Wood Gasifier Unit.

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Harold Cokayne: Flash, Harold in Maine here. I have watched several of the videos over the last 5 weeks and this is one I would put on a DVD or on a SD Card to share incase the internet were to shut down.. I do like how you keep it quite simple and functional... HCinMaine 04630

nasser azam: finallay i have avideo on youtube( GAZ FIRE 2014 ONE) in this video there is no shaker and ignition port temporary to minimize the holes i already burned the charcoal and put the wood chips later i used r.t.v. silicon for insulatrion this material usually used for pvc pipes i dont know if it is work here or not the production is just smoke no gas what is the reason i want from you to write me the name of r.t.v. you used to buy it on ebay and is there afan on ebay simillar with your fan with best regards nasser

thomasheisler: Now this is easy for me to understand and build...So i am thinkin with this design and the tri- filter that would be an awesome combo.... i didnt understand the other one with the 5 air supply, maybe i just need to go thru the different levels of learning to get there so i will do that. I can't expect my brain to get it in one shot i got to sit and go thru the levels... Thanks

nasser azam: what i want here the reasons that make the gasifier doesn't burn i used in my experement asmall fan it works but the production is just smoke that doesn;t burn also i used ashaker ignition port above the gasifier there is ahole for the air ,cooler and filter so what is the reasons that make the gasifier fail is it important to put acharcoal in the biggining i didn't i wait your answer thanks very mutch

Edward Teresinski: HOME MADE GASIFIER

nasser azam: hi i made a device like this and when i tried to fire, it burned for three minutes and after that it didn't , can you help me to find out the mistakes for that ? 

flash001USA: The run time depends on the fuel. The stuff in the video started out in a one gallon paint bucket and it lasted almost an hour. I see it like this: I could have washed a load of clothes and charged a bunch of rechargeable 15 minute batteries with that burn all while watching some TV with a few lights thrown into the mix. As soon as I finish the tweaks I will do a video that covers the build in detail and I wish that I would have mentioned that in the video.

tecknowfreak: Cool that u made sure u some how had a good cyclone one thing i have been testing out is in any pipe use a flat piece of tin and twist it and place inside the pipe it give more area for heat loss and spins the gas cleaning it! One of my frds has gone a diff way and made a fin setup like a cutter but with a twist so the gas in a pipe spins u might want to try something like that too the spinning gas takes out more water than just a flowing one!

Prepmor308: They are using these systems in rural India.Investers are helping areas where they don't have power. Small systems that power the surrounding homes for a nominal fee. They run it for 5 hours a night.Changing peoples lives. using rice husks that can't be used for cattle feed.I have a couple people here that want me to help them build this for their homesteads and farms. Want to use your filter system. i will make sure they know who came up with it and maybe i will video it. Stand by...:)

flash001USA: Google this. Imperial Mfg Group Hi Temperature Stove & Furnace Cement This stuff is rated well above the call of duty for the gasifier! It's rated at 2700 Deg F. You can use Refractory Cement too because it's rated up to 2000 Deg F or just Google the following: high temperature refractory cement. This will give you all of the information you will need. I wanted a cone for my reduction zone but paying a shop to make a 1/4 inch thick come was out of the question! Cont

flash001USA: Thanks man! I also appreciate your help in answering some of my questions too! I plan on doing a few more tweaks then I'll do a new video with the basic build.

flash001USA: You sound like me the first time I seen one of these things running. Be a little patient with me and as soon as I finish a few tweaks (probably this weekend) I'll be doing a new video covering nothing but the build in detail.

CNCmachiningisfun: Yup, it looks like the bug has bitten us both :) . It seems we are doing the same kind of stuff, modifiying our existing gassers while starting on a new build. Mine turns out to be a bit too big for my needs, so I plan to make a much smaller one to keep the batteries charged up. It's amazing what you can make out of the junk that's lying around :)

rwg42985: Hey! Just got your email! ;) ~Russ

ImMADasAMeatAxe: ill be looking at garden waste differently now, very valueble fuel material

flash001USA: We couldn't power the country off of natural resources but imagine if people were given jobs to harvest overgrown land just enough to clean it up then that material was used to power small towns. We would have the following perks (1) Real jobs (2) Cleaned up landscapes (3) Clean power. And the best part of this would be a renewable clean energy. Yeah, the power companies owners are very aware of this technology.

Superdan187211: I have a book from FEMA about how to make them and how to use it to run things of it....mine is coming along well

Mikes Homestead: Hi my friend. Unfortunately the Fema design was only engineered for an emergency situations. So it's not the best tar cracker in the world. A lot has to do with its hearth. Paralysis doe's not take place the same like an imbert design. I would have to say with yours, if you are going to run a engine with it, use a bigger cooling system it will condense the tar more in to liquid and if you use a bigger filter you will have longer run time's with out having to clean it as much. Good luck

j johns: are you running a fan at the same time?

j johns: Thank you very much for showing the individual components, the build makes more sense now. How much run time do you get per load with that config or can you continuous feed the chamber?

playasridebmx13: great video brother

joseph perry: Just wondering what you can do with the tar?

tecknowfreak: Nice vid a few things u might want to change tho one is yr grate u just used thin metal for it okay for short use but u did use a nice thick pipe for burner tube u should change out yr grate to a thicker metal or use a stainless bowl for better longer lasting! Another one thing u should change is how yr inlet to yr cyclone setup u have it going in it at a 90deg angle change that to more like a 45 deg so its more along side the can u will get way more action cleaning better!

flash001USA: Be sure to make a video once you get it up and running. If you got the time check out my last video "06-20-2013 Generator running on small dead branches and sticks."

