HK MK23 SOCOM Review

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REBS76: This guy has a socom pistol and has humans for targets

David Falgout: I want one !

Tea & Empire: Do you have a holster for this beast? If so, which one?

Nathan Mueller: So it's basically the same size and weight as my Smith and Wesson 629 44 magnum... And it has a polymer frame. I'll pass. I held a HK pistol in 45, and that thing felt like holding a brick, and it felt wider than my Glock 21, which is ridiculous, cause the Glock 21s get crap for being bulky.

TheKyleman999: what's the price range on this?

Paschendale117: That's not a MK 23. What you have is the civilian model, the Mark 23. Still nice though.

Alpha Kara: HK 23 is one of the best guns in the world.

Viper Dagger: I just had to look back at this video because ever since I got my P2000SK I got the HK bug on me. I want the Mk.23 because its possibly the weapon that started my liking to firearms and a childhood weapon because of the game Delta Force Task Force Dagger hence my channel name I want the USP in 9mm to pair up with the Mk.23 and a DJ Getz MP5 pistol in .40. 

That would be a nice HK collection and it would be better if they brought the HK 243 rifle to the states. Rumor has it is the number will change to 293 for US sales... if that ever happens...

cream bun: Those are some lush pieces!

marcus rogers: Great guns I now own a H&K Mark 23

Steven Kreamer: nice review .the mk23 is on my wish list. .the hand guns I have now are a fn five seven,and a sig p220 w.german (sold my feg9) .my question is would you sell a mint sig p220 and replace it with a mk23.also what would you get for a 9mm I was looking at my first striker fired handgun thinking about the walter ppq or the hk  vp9.i  thanks,steve

Rockin' Ron: I have one of those with a KAC can. I also have a HK45.

TD: The only reason I want one is because of Metal Gear Solid. Realistically there are better high capacity 45 autos out there for a lot less money that are either equal size or smaller and can hold more than 12 rounds.

GG: What is the finish on the slide? It looks shinier than the hostile environment finish on my USP.

Nice Guy: Dude, your user name is awesome.

Riad Haidar: Worst review I have ever seen

Elena Olguin: yddd

LEOPARDTWO: You better have very deep pockets. This retails at about USD 1800.

Mussie Tekie: what is the Pull of trigger in Pound?

RiskIt007: I owned the Mk23 years ago and spent all the money for it on the hype.  I was a HK geek (still have a P30) but I got over the hype and try and be more level headed.  I won a accuracy contest but its almost unfair because of the length of sight picture.  Gun is really not practical.  Very Very Large
HK MK23 SOCOM review 5 out of 5

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HK MK23 SOCOM review