DIY Spinning, Removable Stripper Pole! **NEW POLE VIDEO POSTED!**

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Kristy French: Will it come a part when u do the move on it

Angelena-Monique: Great job!

Tebby the Tiger: I see in the video you have a prewired ceiling fan conduit(its that white circle box covered with plastic. The ceiling fan housing is anchored between joists in the ceiling that would offer way more support. You could have easily mounted the top of the pole into that after pushing the wires back and properly shielding/insulating them or straight up removing the wires period all the way back into the ceiling to avoid shock to mounting the pole into that receptacle.

Ren2285: Damn girl, you are inventive!! Nice work!

Chevonne Karol: Can you put a shopping list up please

eee: i have floor inless off carpet help?

Riana Simona: very smart work ... I wonder if you have an idea on how to put a fitness bar, but we have no ceiling, side walls have room only...

Inu Blagojevich: what kinda of ceiling is that you got right there?

Kristen Parisi: Thank you! I just built a new pole and I'm uploading the video now. I tried your idea to use round pieces, and I wasn't able to secure the lazy susan properly without being able to screw it in from in between the pieces of wood. But I did use half of your idea. :) It does not flex when using it. Its just 1 1/4" electrical conduit, but the new one is 1 1/2" and the video on that one is more detailed than this video.

Kristen Parisi: Just build it according to the instructions, but without the lazy susan. Just get a thick piece of wood to bolt the bottom flange into and put your grippers on the bottom. It might still have some play in it, but it won't spin or move as easily as the spinning one.

Kristen Parisi: NO. NO. NO. lol No suction! As soon as you put your weight on it and begin to spin, your weight will easily break the suction, if you were even able to get it to suction to the dry ceiling in the first place. There is no logical or safe way that I can think of that would allow you to use it without bolting it to the ceiling.

Kristen Parisi: The laquer creates fantastic grip. Sometimes too much. I chose the electrical conduit for price and weight. I wanted to be able to easily lift it, so this type of pole fit the bill.

Kristen Parisi: There are videos and instructions online to do that, but you need to build a whole portable stage for those.

Kristen Parisi: The rotation causes the flange to wobble. As time goes on and you use the pole a lot, it eventually creates weak spots in your ceiling, causing it to break away. That's why I put the piece of wood between the ceiling and flange.

Kristen Parisi: It depends on whether or not the existing holes match up with the holes on the flange. However, better to use all four holes on the flange to bolt it to the beam and distribute the force a little more evenly. You can never be too careful.

Kristen Parisi: lol! I'm down! I'm uploading a more detailed video on how to put it together now. :)

E. M. Lake: Very nice young lady. You speak very clear and intelligent. (Unlike about half of the other people on YouTube) Very good video. On the lazy susan at the bottom, a small change to round pieces of wood rather than square would help it look just a little more professional. Would you be so kind to tell the specs on the conduit? Diameter and thickness if applicable. They may all be the same. It's it rigid enough to not flex when you are swinging on it?

Brandon Dunn: Wait how did I get here!?!?

5 Dollar Bling By Nina: Thank you VERY much for posting this...I am looking to do this now. But I want two pieces for the pole to make it portable and make the top part with some type of suckion so that it can be easily removed and attached it to someones ceiling. Do you know any sough way?

laughitupgrl: is the metal conduit the best choice? had you chosen it for price? after sanding, painting and lacquering, do you have any problems with grip? thanks for uploading tho, its great to find other options than buying a crappy $100+ pole from some stupid company
DIY Spinning, Removable Stripper Pole! **NEW POLE VIDEO POSTED!** 5 out of 5

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DIY Spinning, Removable Stripper Pole! **NEW POLE VIDEO POSTED!**