Wood Gasifier Unit.

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The wood gas generator runs the whole farm!

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John Smith: Would a water bubbler help for cooling and filtering? Is there enough head pressure for such a filter?

Yves Baggi: Flash.

Thanks for all your information on video. Last year I purchased the woodgas builders plan form this Ben guy.(Peterson I think). It seems extremely well designed. Alas at this time still my welding skills and material availabilities are way below par to build somethign like this.

Anyhow, I am in the process of viewing all of your videos on the subject again to learn and hopefully understand.

You do mention pipe size for motor power etc. Where did you get these specs from?

thank you

FriedFrudda: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=5&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwju0pTOtNHPAhUJFh4KHeYQCFwQFgg6MAQ&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.mnn.com%2Fgreen-tech%2Ftransportation%2Fblogs%2Fturning-sawdust-into-gasoline&usg=AFQjCNHbUCxLf9llM34ZTt5mofjJVcV5SQ&sig2=JlAMAG9U4hhjpWIKBfrUWA

Rob White: Hi Flash, my name is Rob, and I am a humanitarian aid worker in south west Mindanao in the Philippines. Were are in dire need to produce our own power because of the grid here does not work or is blown up by the rebels with frequency: would you consider to contact me direct and guide me through how to make a gasifier such as yours. We don't have the workshop equipment, but we make do, and are very good scavengers.My email is robwhite40@rocketmail.comWe have a number of generators available,mand motors, old, but we will rebuild them - invention is the mother of necessity.Anybody else who would like to help us to become self sufficient, is welcome to contact.Regards,Rob

hammond2109: Wow you have took the gasifier design a long way LOL great videos!

PiE: The engineering and setup is absolutely TOP NOTCH .
This video has really made me want to get my ass in gear on starting to build one for myself .
you rock +flash001USA 

nico badenhorst: Flash hi Nico here, I have been running my 3 cyl diesel 20kva with my gasifier on 40%diesel and 60% gas for the past 7 years. is it possible to run my whole system on gas only, i use charcoal as fuel. Ive been told that one cannot run a diesel engine on gas only? Man i wish I had your videos earlier ive been on this for the past 15 years.
Your videos and explanations and running commentary are great you should be a college professor the way you can explain stuff.
Best regards from Namibia Africa.

Harold Cokayne: Flash,  Harold in Maine here.  I have watched several of the videos over the last 5 weeks and this is one I would put on a DVD or on a SD Card to share incase the internet were to shut down..  I do like how you keep it quite simple and functional...
HCinMaine 04630

nasser azam: finallay i have avideo on youtube( GAZ FIRE 2014 ONE) in this video there is no shaker and ignition port temporary to minimize the holes 

i already burned the charcoal and put the wood chips later i used r.t.v. silicon for insulatrion this material usually used for pvc pipes i dont know if it is work here or not the production is just smoke no gas what is the reason i want from you to write me the name of r.t.v. you used to buy it on ebay and is there afan on ebay simillar with your fan 

with best regards

nasser azam: what i want here the reasons that make the gasifier doesn't burn i used in my experement asmall fan it works but the production is just smoke that doesn;t burn 
also i used ashaker ignition port above the gasifier there is ahole for the air ,cooler and filter so what is the reasons that make the gasifier fail
is it important to put acharcoal in the biggining i didn't                                    i wait your answer 
thanks very mutch

nasser azam: hi
i made a device like this and when i tried to fire, it burned for three minutes and after that it didn't , can you help me to find out the mistakes for that ?    

Thomas Heisler: Now this is easy for me to understand and build...So i am thinkin with this design and the tri- filter that would be an awesome combo.... i didnt understand the other one with the 5 air supply, maybe i just need to go thru the different levels of learning to get there so i will do that. I can't expect my brain to get it in one shot i got to sit and go thru the levels... Thanks

flash001USA: I'm actually subscribed to Mr. Teslonian's channel. There are a lot of people on the youtube channel that are having some really good luck with their gasifier projects. I'll be looking for a video from you so good luck with the project.

Fins&Racks Outdoors: Yes; fantastic, nice clean FREE energy. That's video 18 where the gasifier "burps" when it is about to run out of fuel, right? Check Mr. Teslonian's channel. I have started to build his Ultimate I.S.E.S system where I await further videos and required materials. I am almost done with the primary burn chamber, need to purchase a welder for rest of build.Very interested in finding out how to larger scale fractionally distill bio-crude or the tars collected from pyrolytic processing of bio-mass.

flash001USA: I can second you on the SCRAPS comment. All I have to do is walk in my woods for about 20 minutes and I can easily have a days worth of fuel. This caught my interest last year and now I'm starting to get a good grip on how to get a clean gas from the gasifier. Did you see the video where I'm running my generator on scrap wood that I picked up from my woods?

Fins&Racks Outdoors: I could run one of these up here in Northern Ontario Canada forever on the SCRAPS forestry companies leave behind. ; How is that vortex thingie assembled? I could use that to generate electricity at my bugout trailer without paying for gasoline. Very interesting..Nice work btw.. Looking forward to "how to " video and subbed your channel.;-}}}

joseph perry: Just wondering what you can do with the tar?

flash001USA: It's pretty wild that this technology has been around all this time and yet, I never even heard of it until 5 or 6 months before I built this first gasifier.

flash001USA: Mick thanks for the reply. I am working on a simple "how to" video so that others can try this for themselves. Check out Video 18. I think I added a link in this video to it. I am actually producing power with the gasifier now.

Mick Dannii: im in Australia but we seem to be having similar concerns :) cheer again mate n look forward to seeing more videos :)
Wood Gasifier Unit. 5 out of 5

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Wood Gasifier Unit.