mikaela are deffinately my top fave movie couple, they`re sooo amazing together. Also, you chose the perfect song for this vid too!! xDD

Kayenaa: omg amazing! you did a so amazing work!

Sara puikla: what's title of the song at the beginning?

Ashley Roberts: this is fantastic, great job.

volchiha: Офигенное видео! Про колоринг и текстуры я вообще молчу)) Потрясающе! ^^

SigridHelen: awesome :DD

Tina Phillips: Oooh, never really thought about this couple all that much before, but now that ya point out that AMAZING chemistry.....<3 Makes me wanna go see pt2! :)

Robyn Hutchings: awsome. im gonna make one too. but im gonna wait till it comes on DVD.

Sara puikla: I love transformes and I love your video!

XxwhiteandblackxX: fantastic colouring and effects.
I'd come for you; Sam and Mikaela (Transformers, Transformers 2) 5 out of 5

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I'd come for you; Sam and Mikaela (Transformers, Transformers 2)