DIY Spinning, Removable Stripper Pole! ***NEW POLE

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DIY Spinning. Removable Stripper Pole! ***NEW POLE
DIY Spinning. Removable Stripper Pole! ***NEW POLE
*NEW* DIY Stripper Pole for under $60. Spins and i
*NEW* DIY Stripper Pole for under $60. Spins and i
Spinning Pole Assembly
Spinning Pole Assembly
Building a pole dancers dance pole
Building a pole dancers dance pole
Pole Dance. on the 40mm X-POLE!
Pole Dance. on the 40mm X-POLE!
Pole Dancing At Home
Pole Dancing At Home
X Pole assembly video
X Pole assembly video
Star - Spinning Pole
Star - Spinning Pole
Dance Pole Installation Completed
Dance Pole Installation Completed

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Kristen Parisi: @biglak There is a vid up of me using it. :)

Olivia Blackburn: hey has it ever fallen down or has the ceiling ever collapsed on you?? haha. just wondering cause i so want to make one now!!! haha. :)

WoodGrainMayne: how thick of a pole is proper? >.<

mademoiselleQtee: is that safe lol neat work i want to make one =)

Kristen Parisi: @ScorpioQueen1078 if you do that, you'll have friction on the bottom that could easily cut a hole in your floor. you'd be essentially hanging from the ceiling. I wouldn't recommend using a lazy susan at the top.

Kristen Parisi: There are videos and instructions online to do that, but you need to build a whole portable stage for those.

TheLiveLife4You: the stuff you put on the pole for better gripping what was it called? thanks

Thao Pham: That's very impressive! I love innovative thinking. Is the pole about the same size as a 45mm?

desiibabii3: Genius! I wish I had found this video before I bought one a few weeks ago =/ I would've saved so much money!!

Kristen Parisi: @ladyshort09 please see the video description. The list is posted there.

mchlld42090: i was wondering, have you ever had any problems with this? has it ever slipped out from underneath you when doing any spinning or where there is torque on it? i just don't want to end up with one of those embarrassing youtube vids of it failing. i saw your vid you posted dancing on it, i'm just wondering other than that. want to be sure before i do it.

Kristen Parisi: @NSAisrecording First, the limit is 500 lbs, not 50. Go to the home depot website and search for "lazy susan." it clearly states 500 lbs. Second, the 2x4 would probably work if you have the time and tools to drill a 2" hole in it. The metal flange and nipple was easier for me. Thirdly, I'd rather paint than have metal shavings and burrs bury into my skin, hence the paint. Lastly, what do you want for $50? lol

08kesleeg: I liiiike this..

Serafin: does the bottom part ever come loose? and how do you get it to stay in place because i noticed in your other video you just tap the bottom part in place. and will the gripper really hold when im spinnig low preatty quickly?

Brittney Dervin: Can you use the metal caps you see on the regular poles instead of the wood?

elektrikman34: Looks ghetto

NAEZbitches: is that a good size pole for someone with small hands or should i get a bigger pole im just starting to dance

BurningRockMinistry: Amazing Instruction!!! You should get an infomercial contract!! I am going to Home Depot tonight!!

LuvMyTrevors: @tigerpolekitten Yea, it sometimes feels like it gets "stuck" at some points durring my spin. I don't expect it to spin super fast or anything, but if I could get it to just flow smoothly, it would be awsome. But overall I am very happy with it. Thanks again!

Kristen Parisi: @NICABOO750 I'm honestly not sure. I'd have to see your pole and try to come up with something to modify it.

Kristen Parisi: @jennettie The bolt size will vary depending on the size of the holes in the flange - just make sure the head of the bolt is large enough to not slip through the hole. I just used a fine grade sandpaper and did it manually. The finish is just clear laquer. You could absolutely use a large piece of plywood. I moved and ended up putting pergo flooring under it.

MrFatAmericanGuy: highly suggest using some black tape around the bottom. you seem like an experienced dancer, how many times have you slammed your foot into the bottom? ive been dancing for 7 years :) good luck and SAVE YOUR MONEY! live poor because in 5 or so years you will have a huge amount of cash to invest :) good luck hon

Kristen Parisi: @mchlld42090 nope, never had a problem. :) just build it exactly as I have instructed and use common sense and all should work out fine.

