How To Repair Cracked Exhaust Manifold With QuikSteel/ThermoSteel

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How To Repair Cracked Exhaust Manifold With QuikSteel/ThermoSteel
How To Repair Cracked Exhaust Manifold With QuikSteel/ThermoSteel
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makis as: nice video

Brandon West: how well has this held up?

Neil dela cruz: I've been trying to pass the smog test. I had my o2 sensors changed and my CO passed the 15mph test but not the 25mph. The mechanic suspects that the teeny tiny crack on my manifold may be throwing the o2 sensor off therefore failing my emissions test. I just bought this quiksteel you think it would help pass my smog? ( i hope it does. it's like $400-$500 to replace the manifold )

kevin ledford: i used this on my 2000 mustang, passenger manifold as a temp fix until i can afford the 100 for a new manifold, has held up for 6 weeks so far, I used sanding wheel and wire brush on a dremel, degreased and applied it, i also used some aluminum exhaust tape and wrapped it good, just as extra measure, The key is to sand and clean good and let it cure 12-24 hours

Jason Plante: Is this product waterproof once it cures? I need to use something in the engine block with a lot of coolant flowing past it and I don't want it to deteriorate due to the fluid.

David L: Shyflirt1 was your check engine light on with the crack and could you recommend a replacement manifold/cat

Soloman36: 97 Honda Civic LX..... same crack as in the video. This was a very temporary fix - lasted about 1month... So, took the car to a muffler shop and they just welded the crack. I believe they used a Miller welding machine. I took the heat shield off and prep the area as in the video before taking it to the muffler shop. The charged me $10 and it took less than 5 minutes to weld. Check Engine Light has been off for several months now. I would recommend anyone to just take it to a muffler shop instead of wasting time and money trying this solution. Be sure to prep the area that needs to be weld.

Soloman36: Hi.... I just wanted to say that this videe was very helpful. It cleared my CEL code. I had the O2 sensor replaced but CEL was still on because of the crack on the manifold. After following your procedure and allowing the quicksteel to cure properly also clearing the code. The CEL has gone away. It's been ~ 1500 miles now and not CEL... Thanks for the video.

shyflirt1: I really don't know. You would need to get it extremely clean of oil before applying. I am not sure if the oil would degrade the Thermosteel after the fact. You might be able to just get it welded. If the oilpan on your car is easy to remove (without removing a bunch of other stuff), you might just replace it.

rub504: you think i can use this to repair my oil pan? the crack is really close to the down pipe.

shyflirt1: Gotta love a Dremel tool! It did work. I had read that the stuff would chip off, but mine didn't. It was on there until I replaced the manifold/catalytic converter. The crack had already damaged the O2 sensors which then messed up the catalytic converter. This fi did at least help prevent further damage until I replaced the unit. And it did help my car run smoother and quieter.

alexjhon castellanos: I just used I'm waiting let's see if work

shyflirt1: The code did not go away as the cat converter and O2 sensors had already been damaged. If I had acted sooner, it might have saved them. The car did run better and quieter afterwards. I have since replaced the catalytic converter and O2 sensors, and the code went away. Something to try are some fuel additives that will supposedly clean the cat converter like Cataclean. I don't know if they work though.

Jeff Eatmon: it's not going to work, i tried it and cured it for 36 hours. when i drove it after that the stuff turned to dried clay, the crack came back and i poked it with a screwdriver and it just crumbled off. going to try to get it welded now.

Joey Davis: Works great thanks did High temp JB WELD lasted a couple weeks.

machia0705: Will this work on a half inch hole on an exhaust manifold?

GhostxofxHelena: This stuff sounds amazing! Though I passed inspection/ emissions, I have suspected my manifold has been cracked for a while (replaced O2 sensor after check engine light on, reduced power when I accelorate, and recently smelling gas exhaust when breaking coming from my vents- NOT good). I don't know the condition that it's in and I can't afford a replacement manifold now-but this is a good temporary fix until I can afford a new one? I know almost NOTHING about cars, so thanks for the suggestion!

rufkl: Looks as if you maybe got a little on your o2 sensor.

machia0705: I have a 1/2 inch hole in my exhaust manifold on my Ford expedition V8 and is easy to see but very hard to get at to repair, any suggestions? Is brazing the only fix? Can this thermo-sealant epoxy really work?

shyflirt1: I had it on there for a few months until i was able to replace the manifold/catalytic converter.

shyflirt1: I don't know if this stuff will work on a gas tank. In the instructions they mention that when machining it, not to use oil. That makes me think that petroleum products might damage it.

riki Ramirez: Uthat will work fir a wile but eventually it will dry and cack off its better to wrld it

retrofaboo: how long did you use it for?

Jake Saratoga: No it wouldn work. A factory exhaust system has quite a bit of back pressure and it would blow the hole back out. Best bet is to get another manifold from a junkyard or get it brazed.

shyflirt1: 10 minutes? It takes like 24 hours to cure in warm weather. I had a halogen light on it to keep it warm and let it sit for over a day.

AganNation: Had a small hairline crack in my exhaust manifold. Unfortunately, my exhaust manifold and catalytic converter are a single unit so it would cost $700 if not more for the part. The crack is so thin that I think this should work. Had no CEL codes, no real problems except a small metallic rattle which I think is from the crack. No performance issues. Going to see if it works, been curing for 4 hours now. Another 24 hours to go. *Fingers Crossed*

Simba Lage: great video going to try this same stuff on my gas tank. I know heat helps this stuff get stronger but at the top it should work will post results back.

shyflirt1: I had a 250 watt halogen work light shining on the exhaust manifold for the duration to keep it nice and warm.

Dave Wood: did you have a p0420 code for catalyst efficiency? if so did it go away after sealing the crack, i have the same issue with the 420 code and have been told by multiple sources that the crack is not the problem, but im still not totally convinced that repairing it wouldnt fix the code.

Takuan66: why don't you weld it???

Cole Cormier: @Jake Saratoga

Cole Cormier: freak you Jake! I bet you a greasy mechanic trying to rip people off when this stuff works great. It will flake off if you either don't mic it properly or don't clean the surface properly before application. Kiss my ass Jake!

uggabug: this stuff is like Dencorub for for Cars... makes you think it's doing something but it actually doesn't do anything.. the carck will continue to get worse and you'll keep having a problem that will just keep getting bigger when you could have fixed it properly when it was small.

Bryan Theobald: How did you cure it? I had a heatgun on mine for about 10 minutes and i caked it on as well. however mine just puffed up and came right offf =[

Jake Saratoga: Welding it requires it to be removed.

Jake Saratoga: Thats stuff will work fine but he should have drilled a small hole in each end of the crack to prevent it from getting bigger. If you could get a torch in there brazing would be best

Shane Rhabb: Did it cure just fine in any temperature? The instructions say that it must cure for 24 hours in 80 to 100 degree ambient temperature.
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