Ford Explorer Timing Chain Rattle Fix (Part 1)

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Mike Rippey: A chain kit is less than 100$ on ebay. So the 2800 dollar question is simple. Do you need to replace the tensioner or all the timing chain componts? Seems to me a new tensioner on a worn out chain is basicly an engine time bomb....

god is a Sciopath: then i had the balls to ask the guy at the auto parts store if the two holes, one in the tensioner and one in the dark hole , i think he called it a cavity, (call it what you will), well he pollitely informed me that he was not a engineer, and i asked him , that if i knew the answer to my own question would that make me an engineer, so if any one happens too know the little holes are fore, you are an engineer, forget about that high priced piece of paper cause, the guy at the auto parts store thinks he is the wizzard of oz, so if anyone out there in ciber land needs courage, a heart, or maybe a brain , get with the guy at the auto parts store, jesus did not create the universe lucifer did, jesus is a tail bite er

god is a Sciopath: yep, and dont forget because me and the guy at the auto parts store both know a lot of people that used atv glue glob, instead of the crush washer like we all have in our back pocket, and many people at least according to the guy at the auto parts store have blown up their engines, the only thing i can figur is that everyone is not a rocket scientist like me and the guy at the auto parts store,

Sherry Keene: Great video. Thank you. I followed it carefully. I discovered that it's best to prime them. Also, they don't come with the gasket/washer.

My question is, the noise is not gone. It rattles after it's warm and at idle. Can you help give me ideas of what's wrong?

nme 95k: I would like to say thanks! watched this video and followed to the T and 100% accurate. perfect video. on to video #2

Justin1k R: I've had the issue with the cold start rattle and the rattle above 2500rpm. Had primary tensioner in front replaced for 1800 bucks...noise went away but it is back. Should it go away if I replace the other two? what are the part numbers for the other two?

bleedingeyeball27: *****NOBODY CAN FIGURE THIS OUT!!!!I have a 2006 Lincoln Navigator a whirling sound from engine compartment. NOT POWER STEERING, but sounds like that when PS fluid gets low and wheel being turned. No check engine lights or rough idle. Running just fine...for now. Any help would be appreciated. I have a 24 sec video --

bfan64: My 1998 stopped entirely. The mechanic told me the 3 timing chains outside the engine were broken and they thought that it wasn't worth fixing. They said the entire engine had to be pulled to fix which would be very expensive. They said there is also a chain inside the engine which also might break so they recommended replacing engine. (which they don't do) Does this sound right?

Mmmmm Toast: Hi, what is the part number for the lower tensioner? I can find the 6k254a is the top one, but the ford diagram doesn't show the lower one with a part nubmer. Thanks

Matt Casdorph: I thought I'd ask this to make sure I know where these tensioners are, looking toward the motor from the grill area, is the short on on the passenger side on the head near the firewall? and the other on the driver side is toward the belt near the front end of the valve cover? I've never replaced timing chain tensioners before I'm assuming these are the ones since they look like the pictures of the tensioners. Our Explorer started making the rattling noise and I suspected the tensioners upon reading different things online. I would rather try replacing the tensioners since its cheaper to see if it fixes it before getting into checking the timing chain guides, I almost thought it may have been stuck valves but a buddy at the local garage used a stethoscope and came to the conclusion the noise was coming from the timing chain areas.

EDIT: never mind, had I watched the video before asking if those where the tensioner's, my answer was in the

JOSE BADBOYJOSE: hey guys I have a 96 Ford Explorer 4.0 which sometimes it gives me a problem on startup have noticed that I have low oil pressure sometimes but the truck runs just is that when I turn it off and try to start it back up it gives me a problem to start up sometimes could this be the timing belt tensioners

getredytagetredy: Drop the tensioner bolt in oil to lube it before fastening

GS Allen: This video saved my........nerves, engine, etc. Had been poring over the online forums for a couple years on the timing chain issue - never saw mention of this welcome fix. Replaced both and the engine went silent on the chains aspect. But after 2 days the front tensioner was making a loud grinding noise; so I put the old front one back in that seemed to have decent spring pressure. Now, after some 2000 miles, it starts quietly and runs quietly, with the injector percolating making the most noise. Had the chain noise problem for 5 years and was always worrying about a chain breaking and destroying the engine. Was always able to let it idle a minute or two until the chain noise went away. It appears these tensioners were the only problem. Got lucky, I guess. Now will keep the Explorer a good while longer.

qbce123: Hello I've replaced the tensioners and i still have the same rattle? It sounds exactly the same as when you turn your explorer on. It even rattles when its warm. Any ideas?

Michelle Francis: I have a 2001 explorer sport and my truck just started this crazy noise last night! I took the tire off and the bolt is not in the same spot! Any idea where they would be?

Logan Ferguson: My truck rattles at start and at 2500 RPM when cold.
Couldn't find where it'd been mentioned in the comments previously so here is my question;
When removing the tensioner, wouldn't slackening that timing chain cause the timing to jump if the valve springs are under any pressure? Do you have to set the motor to TDC prior to removing the tensioner? None of the videos mention this and my concern would be the timing jumping upon removal of the tensioner but it seems as though everyone does okay just pulling them out and putting new ones in? Is this not of concern because the tensioner is on the slack side of the chain?

Trevor Fisher: Just did this job on my son's 03 Sport Trac, last night.  It had slight rattling on cold start.  This did the trick and silenced it. Extremely happy with the result.  Thank you for posting this!

Randy Kirkman: here in orange county ca none of my part stores carried it ebay less than $20

Randy Kirkman: hey people also its a bitch to remove the entire thermo housing, but suggest you do, it was worth taking out, the seal was grungy. You don't want to take it all apart again for a bad seal and, replace the hard to get hoses w/real hose clamps F them factory clamps keep y'all posted
Ford Explorer Timing Chain Rattle Fix (Part 1) 5 out of 5

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Ford Explorer Timing Chain Rattle Fix (Part 1)