Kristen Parisi: @mrsnewbooty22 I would if I could, but I recently took it down to build a new one. This was built 2 years ago, so the plywood and lazy susan needs to be replaced. I'll put up a video as soon as I get the parts to repair it.

apryl crow: what can u do to not make it spin..?

jthomasbojin: @xinark Hi there! If you still have a copy of that I would love to see it. In in the process of building one myself. Glad yours worked out!

justinhouston87: im headed to lowes right now!!!! thank you soooo much

scheyenne87: So I finally finished my pole..spent more for my own touches...the only problem is I painted it pink and put clear coat on it...but its too slipperly to hang upside down on :( do you have any suggestions for paint to get a a "stickier grip"...Thanks

Kristen Parisi: @serafinyado The bottom has never come out from under me unless I was doing handstands. There has to be some weight on the pole in order to keep it in place. I spin quickly and low on it alot and have never had the problem.

Stephanie Lalap: Will the pole fall or something? and how do you know if its secure?

Kristen Parisi: It depends on whether or not the existing holes match up with the holes on the flange. However, better to use all four holes on the flange to bolt it to the beam and distribute the force a little more evenly. You can never be too careful.

malear1982: can u send me the list of the supplies needed for the putting up the pole. and thanks!

Kristen Parisi: @swampdonkey1122 When you put your weight on the pole, the grippers keep the bottom from slipping out from under you. :)

N. Mansfield: Thank you VERY much for posting this...I am looking to do this now. But I want two pieces for the pole to make it portable and make the top part with some type of suckion so that it can be easily removed and attached it to someones ceiling. Do you know any sough way?

panui: i was just wondering???? so i measured my cealing and its 8 ft. 5 in. so do i get the pole 8 ft 5 in or do i minus the size of the ply wood or what???please get back at me...thanks

nayaharris77: It sets in nice!*** sry dumb typo

laceydoll13: wow. what a great idea. a friend gave me a stationary and ive been tryin to figure out how to make it a spinner. Such a simple idea! Thanks a bunch!

Kristen Parisi: @vctaurus see video description.

OrgasmikGraphicz: How did you sand it? I just bought the pole today, please help!

scheyenne87: @tigerpolekitten okay thanks darling, I will let u know how it goes!!

Kristen Parisi: @scheyenne87 Sure, you could use any kind of material your heart desires. :) However, you might want to look into the proper fittings for these types of poles, and you may not even need certain fittings... like the nipple, because you can thread brass without it compromising the strength of the pole. Brass is pretty pricey though. Just research, then adapt your fittings and tools where necessary. Good luck!

WoodGrainMayne: how thick of a pole /:

roach9818: is it possible to put two lazy susans, one on top and one on the bottom?

Jiya Nicole Badra: you are really cool. thanks for sharing.

Brandon Dunn: Wait how did I get here!?!?

Kristen Parisi: @soocrispy89 Nope, but its held in place by the rubber grippers on the bottom of the plywood. To easily explain it, the grippers do their job when weight is applied. If there's no weight on the pole, it is moved fairly easily.

5124444444: GREEEEEEEEEEEEAT, now the g/f wants one. So now I have another project.

E. M. Lake: Very nice young lady. You speak very clear and intelligent. (Unlike about half of the other people on YouTube) Very good video. On the lazy susan at the bottom, a small change to round pieces of wood rather than square would help it look just a little more professional. Would you be so kind to tell the specs on the conduit? Diameter and thickness if applicable. They may all be the same. It's it rigid enough to not flex when you are swinging on it?

Sophia St. James: That's for posting this! One question-> How do you make sure the bottom doesn't slide out from under you as you're spinning, etc.? The wood isn't bolted down, right? So what makes it sturdy? Thanks!
DIY Spinning, Removable Stripper Pole! ***NEW POLE 4.8 out of 5

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DIY Spinning, Removable Stripper Pole! ***NEW POLE