HK MK23 SOCOM Review

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CNBC Review Mar 23  Mar 27 2009
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infinitesimotel: Those are some lush pieces!

big boss: getting one of those in airsoft guns tomorrow it comes with a silencer which is freaking badass and ill be getting a laser attachment onto it to

marcus rogers: Great guns I now own a H&K Mark 23

Steven Kreamer: nice review .the mk23 is on my wish list. .the hand guns I have now are a fn five seven,and a sig p220 w.german (sold my feg9) .my question is would you sell a mint sig p220 and replace it with a mk23.also what would you get for a 9mm I was looking at my first striker fired handgun thinking about the walter ppq or the hk  vp9.i  thanks,steve

Rockin' Ron: I have one of those with a KAC can. I also have a HK45.

tonydelacruz45: The only reason I want one is because of Metal Gear Solid. Realistically there are better high capacity 45 autos out there for a lot less money that are either equal size or smaller and can hold more than 12 rounds.

gjg5789: What is the finish on the slide? It looks shinier than the hostile environment finish on my USP. 

Nice Guy (Mr. Nice Guy): Dude, your user name is awesome.

Riad Haidar: Worst review I have ever seen 

Elena Olguin: yddd

LEOPARDTWO: You better have very deep pockets. This retails at about USD 1800.

Mussie Tekie: what is the Pull of trigger in Pound?

RiskIt007: I owned the Mk23 years ago and spent all the money for it on the hype.  I was a HK geek (still have a P30) but I got over the hype and try and be more level headed.  I won a accuracy contest but its almost unfair because of the length of sight picture.  Gun is really not practical.  Very Very Large

Donatellangelo: I picked the wrong time to get into this particular model, I want a new one! :(

Sigkeeper1: I am sure that this is a quality gun but the two core concerns would be its size and it's cost. This is a BIG pistol for it to be chambered in .45 acp and not in a more powerful caliber. It is much bigger than a 1911 and while it has good features including the ability to use a suppressor the size makes extraordinarily large . The cost of this gun is too much compared to say a Sig P 220. The government is the most likely buyer of this pistol for operatives

paismonster: gorgeous, typical German engineering

fel1x87: The basics of the gun are perfect... Only flaw is that it should be able to shot .357 magnum and .44 magnum.

Tony .338: Is this pistol elephant still in production of what?

Dragon Ray: Nice guns but dame buy a table or u waste all the money on the guns :-) just kidding

Ruby Rose: really need a 9x19mm or 10mm Auto version of it.
HK MK23 SOCOM review 5 out of 5

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HK MK23 SOCOM review