How To Change The Ringtone On BlackBerry Z10

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Damoskinos: So why has this phone only got 8 set ringtones. Why cant I have the usual ring ring etc

Lalit Arora: Very Helpfull

Dwijen Vaidya: thanks it was very helpful

Alik Petrosyan: thanks!

Tays123xx: Thanks 

Ombretta Agro: super helpful!

Tatyana Mengsen: very helpful, very simple yet for a while (before this video) i was stuck using the custom ringtones.~ smileyswelove/726/ ~

guyana mootoo: this sucked

Julio Alejandro: niun brillo

platinum0458: What the freak was that?

reggiethegator: spare us the hand gestures! smh

Mohammad AlQallaF: are you an idiot ? this is the phone ringtone what about the customize ringtones they don't show at the music file ! you dont even know what you are talking about delete this useless video .

Imperiatus: That doesn't show anything...
How to change the ringtone on BlackBerry Z10 4.7 out of 5

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How to change the ringtone on BlackBerry Z10