Xtouch X507 Restoring Video Tutorial

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Xtouch X507 Restoring Video Tutorial
Xtouch X507 Restoring Video Tutorial
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xtouch x507 First Review with benchmark and some gameplay....
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xtouch x507S mobile

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StevenB 1991: oye puedes compartir el rom no se consigue

Mostafa Shahla: after flash firmware for x506s when turn on show white screen what can i do ???

ScatteredTruth: Thanks for the video but what happened with me is as bellow,
I did update my X508 as per video instructions and it showed in software DL OK but the bar was in yellow but 100%, I waited for sometime then removed it from usb as instructed to follow "DL OK", but phone won't on or charge after that update. I sent it for warranty and got it back yesterday and working but with old ver. ROM, I tried updating it again last night with more care following the instructions. You know what..? "It's again gone to the same sleep as it happened last time"
Is this a problem of ROM update provided for this phone or me...? I followed every single step instructed in this video.
Is there any help regarding this issue, I don't want to send it back and wait for another 2 weeks, I see my phone was never been opened for any repair kind of thing.
Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Mharvin Vhinzup: HOW ABOUT THE X709?? can you help me sir?

moin nved ck: where to download xtouch x666 firmware

ameer zain: what the f!

kariem emad: i dont know how to upgrade my xtouch x405 to jellybean

Anan Jaser: there is JB 4.1.2 available go to their website go to downloads search for x405 download firmware and tools&instructions follow the steps there and it will be installed or see in the device updates you could find

Anjula Malshan: Bro How To Upgrade x405 to Jelly Bean 4.1

Feras Eid: plz how to root xtouch 507s

Anan Jaser: yes google for Bin4rytool lunch it and connect your phone (and turn on debugging) select number 1 on the cmd window that will show up after lunching bin4ry and it will be rooted

abdelrahman adel: do you know how to root x509

hamodi alawi: please bro r this make my xtouch x507s rooted please helps me don`t make me mad from my phone please

Anan Jaser: I just managed to unbrick my xtouch x817 :) i have rooting experience so anyone needs hepl ASK ME and yeah i rooted mine and installed CWM recovery :) TIME TO GET A NEW KERNAL maybe overclocking too

Sameer Sam: it gives error ....

Mohan Karayath: Need to root this device. Can you guide me how to?

marco luciani: is possible root this phone ??

amudhan dhanaraj: i am getting error, invalid scatter File

Muhammad Kashif: Hi dear, PENG CHAN, Could u please upload video how to root Xtouch X507 Phone. Please
Xtouch X507 Restoring Video Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Xtouch X507 Restoring Video Tutorial