Novo Karpati: Interesting, that 'russian stoves' or 'masonry heaters' have a +88% combustion efficiency. THAT's something to think about. YOU may be the first to more or less perfect this technology. So, have at it, and good luck, Sincerely, NK

flash001USA: This was my very first build and since then I have made improvements on this build and I got rid of the tar issue but this design "the FEMA design" is prone to producing tar. I'm now building a Imbert system. If you get a chance check out video 6. Thanks, Flash

Novo Karpati: ah...what 'tar', that is un-burnt volatiles, which in short means...a BAD, dirty burn, period. In other words...FAIL....

flash001USA: Thanks for the reply. If you get a chance, go through the other videos I did on this. Check out "Video 6" then check out the filter construction video. This was my first attempt at this. I am now in the process of building a much better gasifier and I just came in from working on it about 5 minutes ago. Once I test it I will place a complete build up in a new video along with some good explanations on how to build it with the bare minimum of tools.

Natthaphong Meesombat: If power generation ,the generator needs to modify?

flash001USA: Very little modification needs to be done to the generator. You just need to have a way to control the gas and the air mixture.

Prepmor308: Great build. To answer your question they do know. The government spent 20-30 million on r&d for coal gasification.It works well,burns very clean. We have trillions of tons of coal.But people have vilified coal to further their own agendas or to make big profits elsewhere.As the kids say, it's all about the Benjamins.Got your site from JR's video. Glad i followed him over.Subscribed to you both.We need to encourage each other.Sure not getting any from the knuckle heads in D.C...

theroofsedge: What are the welded washers for on the combustion chamber?

flash001USA: I'm actually subscribed to Mr. Teslonian's channel. There are a lot of people on the youtube channel that are having some really good luck with their gasifier projects. I'll be looking for a video from you so good luck with the project.

Mick Dannii: im in Australia but we seem to be having similar concerns :) cheer again mate n look forward to seeing more videos :)

flash001USA: Thanks. Once I finish this up with with my changes, I'll do a second video and make the build available for anyone that would like to build this themselves.

flash001USA: Thank you for that reply. I can honestly say this is not about me getting hits or views. I just want a dependable setup and during this learning process I thought that posting this might help others that may be considering trying this. I am almost 99% finished on a very simple Imbert build and once I work out the bugs I'll do a build release for everybody to check out.

tonysshadow: We in the US also used such a gas pre-Jack the Ripper era. If you watch cowboy movies, youll see from time to time they will light up wall mounted lamps...or street lamps. That was coal gas...which we had in ABUNDANCE. Its made essentially the same way as wood gas.

flash001USA: I can second you on the SCRAPS comment. All I have to do is walk in my woods for about 20 minutes and I can easily have a days worth of fuel. This caught my interest last year and now I'm starting to get a good grip on how to get a clean gas from the gasifier. Did you see the video where I'm running my generator on scrap wood that I picked up from my woods?

Bigwannas: I could run one of these up here in Northern Ontario Canada forever on the SCRAPS forestry companies leave behind. ; How is that vortex thingie assembled? I could use that to generate electricity at my bugout trailer without paying for gasoline. Very interesting..Nice work btw.. Looking forward to "how to " video and subbed your channel.;-}}}

flash001USA: You are correct. I am constructing an Imbert now. It is almost completed.

flash001USA: Prepmor308 Thanks for the reply. This was my first gasifier video. I just finalized the Imbert and I ran it tonight with very stable results so I hope to release a video with the generator running followed with a "how to" video so that anyone that wishes to try this can build one for themselves. Even without using coal just think how much power could be harvested from areas that need cleaning to make room for new growth. If I could do this with a barrel and some pipe then anybody can.

flash001USA: You have to run a fan (blower) to get it to ignite but once it's going, the engine will pull the vacuum for you but yes, since I was doing raw test, I ran the blower the whole time to test the unit.

flash001USA: I just replied to your last message before I seen this one. I am already on top of what you mentioned in this reply with the newer design. Stay tuned....

flash001USA: IF you have ever filled a paper cup half way full of water then light it. The fire will always stop at the water line and you can even boil water in a paper cup. This is why I am using the cement. I made my own cone but it was out of 16 Gauge steel so I had to protect it. There are some people making reduction zones out of potters clay too. I started to do that but I used the cement instead.

Mick Dannii: thanks for the share awesome first effort im def going to go look at the rest of your videos before i attempt my first build n im thinking with the help of everyone on here i will hopefully get answers to any problems i may come across :) i also believe that our governments are only puppets... they all know of this technology probably to the point that we will take years to get to but they are held back in educating the general public cause of big business :( like i stated on other posts tbc

flash001USA: Thanks man. Check out the last video I made. This has been a learning process for me and I have taken this much further since this video.

theroofsedge: No problem. I enjoyed your videos anonymously and I could not comment or rate. The spirit of your giving is very generous and kind and I commend you for that.Even though I am exited about this whole thing I will wait until you progress with the new design.

theroofsedge: I love your design. If you install a large drip pipe from your moisture chambers with one valve at the moisture chamber and one valve at the end of the pipe you can drain the water off without shutting down. For example, with both valves closed, open the top valve and the pipe fills with water; close top valve and open lower valve and water will drain.

inonothing2: Great vid!...thanks for sharing.

CNCmachiningisfun: Very tidy work. Nicely done. That steady blue flame is a beautiful sight. In no time, you'll be running an engine - powered by home grown fuel. This is quite an addictive activity though :).
Wood Gasifier Unit. 5 out of 5

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Wood Gasifier Unit.