Homemade Twin Cylinder Briggs & Stratton Engine

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Ngonga Gozambo: Du sagst zwischendrin mal, die Motoren laufen um 180° versetzt, nennst dann aber einen Boxermotor als Beispiel, das verwirrt. Sind die beiden Kurbelwellen nun um 180° versetzt, der eine Motor wäre dann also im OT während der andere im UT ist, oder laufen sie mit 360° Kurbelwellenversatz, der eine wäre dann im OT und zündet, während der andere im OT ist und ausstößt?

George Pratt: sounds very smooth very nice !!!

Camino 74: Ez nem 2 hengeres , hanem 2 motor te ostoba !

Jeremy Blayton: what if one engine runs faster or the timing is off

tucksbestproduction: would work...

Fwbs: Could you not change the firing offset of the engine and make it sound like a Harley? haha

homotorsports: That`s how i was org. gong to do it but i chose to leave them independent.And i disagree i with some of the other comment`s the crank`s are linked it is now 1 engine

tucksbestproduction: nope it is a strong and well made motorcycle chain.

redwolf gaming: yes you are right but what if one engines connecting rods brake halting the crank shaft from moving putting stress on the engine and chain causing multiple failures

tucksbestproduction: don't know how you call it, i called it twin. doesn't the flodding happen in any twin, three, four, etc. cylinder engine? i think so ;) when you restart the floddet engine, it won't go boom. it may start if you're lucky, or it doesn't because of a wet spark plug etc....

munoz4415: the title is deceiveing. its not a twin cylinder engine. its just 2 single cylinder engines linked together. 2 seperate blocks, 2 heads, 2 cranks. if one engine dies the carb will continue to fill the dead engine with gas as long as the other stays running. what happens when you go to restart the flodded engine? boom.

tucksbestproduction: na da war zum glück irgendwas faul, hab nachher nochmal versucht die über die schalter auszumachen, ging aber nicht.....mittlerweile gibts den twin auch nicht mehr :D der eine motor ist im minibike und der andere liegt rum und sifft öl raus :D

Florian Mittermaier: ich glaub da läuft nur ein Motor weil bei 2:51 geht der eine Schalter zu...

tucksbestproduction: wie gesagt meistens über ebay

Rixe RS 50: du hast immer die Guten Briggs!Wo kriegst du die her?Ich hab nur ein 2hp!(video ist auf meinem Kanal)

tucksbestproduction: haha XD 1. the motorcycle chain will not break and 2. if you connect the cranks directly and weld the block together, you wont have damage to the other engine when one goes bad or what ?! :D can't follow you...yea and i never said it' is a good setup...it just works....and the engines were scrap anyway..

redwolf gaming: look all you guys who say this is a good setup your wrong although it is cool that it works its just not reliable enough if something goes wrong with one engine thare will be alot of stress on the chain and possibly cause damage to the other engine making it stop alltoghether theres a reason they dont manufacture these type of engines becouse of so many problimatic possibilites a better but more effort taking design is on youtube look up homemade twin briggs

redwolf gaming: you would have alot of problems why not do it all in one block youll need a welder and a grinding tool much more easier than the chains and alot easier to fix and cheaper also it looks nicer

tommymodified: I know it would! haha

tucksbestproduction: jep..that'd be awesome!!
homemade twin cylinder briggs & stratton engine 5 out of 5

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homemade twin cylinder briggs & stratton engine